Like Captain Morgan initial Spiced, silver- Spiced is a distinctive blend of well-off Puerto Rican rum and also tropical spice. It makes any type of drink even better when mixed into an unforgettable daiquiri or stirred up v cola, orange juice, or just about anything. More

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The ideal of Captain Morgan"s rums and also the product the 300 year of rum-making tradition, personal Stock is very smooth, rich blend of Puerto Rican rum and also warm, mellow island spices. Enjoy it right up, top top the rocks, or mixed right into extraordinary cocktails. More

Using only the finest Caribbean rum, distilled native blackstrap molasses and also select spices, prefer clove and cassia, Captain Morgan black Spiced Rum is finished through double-charred, blackened oak. This makes for a bold, black color rum v a how amazing smooth finish. More

Sweet, delicate and creamy taste of fresh coconut through a background of citrus and tropical fruit balanced with note of molasses. Its natural fruit spices mix perfect with any cocktail and help to provide a sweet and also refreshingly crisp finish, like that the a heat Caribbean afternoon. More

The perfect mix of Captain Morgan"s 5x distilled Caribbean White Rum and delicious all organic flavors. More

Captain Morgan lengthy Island Iced Tea is a legend mix of rum, vodka, whiskey, gin and triple-sec liqueur through a update taste just the Captain could deliver - merely pour end ice and party! more
Smooth and also medium bodied, Captain Morgan initial Spiced is a soul drink based upon a mystery blend the Caribbean rums, mellow spice and other herbal flavours. It it s okay its distinctive richness and amber colour indigenous aging the rum in burnt white oak barrels. Captain Morgan initial Spiced is the perfect ...more
All sizes space 750mL uneven otherwise noted. Vintages and ratings topic to adjust at any time. All pricing and ease of access subject come change.

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