On great Looking Tan we speak a lot around self-tanning products, but getting a spray tan is another an excellent alternative to the damaging beam of the sun. Although it’s a bit more expensive, it can be a great way to insurance an even, beautiful, complete body tan. As soon as you’re first getting interested in spray tanning, among the an initial things you wonder is, “How much does a spray tan cost?”

On average, a spray tan session at a salon will cost you about $40.00, with prices ranging from a short of $18.00 and a high that $100.00 per session. Prices will vary depending upon location, top quality of salon, type of spray tan, and also whether the conference is component of a discounted package. 

Alright, that is the an easy answer, now let’s dive right into this just a bit deeper. After i beg your pardon I’ll offer you 15 examples of spray tan price from about the country.

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Spray demorphs Costs

When we talk around spray demorphs costs, we must break it out a bit right into a few different categories. When people think that spray tanning, they regularly think of a standard, experienced airbrush with a handheld spray gun performed in a studio. However, over there are many categories of spray tanning ranging from tans in a shop to mobile tans at her home. To show an example of this, examine out this services food selection from a tanning shop in Chicago.


Self-tanners space lotions, mousses, and also gels that you can apply at home. They almost always save on computer an ingredient called DHA, which reacts through your skin cells to develop pigment, providing you a herbal looking, however short-lived tan.

I don’t want to go also in-depth, because I have actually dozens of articles on self-tanner, consisting of an short article just top top the common costs. However, self-tanners generally cost around $10.00, varying from around $6.00 to end a hundreds dollars for deluxe products.

If you’re curious about what self-tanner i use, it’s this one you can pick increase on Amazon.

Self-tanner is by much the many popular technique of sunless tanning, together it’s inexpensive, effective, and extremely easy. If you’re interested in learning tons much more about self-tanning, inspect out my advice section.

Tanning Beds

Tanning beds space the other really common different to spray tanning or self-tanning. However, an ext and more people are recognizing the potential long-term risks of tanning bed to your skin. Lock are fairly inexpensive, generally costing about $15.00 every session, but in mine opinion aren’t a an excellent option.

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Alright alright, sufficient of this, let’s watch at some spray tanning price examples:

9 examples Of Spray Tan prices From about The Country

Los Angelas, CA – Melrose Tanning company – $40.00 per AirbrushSan Fransisco, CA – organic Shimmer tanning – $45.00 per AirbrushSeattle, Wa – Seattle sun Tan – $45.00 per AirbrushBoise, i would – bronze Sunless: Spray Tans by Kennedi – $35.00 every AirbrushSalt Lake City, UT – Bella Airbrush tanning – $35.00 per AirbrushDallas, TX – Airbrush Dallas – $55.00 per AirbrushChicago, IL – Spray the Sunshine – $45.00 per AirbrushNew York, NY – Gotham bright – $75.00 every AirbrushMiami, FL – Sobe Tan – $60.00 per Airbrush

Final Thoughts

Spray tanning is another great alternative to tanning under the sun. Most salons have actually trained specialists that will do a an excellent job making certain your tan has also coverage and looks extremely natural. Through the average expense of a spray tan being approximately $40.00, that is a bit more expensive 보다 a quality self-tanner, yet can it is in a great option if you’re looking for something the is professionally applied.

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