A 5 gallon Bag-in-Box syrup will certainly yield about 30 gallons of soda. A 2.5 gallon will certainly yield about 15 gallons.

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Home Soda Fountain equipment respond to Electric 4-Flavor counter Electric 6-Flavor counter Electric Draft arm Seltzer Draft arm 1-Flavor Draft arm 2-Flavor Draft eight 3-Flavor Draft eight 4-Flavor Draft eight Draft Arm v Cold Plate breeze Arm v Remote Chiller breeze Arm with Undercounter Ice an equipment Ice and also Beverage 6-Flavor Ice and also Beverage 8-Flavor Ice and also Beverage Soda pistol 2-Flavor Soda gun 3-Flavor Soda pistol 4-Flavor Soda total Soda Gun v Remote Chiller Soda Gun v Undercounter Ice device Tower Seltzer Tower 1-Flavor Tower 2-Flavor Tower 3-Flavor Tower 4-Flavor Tower Tower v Cold plate Tower through Remote Chiller Tower v Undercounter Ice maker Soda Fountain parts & equipment BIB Connectors Coke BIB Connector Pepsi BIB Connector universal BIB Connector Carbonators McCann"s small Carbonator PROCON Carbonator Pump McCann"s pressure Relief Valve Stainless Backflow Preventer Carbonator Pump Clamp 115V Carbonator motor McCann"s 115V Probe & float Assembly McCann"s 115V Carbonator Probe 115V Carbonator Motor with Pump CO2 accessories main CO2 Regulator secondary CO2 Regulator CO2 Wrench Fiber CO2 Washer Nylon CO2 Washer Aluminum CO2 Cylinder 5 lbs. Aluminum CO2 Cylinder 10 lbs. Aluminum CO2 Cylinder 20 lbs. Fittings Stainless water tap Splicer Stainless to reduce Splicer Stainless Swivel nut Stainless Barbed Stem Nylon Flare Washer water tap / tube 1/4" identifier Braided water tap 3/8" identifier Braided hose 3/8" BIB hose Foam tape Insulation Pincer tool 12.3 O-clamp 15.7 O-clamp 17.0 O-clamp maintenance Inline Shutoff Stainless round Valve environment Kit liquid Sanitizer Flush concentrate Powder Sanitizer Flush concentration Nickel-Safe Food class Ice maker Cleaner Petrol gelatin Sanitary Lubricant Cornelius Valve Brix Kit Flomatic Valve Brix Kit Lancer Valve Brix Kit Wunder-Bar Soda pistol Brix Kit Thermometer Water management main Water Supply link Preset Water press Regulator Water Regulator with Dial Food grade Water Supply water tap Water connection Saddle Valve Inline Water Filter Water Filter v Replaceable Cartridge McCann"s Water Booster SHURflo Water Booster Electric drain Pump

For more soda fractional equipment, and also remanufactured soda systems, visit SodaDispenserDepot.com

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