So you want to obtain into Bonsai, but how lot does a bonsai tree cost? how much deserve to you mean to include to your monthly receipt if you desire to acquire into this regularly deemed i have lot of money hobby? These room some incredibly valid questions, that we both as organization and bookkeeping majors, had too. Now, let’s obtain into everything you can expect cost/price related to bonsai trees.

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On average, you can expect a bonsai tree to cost you about $100. This price includes the bonsai tree itself, and the kit i beg your pardon come with trimmers, wire, fertilizer, pot, and soil. Keep in mental these are averages, which will certainly go up or down depending upon the high quality of the bonsai tree (and that is elements) you desire to have. This is, again, an average. A one-size-fits-all technique to expenses related to bonsai trees. Let’s dig deeper into the nitty gritty. 
How lot Does a Bonsai Tree cost?How lot Does an typical Bonsai Cost?Factors to consider That affect the PriceTree SpeciesDifficulty the GrowthLocationAge and Provenance (History) that the BonsaiDesign the the BonsaiHow lot Does a Bonsai Tree Kit Cost?Bonsai maintenance KitBonsai Tree KitHow Much have the right to a Bonsai Tree cost?Why space Bonsai tree so Expensive

How lot Does a Bonsai Tree cost?

During our study we discovered the complying with quote which ns think provides a good point. 

“This question could be contrasted to: just how much walk an average painting cost?” This analogy is no only an excellent because it describes the dangers of an overgeneralization, yet it likewise reminds us that bonsai tree care is at some point an art form.What this means is that you will have the ability to find a bonsai tree because that as little as $10 dollars in part nurseries or up to $500 at some others, not including world-famous bonsai trees. It all counts on several aspects that you must take into consideration when deciding i m sorry tree come choose. 
Credits: Casa del Bonsai
Some facets you need to consider concerning the tree itself room a) age, b) size, c) shape d) wellness e) foliage and also f) rarity of species.Regarding the pot, think about a) the style of the pot, b) the soil and drainage quality and also c) the decorations it has (some have actually functioning fountains). As a ascendancy of thumb, the more the better. This means, the older, the bigger, the rarer shaped, the healthier, the more foliage, the rarer species, the an ext beautiful the pot, the better soil and also drainage quality and also the an ext decorations, the more expensive.The great news is the this artform enables you come decide how much you want to spend, and also upgrade (if girlfriend wish) as you go. Currently let’s take it a look in ~ an typical Joe or Jane.

How lot Does an mean Bonsai Cost?

Let’s to speak you are a bonsai beginner, or simply a bonsai amateur. You room looking come dab into this lifestyle, however aren’t ready to splurge $1000 dollars right away. It is perfectly fine. The an excellent news is that bonsai trees can cost as much as you desire to invest in them, over there is miscellaneous for everyone around. You will be able to find a tree native $10 dollars, up to $500 dollars in any type of given nursery. So plenty of factors beat a component here, but let’s do a pair of presumptions in order to be able to give you a straight-up price. 
Credits: Casa del Bonsai
Let’s to speak you are beginning out. In bespeak to perform it, you’ll want a good, healthy and balanced tree, from an average varieties in terms of rarity, an typical pot, an average size (around 5 inches tall or 15 cm) and also approximately 5-6 year old. This tree should cost you about $40-$70 dollars. If you include the bonsai tree kit (trimmers, wire, watering can, fertilizer) all in median quality, climate you deserve to ramp up the price by around $30-$40 dollars to a total of $70-$110 dollars for a top quality bonsai tree to start with. However, this is one average, there are numerous factors that will affect it, so be on the lookout for the adhering to things to recognize the appropriate price come pay. 

Factors to take into consideration That affect the Price

Tree Species

The rarer the species, the much more expensive the tree will certainly be. “Rare” is a bit subjective, but it have the right to be brought down to one of two people a) an obstacle in development b) rare in state of background & age c) rarely in regards to the location or d) rarely in regards to design. 

Difficulty the Growth

Some species are notoriously an overwhelming to flourish (for instance Pines or Tamarinds), which way that an ext effort to be put into helping the grow, which in turn, rises the price. 
Source: BoredPanda


This is specifically true because that a pre-grown bonsai tree, specifically if friend live in a ar where the tree no naturally flourish there. As you deserve to imagine, the truth that the tree is alive must’ve take away a substantial amount that effort and also patience come grow, therefore this will definitely rack increase the price. 

Age and also Provenance (History) that the Bonsai

As we touched on our “How lengthy Does it take to flourish a Bonsai Tree Guide”, some trees space literally numerous years old and have to be passed along generations – this will absolutely drive increase the price. Some various other trees, favor the abovementioned Atomic Tree, have actually rich background like having survived the Hiroshima bombing, which certainly make it close to invaluable. This rule uses to much more “normal” tree too. The larger the pre-grown tree is, the an ext work someone has invested in it before you, the much more expensive it will certainly be. 

Design that the Bonsai

As a ascendancy of thumb, the an ext intricate the design, the more expensive it have the right to be. There space a grasp of designs that bonsai masters can use to their leafy friend, but some that the most facility are the Kengai, Han-Kengai, and Ikadabuki. For instance this Kengai (Cascading):
Source: Pinterest
These designs need a great amount of job-related both native the bonsai understand to follow and also pursue his vision, as well as a good amount of job-related put in through the bonsai tree also in order to stay healthy throughout a rather unnatural process. The TrunkBonsais are meant come mimic trees in their natural habitat, i m sorry generally, early to many years that growth, have actually a pretty special trunk in order to save its balance and distribute the minerals to every component of the system.However, in a bonsai, achieving a special trunk is much harder to produce, yet is of course, highly desired. Over there are number of tips and trick you have the right to follow in order to try to get a thick trunk, however if you target to perform it quickly and also carelessly, the will generally scar the tree forever. PotAs through bonsais, you deserve to have your fair circulation of formats of bonsai pots. If you want to lowball it, friend can find bonsai pots for together low as $10 that room mass-produced anywhere.If you desire to go mid-range but personalized, then you can expect to salary from $50-$150 dollars because that a hand-made pot. If you want to go all in, then invest in a beautiful antique and handmade pot carried from Japan that’s one of a kind, those will certainly cost a pair hundred dollars.If you include decorations as well, there are detailed bonsai pots that incorporate functioning water fountains and mini-buddhas you deserve to take for her own.

How lot Does a Bonsai Tree Kit Cost?

Bonsai maintenance Kit

A usual beginners maintain bonsai tree kit can price you roughly $30 dollars. This bonsai kit should incorporate trimmers, wire, and also pot. A much more advanced maintain bonsai kit will be about $50-$60 dollars, which will include several trimmers (around 7), wires, rake (for the soil), and also broom. 

Bonsai Tree Kit

There space some beginners bonsai kits which include the bonsai tree too! These will cost approximately $35 which incorporate a pre-grown 4-5 year old tree, within a pot, part trimmers and also a fertilizer. There are other bonsai kit that incorporate the exact same as the pre-grown tree, but instead that the tree, some 3-4 varieties of seeds too. These will expense you roughly $25 dollars. 

How Much can a Bonsai Tree cost?

Let’s talk about money. In short, bonsai trees have the right to be precious a whole lot. The most expensive ever sold bonsai tree is one Old Pine that was offered in the international Bonsai Convention in Japan because that an incredible 1.3 million dollars. There are various other bonsai trees prefer the one listed below that was offered for 90,000 dollars, the primary reasons gift the very special form of its tree trunk. This brings ago the point that that is difficult to apply a generalization on just how much a bonsai tree deserve to be worth, since it is yes, really a instance by situation basis. Every tree is it’s own world and has its own story which can make it incredibly valuable.
Source: BonsaiEmpire
For instance, psychic the atomic Tree? (the tree that made it through the Hiroshima bombing and also was gifted come the united state from Japan?). This tree’s price is most most likely invaluable. Over there will never be a specific price to pay because that it, uneven someone decides it’s precious the lot of money. 

Why room Bonsai trees so Expensive

The key reason why bonsai trees are so high-quality is time. Every individual tree not only requires a huge amount of time to grow, however also, bonsai specialists take years to shape their tree right into their best form. Also, bonsai is a timeless artform the is taught with generations and also trees are frequently passed along through generations too. Consider the earliest bonsai trees room over 800 years old. How many tasks that you’re learning take years, or even decades to properly present the outcomes of what you’re doing? To show what we mean, let’s usage guitar finding out as one example. Let’s usage guitar because that example. When you very first start off, you will do it be less than good. Yet when hours go by, and days go by, you’ll start noticing the impact of your exercise right then and there. With this confident feedback loop, you desire to save going.Now stop go back to bonsai. The transforms you make today can have an influence in months or also years if you’re talk about significant changes to your friend. This method that bonsais take it time, and they require patience. And this expenses money. Here is a nice video from technology Insider explaining the very same concept:
This is why it’s constantly important come remember that bonsai tree are better off being viewed as artform, or sculpture. For this reason to heap on to this question consider: how numerous “sculptures” space done on a living being that can react in unexpected ways? This take away dedication, perseverance and also talent. 
Sebastian MoncadaI’m also a plant enthusiast and researcher. I’ve been privileged to have lived my entirety life roughly the wilderness that Colombia and I’m happy to share everything I find out along the way. “Adopt the pace of nature. Her an enig is patience” – Emerson.

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