Series6 Series
Type4K UHD TV through Full array Backlighting
Screen TypeFlat Panel
Stand kind (Color)Plate T-Shape (Black+Glossy black Deco)

Complies through the consumer Electronics association 4K Ultra High-Definition specification requirements.

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64.5" measure Diagonally

The diagonal length of a TV screen or monitor, as measured in inch from edge to corner.

3840 x 2160

Fixed variety of horizontal scan currently on a TV. Ns (Progressive) way scan currently are attracted in sequence.

3840 x 2160
Motion Rate*120
PurColor (Color Accuracy)Yes
UHD UpscalingUHD Upscaling
Depth enhancing TechnologyContrast Enhancer
DolbyDolby ms 11

Built-in Wi-Fi

Connection that allows streaming audio, video, and also other computer data across wireless networks.

Smart TV through Apps, S-Recommendation and Full internet Browser

Stream movies and TV shows, upgrade your Facebook, and use Apps ideal on the screen.

Watch your TV entertainment on your mobile device – or your mobile media on your TV.* *All tools must be on the exact same network and also Internet link is required.

Screen technology that brightens colors, improves contrast, and reduces reflection for optimal TV viewing.

Technology the optimizes hues on a TV and also expands the color variety for a an ext vivid viewing experience.


Plug her favorite entertainment and media into your TV – clock videos, pat music, or check out photos with a USB connection.

Technology that intelligently it is adapted the screen’s brightness to the intensity of the irradiate in the room.

Easy PairingYes
TV to Mobile - MirroringYes
Mobile to TV - Mirroring, DLNAYes
Briefing ~ above TVYes
Inputs & Outputs


HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a practically high quality single cable digital audio/video user interface for connecting the TV come a digital cable box, satellite box, Blu-ray & DVD Player, pc computers and also other tools featuring the HDMI output.

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an sector standard because that connecting a selection of computer, audio and video devices to the TV. USB movie capability allows the streaming of video from warehouse devices, cameras, camcorders and USB drives.

A 3.5 millimeter connector frequently used because that analog signals consisting of audio. Through this input speakers and also headphones deserve to be connected.

Power it is provided (V)AC110-120V 60Hz
Typical strength Consumption72W
Maximum strength Consumption245W
Standby strength ConsumptionUnder 0.3W

*Check your regional cable operator. A cable box might be forced for watching channels other than local broadcasts.

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