Sure, Bruce Lee was fast, and also agile, and also the many universally revered martial arts star in history. He was the understand of the world-famous one-inch punch, and also was known to provide kicks and blows that were therefore impossibly swift, some taken into consideration them unblockable. That sparred v legitimate full-contact fighting legend chuck Norris, and also although that only ever before had one single official fight (a victorious boxing match in his youth), he"s most likely as close as anyone"ll ever get to "unbeatable" in people"s minds. 

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However, anyone who has seen Lee"s fight scenes knows that the male relied greatly on his excessive speed and also his ability to provide swift, powerful attacks. Have you ever wondered how strong the Dragon was? If someone regulated to match his slim skill and also found a way to negate his fast-forward quickness, and it all came under to sheer physics strength, can Lee quiet prevail? After all, nevertheless of the man"s combat prowess, he was still really slight guy — a stick figure in a yellow jumpsuit, if girlfriend will. Let"s find out specifically how solid Bruce Lee was. 


Turns out, he to be pretty heckin" strong! together Martial people attests, Lee didn"t emphasis on gaining large muscles, but rather top top muscle contraction and fine-tuning the nerves that regulate the muscles. As such, the was qualified of releasing tremendous amounts of "twitch muscle" strength in quick bursts. While the legislations of physics prevented his 5"8 structure from bench-pressing elephants, his intense training and also sheer pressure of will still bestowed him through incredible strength. That was constructed like a gymnast, had tiny body fat, and also while he to be no human body builder, the was very muscular in the areas that to the right his requirements — for instance, his lats to be so huge that castle actually stretched to his sides.

As such, Lee can perform accomplishments of stamin that are usually well out of reach for a male his height and also weight. Reportedly, he was recognized a hold a 75-pound load "horizontally in one arm," and do 50 one-armed chin-ups. Let"s see the world"s strongest man — or, for that matter, everyone — execute that.

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Some bodybuilders mass up to end up being powerful-looking. Together CNN speak us, Bruce Lee go the opposite: the became solid by on purpose making himself lean and also lithe. That turned his body right into a compact package of power and also prowess by complying with an for sure "fanatical" training program, choking under raw meat smoothies and vitamin supplements because that sustenance. He was a bodybuilder, in a sense, but the human body he developed was the initial lean, median fighting machine. Together a result, Lee was capable of law push-ups with only two fingers and delivering a terrible one-inch beat that, as well-known Mechanics reports, has inspired actual scientists to study just how a punch that solid can be thrown in the very first place. So, yeah. While he might not have actually been able to lift trucks (as much as we know), us think it"s same to say the he to be a strong, strong dude.

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According to, Bruce Lee was huge on experimenting with various fitness and also workout techniques to mold his body right into the kind of an equipment he preferred. He often made his own training equipment, and also took a strictly "function end form" technique to his body. To save track on his methodology, he wrote down every solitary crunch the did, beat he threw, and also mile he ran. 

Lee"s training routine varied and also he delighted in experimenting, but it was typically some mix of weight lifting, cardio, stretching, jogging, and also martial arts training. Reportedly, he specifically enjoyed meditation and jogging, which he described as an hour to his own thoughts. Motley Health likewise points out that Lee was really strict around form, and allowed no cheating when training v weights. "Above all, never cheat on any kind of exercise," that said. "Use the amount of weight the you deserve to handle there is no undue strain."

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It"s simple to imagine the the sort of peculiar training that made Bruce Lee, well, Bruce Lee would require a pretty strange and religiously preserved diet come fuel the Dragon"s flames. Weirdly enough, this wasn"t true at all. Sure, Bruce Lee"s diet had its re-publishing of peculiarities. The abstained native alcohol, caffeine and also tobacco (though he was fine with weed) and also stayed far from dairy and refined flours. ~ above the other hand, the was well-known to put every little thing from fruit to life hamburger meat v a juicer for his strength drinks, and also was a large fan of supplements. 

Ultimately, though, Lee thought in eat what that felt like, as lengthy as girlfriend don"t overdo it. Together the man himself placed it: "Eat what her body requires, and also don"t get lugged away with foods items that don"t benefit you."