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Get all the details on tour dates and also how come buy Meet and Greet tickets and VIP Packages online today. Don’t miss Billie Eilish Live ~ above “Happier than Ever” The human being Tour. Gain Your ticket at the Lowest feasible Price. Online views native seats.

What room Meet and Greet Tickets?

If you’re a vast fan of something, even if it is that thing is a show or a tape or a singer or even an actor, chances are, you’ll be spring to obtain yourself a meet and also greet ticket. They space a an excellent way the letting your favourite celebrities and also artists know specifically how lot they and also their work mean to you. Friend might be able to meet a musician before or after their show, whereby you will usually be able to take a photograph with them the you have the right to keep – and also let’s confront it, treasure! – forever after exchanging a couple of words v them. You may not have the ability to spend a large amount that time through your favourite artist, yet that will mean that girlfriend won’t have actually the opportunity to acquire tongue-tied and also nervous!

VIP Packages

A meet and greet ticket will normally either walk alongside your main event ticket or be part of the package the you buy. Make certain that friend look at the terms and conditions ~ above the website the you space purchasing your tickets from sometimes if you room buying a meet and greet ticket, girlfriend will likewise need to buy a concert ticket to get access to the show and to the venue as well as the ticket for the meet and greet itself.

Meeting the a lifetime

In this age of society media, that is every too basic to save track of where your favourite celebrities and also artists are, whether that’s from discovering the backgrounds of their Instagram photos or keeping tabs on their whereabouts through various other fans. However not every celebrities prefer to meet their fans in the street or while they’re the end living their lives: a meet and also greet ticket will enable you to fulfill the celebrities who median a lot come you on your terms, so friend can connect together in a way that will certainly make everyone feeling happy and comfortable, and also so girlfriend can acquire that meeting of a lifetime with that legendary star.

What species of VIP Packages can I Buy?


There will generally be different tiers of VIP tickets, all with their very own individual pricing, so the is vital for the client to make the appropriate decision because that themselves. Different venues will certainly have different policies, and also so will various artists. Some musicians sell up special tickets that allow fans come sit in on their soundchecks before shows, and even question and also answer sessions, if some offer VIP packages that offer, for example, an exclusive piece of merchandise in addition to a front-row seat.

You may likewise find the different species of artists have various sorts of access. If you desire to accomplish a vast star that sells the end stadiums like Taylor Swift, you have to be ready to pay the huge bucks and also to go with security. But if her favorite musician is only playing tiny venues friend may uncover that VIP ticket aren’t easily accessible – and you can get a photograph and also autograph simply by hanging out next to the stage door when the show is over!

Best Seats

It is important to prioritize what is ideal for you. Many human being focus on gaining a an excellent seat or gaining to was standing in one area close come the phase – this may feel specifically important if you short! However, part fans select to go to multiple reflects on a tour so the specific location of your seats might not be so important, and they could focus on meeting their favorite musician instead. If that meet and greet is her number one priority, why not execute an internet search to discover out what generally happens throughout one? that may help you to be focused and calm so the you can emphasis on remembering the moment and saying what you desire to say.

Different venues and musicians offer different VIP packages: all you have to do is make sure that you’re selecting the right deal because that you.

How do You gain a VIP Meet and also Greet Ticket?

There room various areas that you might have the ability to purchase a VIP meet and also greet ticket. A the majority of the time as soon as artists release their tourism dates, friend can check out what type of packages they could be offering. That method that you have the right to arrange your budget plan so that you have the right to decide which one is the finest fit because that you before you slap down your credit card and make her purchase. Numerous VIP meet and greet tickets go on revenue at the same time as basic admission, which means that you might need to it is in ready and also waiting at your computer system at a particular time to make sure that you get what you want. However, VIP tickets frequently sell the end a tiny after the basic admission ones – and make sure you save refreshing so that you don’t miss out, even if it states sold out!

VIP Tickets

Once the initial ticket release is marketed out, there room still other opportunities that you deserve to go under to acquire a VIP meet and greet ticket. There are resale web page that work excellently and also are extremely reliable, but you should make certain that you check out the little print come ensure that the ticket is transferrable and you will be able to use it. Girlfriend may discover that the meet or ticketing firm releases further tickets near the time the the concert, for this reason if girlfriend missed out the first time around, take that opportunity to snap up your desired ticket. Finally, there are various other companies digital that market VIP and also meet and greet tickets. You simply need come make certain that the agency is reputable before handing over any money or your credit transaction card details – perform a search to make sure that there are plenty of evaluate from happy and satisfied client so the you know you’re making the appropriate move.

One premium scheduled floor ticket.Meet & Greet and Professional Photo.Limited edition singer lithograph.Exclusive goods item.Collectible laminate come remember her evening and more.
Different Packages

What a meet and greet ticket involves will often depend on which artist you are going to see and the venue in ~ which they space performing. There will certainly be various kinds of ticket packages, therefore make certain that you select the best one because that you so the you don’t finish up obtaining disappointed. VIP packages will often carry out you v a optimal seat, or even a front-row seat, with an excellent view the the stage or v a ar in a cordoned off standing area the will enable you to see the artist perfectly. There may likewise be a collectible merchandise item the you deserve to take house with you. Other packages may include a tour regime with one autograph – and also a most the time, if friend buy a meet and also greet ticket, every one of those points will more than likely be included!

Enjoy the Experience

Every artist does your meet and greets differently, even if it is it’s prior to the display or ~ the show. There might be a party backstage where you deserve to socialize with various other fans and even v the artist, or friend may discover that you lining increase to acquire your photo taken through your liked celebrity. Many of the time you will have the ability to take home a photo, back it can be a group shot or an individual shot of simply you and also the musician. If you gain lucky, they might even ask you how you desire them to pose with you! It’s important that girlfriend remember to it is in respectful – sure, the artist is acquiring paid to it is in there, but you should make certain that that a an excellent experience because that both of you and that girlfriend remember that they are a person being with borders that you should respect. Other than that, friend only should make certain that you enjoy the experience!

How lot Does a Meet and also Greet Cost?

The cost of a meet and greet ticket generally vary in between venues and also artists, back it would certainly be fair to say that you will certainly be looking in ~ making a considerably dent in your financial institution account. This is specifically true if your favorite musician is world-famous. The higher the demand for a meet and greet ticket, the higher the price will be – so make sure that you start saving once you check out your favourite artist has actually released concert and tour dates.


If you’re yes, really curious around what price will get you in to fulfill your favorite musicians, LADY GAGA charged $6600 in ~ her ras Vegas concerts – back the price walk not encompass the actual display ticket, that also detailed a ‘swag bag’, a backstage tour and a pre-show reception. JOJO SIWA charged $1700 because that a meet and also greet that featured a photo, dance party, and also a Q& A v her dancers in addition to a gift. KISS have charged prices ranging from $3000 to $4000, AEROSMITH fees $4000, and rock band MÖTLEY CRÜE asks indigenous $5500. STING charged $7500 add to the ticket for his tour, which additionally included a VIP merch item, early on entry, an exclusive poster, and more.

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