About 3/4 Cup that Corn is contained on one ear that corn, much much more than most human being think.

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Although the size of a cob of corn deserve to vary slightly, relying on variables together as range and maturity, ears are usually about the same size. Therefore, the answer come how lot corn is on a cob can also vary, but is probably much more than you might think. One mean size ear the corn yields about 3/4 the a cup that corn ~ above average, however the price to exactly how much corn on a cob can selection from 1/2 cup to 1 full cup of corn, maybe even an ext if you are consuming corn cob ears from somewhere such together the county fair.


If you space consuming 2 to 3 ear of corn in ~ one sitting, favor many world do, and also think you’re getting a offer of corn; you room sadly mistaken. You are gaining far an ext than one serving… in fact, you room probably gaining a serving that quantities to more than a complete days precious of the recommended serving of starchy vegetables follow to the USDA! <1>


How to eliminate Corn native the Cob

Related to how lot corn is ~ above the cob, is how to acquire corn turn off the cob.

It’s easy if you carry out it right, here’s how to gain corn turn off the cob:

Stand the ear that corn upright (large flat end down) on a cutting board.Using a serrated knife gently experienced down from the top, permitting the kernels to autumn onto the board.Turn contempt & repeat.

To find out just how long to boil corn, examine out our web page on boiling times for corn.

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