IT'S NO secret that the stars of Basketball Wives, who were all married to or date NBA players, are offered to stays of luxury.

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With season nine around the corner, fans are curious as to how lot the actors are taking house from the show.


Basketball Wives season ripe returns to displays February 9Credit: VH1

How much do the Basketball Wives make per episode?

A repertoire of outlets have actually speculated exactly how much the Basketball Wives stars make per episode of the show.

It was reported in the early on days that the ladies took residence $7,500 every episode.

Evelyn LozadaCredit: Getty images - Getty

After Evelyn was illustrated negatively in the season 2 finale, she endangered to stop the show, then asked because that $20,000 per illustration to continue to be on.

She also managed come snag a spin-off through her ex-husband Ocho Johnson that never aired.


Shaunie O'NealCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

Chad was later on arrested for domestic battery that in 2012 after gift accused that headbutting Evelyn in one argument.

Reports have actually guesstimated producer and star Shaunie O'Neal to take it away around $20,000 every episode,

Why carry out fans think Evelyn Lozada bullied OG?

OG has been embroiled in an recurring tension through Evelyn Lozada since eason 8 the Basketball Wives, and also as a result, fans accused Evelyn the bullying.

OG is near friends with one of Evelyn's purported "nemeses" CeCe Guiterrez. Evelyn and also CeCe are consistently seen arguing.


Evelyn Lozada soaks up rays top top the beachCredit: The Mega Agency

On the show, Evelyn has referred to as OG “aggressive” number of times, i m sorry OG and viewers discussed as a term the is micro-aggressively provided to describe darker-skinned black color women.

Viewers were additionally outraged after Evelyn do comments about OG's appearance on society media, allegedly referring to her as "ugly" and using a monkey emoji to describe her ~ above Instagram.


Ogom ChijinduCredit: Getty photos - Getty

"AND there iT iS.. Display YOUR TRUE COLORS you RACiST BiGOT.. YOU called CECE “LiNG LiNG” JACKiE A “COCKROACH” & currently ME A “MONKEY” may GOD TAKE treatment OF YOU well WELL..EVELYN LOZADA.." OG responded to Evelyn's use of a monkey emoji.

Executive producer Shaunie O'Neal was triggered to address the claims of bullying and also colorism on the final episode of Basketball Wives season 8.

Evelyn did no openly apologize for she comments, and also fans started a petition to have actually her fired from the show, follow to Cheatsheet.

Who are the brand-new faces ~ above Basketball Wives?

Feby Torres, Liza Morales, Nia, and also Noria Dorsey room all-new women joining the season nine cast.


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Feby is one influencer who when dated Lance Stephenson, if Liza Morales is renowned for being the mama infant of former NBA player Lamar Odom.

Nia DorseyCredit: instagram

Sisters and also entrepreneurs Nia and also Noria Dorsey will carry their Memphis energy and spicy individualities to the group in the new season.

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You can tune right into the an initial episode that Basketball Wives Season 9 ~ above Tuesday, February nine on VH1.


gun that killed Hayla Hutchins 'used by crew because that recreational target practice'


Cinematographer eliminated by prop pistol 'was harassed by Hollywood predators'

'WE require HELP'

911 speak to after Alec Baldwin shooting revealed together crew 'blamed colleague'


Staffer who 'gave Alec gun' functioned on sequel come The Crow wherein star was shot