Wondering even if it is you should friend go v the 8 volt golf cart battery for your conversion, or another voltage? there are factors to select 8 volt batteries, and situations where 6 volt or 12 volt golf dare batteries space better. As soon as I say golf cart batteries, I median lead mountain batteries that a certain form best for golf carts, and also they're the form folks space using in their electric cars, too.

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Your electrical car's motor type, her initial vs. Long-term budget, and your car's weight will be the main considerations in this decision. I'll talk an ext about that in a minute.

Note: This conversation only applies to lead-acid batteries. LiFePO4 EV chauffeurs say that you're using lithium, they've noticed the motor kind seems to it is in much much less of an issue.

Choosing in between the 6 volt and 8 volt Golf dare Battery


Advantages the the 8 volt golf cart over 6 volt...

Less initial cost. If you're operation on a shoestring, this could make the difference in between getting her electric car on the road......or leaving it, practically complete, littering up the garage and also irritating the spouse. Nobody desires that!Lighter weight. typical car-load that 8-volt golf dare batteries will certainly weigh 1000-1200 pounds, quite than 1200-1600 pounds if you usage the same overall voltage the 6-volt batteries. For example: Powering a 120 volt system method using 20 6 volt batteries, or 15 eight volt batteries. Fifteen 8v batteries weigh much less than 20 6v golf cart batteries, overall. If you're pushing her weight border already, this might be a consideration.

Disadvantages the 8 volt golf dare battery...

Shorter life. Amp hours are heavy, and also deep-cyclable electrode plates space heavy; due to the fact that the amp hrs in an 8 volt golf dare battery are around the exact same as their 6 volt counterparts (although see next item ~ above the list!), this can only average that the electrode plates room somewhat less sturdy...which means you can't charge and also discharge them as many times as their six volt cousins before they refuse come recharge again. This is the bike life that a battery, and also in general, the bicycle life of an 8 volt golf dare battery is shorter 보다 that that a 6 volt golf cart battery.Range is shorter. since lead is fuel, and also it's heavy, it follows that much less weight way less lead...and less lead way less miles. and the 8 volt batteries deserve to be drained faster by a lead foot 보다 the 6 volt variety.

And the 12 volt golf cart batteries, friend ask?

Shorter range, uneven you've got an AC drive system...

...but lightest weight of all the command golf cart batteries.

The "Lead Foot Factor" I just mentioned becomes a REAL concern with 12 volt batteries. These are usually reserved for either AC drive systems, which usage lead batteries much more conservatively, or EV racers who are just looking to pour as numerous amps right into their electric motors because that the quarter-mile as easily as possible and don't care much about range.

NEDRA EV racers are greatly using lithium this days, though, due to the fact that the price has come down.

Most popular 8 volt golf cart batteries offered in electrical cars

Two significant brands of 8 volt golf dare battery dominate with respect come EV popularity: Trojan, with their most renowned T-875, the leader by far, and also their T-860 (less AH) and T-890 (more AH); and US Battery through their 8VGC family.

Trojan T-875 8 volt golf dare battery this don't come in the desired L-terminal type, for this reason be mindful of this prior to you decide on an 8-volt battery format.

Rate the Discharge: 295 min.
25 amps -- ?
75 amps Amp-Hours (AH): 145 AH
5 hr. Rate, 170
20 hr. Price Weight: 63 lbs. Dimensions: 10 3/8 in. X 7 1/8 in. X 10 7/8 in. Cycle Life: 650 cycles

The Trojan website isn't as well forthcoming v cycle life details for these (I acquired "650 cycles" native a conversation on the EVDL), nor rate of discharge at 75 amps (which is the price that matters more to EV drivers).

Trojan T-860 8 volt golf cart battery

Rate that Discharge: No information Amp-Hours (AH): 125 AH
5 hr. Rate, 150 AH
20 hr. Price Weight: 56 lbs. Dimensions: 10 3/8 in. X 7 1/8 in. X 10 7/8 in. Cycle Life: 650 cycles

Trojan T-890 8 volt golf cart battery

Rate of Discharge: 340 min.
25 amps -- ?
75 amps Amp-Hours (AH): 155 AH
5 hr. Rate, 190 AH
20 hr. Price Weight: 69 lbs. Dimensions: 10 3/8 in. X 7 1/8 in. X 10 7/8 in. Cycle Life: 650 cycles

The united state Battery 8VGC come in 3 flavors, relying on the number of amp hours you want. An ext amp hours method more lead, therefore the greater the AH, the more heavier and more expensive they are.

US Battery 8VGCE-XC

Rate the Discharge: 230 min.
25 amps -- 60
75 amps Amp-Hours (AH): 121 AH
20 hr. Price Weight: No details Dimensions: 10 1/4 in. X 7 1/8 in. X 11 1/4 in. Cycle Life: 650 cycles

US Battery 8VGC-XC

Rate the Discharge: 337 min.
25 amps -- 90
75 amps Amp-Hours (AH): 170 AH
20 hr. Rate Weight: 64 lbs. Dimensions: 10 1/4 in. X 7 1/8 in. X 11 1/4 in. Cycle Life: 650 cycles

US Battery 8VGCHC-XC

Rate the Discharge: 345 min.
25 amps -- 95
75 amps Amp-Hours (AH): 183 AH
20 hr. Price Weight: 70 lbs. Dimensions: 10 1/4 in. X 7 1/8 in. X 11 1/4 in. Cycle Life: 650 cycles

Expert Opinion: Northwest Golf Carts

I called up the owner of Northwest Golf Carts, Inc. in Seattle this morning to ask him a few questions about the different 8 volt golf dare batteries accessible for sale and the pros and cons the the various types.


He called me that, in his 18 year of suffer in the business, he's found the Trojan 8 volt and also the us Battery 8 volt batteries to critical pretty lot an similar length that time (cycle life) if you take care of them properly. The emphasized the point around taking treatment of castle properly, i beg your pardon means...

keeping the water and also the fee topped up;not letting them gain too hot; andnot letting them drain down too far.

Lead-acid is too stupid to have actually a memory, so friend don't need to let them drain every when in a while choose you have to with ni-cad batteries.

The Trojans price a lot because of their name, the said, yet USB's are just as good and cost a tiny less. He said that Trojan doesn't honor their warranty together religiously as us Battery, and also this is a an excellent enough reason to acquire the us Batteries instead. US Battery is an excellent with your battery warranty.

Exide, united state Battery, or Interstate...

You can uncover Northwest Golf Carts, Inc. At: 4128 Cedardale Road, Suite 101 mountain Vernon, WA 98274 360.757.2233nwgolfcarts.com

Exide batteries room cheaper than the Trojans and US Battery 8 volt golf dare batteries, so a the majority of folks room tempted to buy them to save money; however in the NW Golf Carts, Inc. Owner's opinion, it's a waste of money. You obtain what you pay for.

He claims that Sears, Les Schwab, and Napa all market Exide battery under their very own brand, however they are just as...cheap, shall us say? as the ones v the Exide label.

What about Interstates, i asked.

He said, "Those room US Batteries. Go ahead."

Many thanks for the info!

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