Feeling bold and want piercings that remain front and center? A brand-new snake bites piercing might be your following piercing experience!

The overview listed below will certainly educate you on all you should know around snake bites, consisting of pain level, aftertreatment, healing and piercing procedure. A massive photo gallery is had also so you can view just how various jewelry alternatives compare.

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What is a Snake Bites Piercing?

The bottom lip is punctured twice on opposite sides for a snake bites piercing. The name of this piercing came about because the setup looks similar to the indentation of a snake’s bite.


Snake bites piercings are commonly worn through either studs, rings or curved barbells.

Angel bites piercings are the opposite version of snake bites on the peak lip.

Should You acquire a Snake Bites Piercing?

Any piercing has innate threats to consider prior to moving forward. Consider the complying with pros & cons:


Snake bites are unisex piercings that look alluring on all genders. Despite being worn by many kind of womales, they can be worn by anyone for personal style.These piercings highlight the lips and also facial symmetry once pierced correctly.


Snake bites are not exceptionally simple to hide. Clear retainers are available to switch out after healing, yet your brand-new piercings will certainly be exceptionally apparent till then.Lip swelling can be an worry depending on how your body reacts, and also you may not have the ability to gain both piercings at when. Make sure to uncover a reliable piercer and also talk to them around all of your comes to beforehand also.

Piercing Procedure

Upon arrival, your piercer will comment on the details of your piercings and the overall process. This is the time to ask any type of lingering concerns you may have. They will certainly then glove up and also put up their area so that everything is clean and also prepared for the procedure.

Your piercer will clean the places of your piercings and also mark them through a surgical pen. Make certain you are happy through these before relocating forward! Upon approval, your piercer will certainly clamp your bottom lip and press the needle via your lip. The last action is transforming out the hollow needle via your jewelry.

The videos below will provide you an principle of the procedure in real time.

How Much do Snake Bites Piercings Hurt?

5 out of 10

Snake bites piercings are rated at a 5/10 on the pain scale. Lip piercings are lower on the pain range since facial skin is thinner than cartilage. However, snake bites are ranked greater than some other piercings because 2 punctures are compelled.

While the piercing procedure is basic, your lip may be sore and swollen for the initially few days. The pain and also discomfort connected via the procedure and healing will certainly be different for everyone, however this ranking provides a basic concept of what to intend.

Try to continue to be peaceful and positive during your procedure to minimize discomfort, and be certain to follow the aftertreatment instructions that your piercer offers you.

See how lip piercings stack up versus other body piercings in our least & the majority of painful piercings guide.

Healing and also Aftercare

The main healing time for snake bites piercings is anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. Full healing usually takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months depending upon appropriate aftertreatment and also individual healing time.

Maintain solid oral hygiene. Be cautious when brushing, and rinse with a non-alcoholic mouth wash after eating or drinking.Almethods wash your hands thoapproximately before poignant your piercings. Do not play through them or twist them around.Use ice cubes or sanitized ice packs to help through swelling. Anti-inflammatory drugs favor ibuprofen have the right to additionally be taken to decrease irritation.Do not attempt to switch out your jewelry until your piercings are entirely healed. This have the right to cause infection or piercing clocertain if done also beforehand.Be certain to clean your piercings twice per day. Clean the exterior with saline solution and also the inside through non-alcoholic mouthwash. Diligent cleaning helps alleviate healing time.

To make your very own saline solution, integrate 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt with 8 oz of heat water. Mix it until the salt is liquified and pour some onto a clean pad or towel. Hold the towel on your piercings for a few minutes to loosen up any type of debris that might be on your jewelry. Wipe any kind of debris amethod and gently clean the area without jostling the jewelry approximately. Continue this procedure once in the morning and also once at night to encertain your piercings continue to be clean throughout the day.

Read more around utilizing sea salt to clean piercings.

Recommfinished Aftertreatment Products

Sea salt

This sea salt is right for making your very own saline solution at home.


Piercing aftercare spray

Saline spray is a good on-the-go option. Throw it in your bag and also clean your piercings anywhere!


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Things to Avoid During Healing

Certain lifestyle actions deserve to reason complications. Be sure to stop the adhering to in the time of the initial healing phase:

Do not use harsh chemicals favor alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean your piercings. This will certainly only cause irritation.Limit or soptimal smoking cigarettes given that it have the right to cause further worries during healing.Do not swim in public swimming pools or organic bodies of water. Bacteria deserve to enter your piercings and also cause major difficulties.Do not remove or change your jewelry prior to initial healing is completed.Avoid oral contact. This have the right to relocate the jewelry and irritate the piercings.Avoid poignant your jewelry through dirty hands, clothes, cell phones or pillows.

Snake Bites Piercing Risks

All piercings come with potential threats, and snake bites are no different.

The a lot of widespread dangers for snake bites piercings are infections and possible dental damage.

Jewelry that is too substantial or little can scrape teeth, wear away gums or cause the formation of a lip piercing bump. Make sure to continue to be in touch with your piercer or physician if you have actually any type of complications.

If you experience excess swelling, pain or bleeding, call your piercer or medical professional. Be sure to stick to the aftercare instructions above to stop potential issues.

Best Jewelry for Snake Bites

Jewelry for snake bites need to be preferred very closely given that it will be inside your mouth. Discuss dimension & form choices with your piercer to protect against prolonged irritation or jewelry rejection.

Labrets are generally preferred as initial piercing jewelry considering that they remain put and also are not as at risk to activity. Titanium labrets are best because they don’t cause allergic reactions.

You have the right to adjust out your jewelry after your healing duration is complete. Try out dainty studs, gold rings or circular barbells and also check out which look you prefer best! The photos below will certainly assist provide a far better idea of different jewelry types.

How Much perform Snake Bite Piercings Cost?

In the US, snake bite piercings price everywhere from $50 to $80.In the UK, snake bite piercings cost anywhere from £35 to £80.In Europe, snake bite piercings cost almost everywhere from €30 to €80.

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These prices suggest the suffer level of the piercer and also commonly incorporate fundamental jewelry.