I to be helping a friend press her dead golf cart right into her garage the various other day and also started wondering how much walk a golf cart weigh.

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Since I prefer to research things, this is what I found out. Typically a traditional golf cart weighs between 900-1050 pounds, however can differ by size and kind of golf cart.When you space considering a golf dare to purchase, there are several things to know prior to you purchase a golf cart. Besides just picking out the shade of the body and whether you want to have actually a upper and lower reversal up windshield or any type of windshield at all, the load of the golf cart might be something girlfriend will desire to consider in your selection.Some people like to take the cart v them when they take trip or you may want to just move the occasionally. One of two people way, if you room going come be carrying your golf cart from one ar to another location, friend will certainly want come know how much her golf cart weighs.Do you want to take your golf cart with you ~ above a holidays or trip? over there are countless campgrounds and also recreational locations that enable you to lug a golf cart to help get roughly the campground or area. Some locations are pretty spread out out and also a golf cart would aid get roughly quicker and also easier. In this case, it is vital to know just how much her golf cart weighs.Not only might you desire to take her golf dare on a camping trip, if you have actually a energy golf cart, you might want to carry it to use for working at other locations.It can be because that helping a friend execute some irradiate gardening or making use of it for a business to do some yard work or irradiate hauling. Knowing the weight of the golf cart you have actually is necessary so you recognize what kind of vehicle you will have to use come haul the cart.You might need a trailer or you might need ramps to pack your cart. In the case, girlfriend will need to recognize what dimension ramps will be needed.


So what go a golf dare weigh?

You can discover this information in the specification section of the Operator’s hands-on but, what if you need to understand this details to aid you v your decision top top what form of golf dare to purchase? The weight depends on the manufacturer, the kind of cart and also the dimension of the cart. Will you want a gas dare or an electric cart?Are you hauling simply two people, four people, utilizing your cart together a utility cart v a dump bed or a level bed, or room you moving 6-10 human being on a golf cart limo? By now you probably understand what sort of cart you want to gain but, carry out you know how your cart will certainly be powered? friend can choose either electrical or gas power.Gas or Electric?In choosing from the many different types of golf carts and the usage for her golf cart, there are many to select from. Ones that are used for golfing and carry bags, ones the are provided for moving people and ones that are supplied for hauling items. In enhancement to uses, there are golf carts that room powered by battery or through gas.First, stop look at the distinction in electric and also gas golf carts. Electric carts are powered through batteries and contain as numerous as six deep cycle batteries. The electrical carts human body is commonly lighter, yet the battery weight causes the cart to sweet more.Gas carts job-related off the a petrol engine and usually have actually an electric starter with a small battery. While this may make the gas carts sweet less, you have to variable in the weight of the gas.There space various varieties of gas engines and they deserve to vary in load which will differ the all at once weight that the golf cart. The following section is based on the average, for this reason there might be part that weigh more depending on the manufacturer.

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What is that going to weigh?Most vehicles have actually two weights, a dried weight and a curb weight. Dry load is the load without batteries. Curb load will incorporate batteries. Basically, the gas golf carts weigh about the same as electric carts yet when you add the batteries, the electrical carts sweet more.Gas cart weight examples (approximate weight):Standard Golf cart – dry weight 600 lbs.Six Passenger Limo – dry load 1010 lbs.Golf Cart with dump bed – dry load 820 lbs.Electric cart instance weights (approximate weights):Standard Golf dare – dry weight without battery 550 lbs.; curb weight through batteries 940 lbs. (The curb weight has the load of 6 batteries.)Six Passenger Limo – dry weight without batteries 1010 lbs.; curb weight through batteries 1530 lbs. (These carts may have actually up to eight battery which is factored into the curb weight.)Golf Cart v dump bed – dry weight without battery 820 lbs.; curb weight with batteries 1210 lbs. (The curb weight consists of the load of 6 batteries.)Other considerations in selecting a golf cart?There are additionally other considerations to take right into account once deciding what form of golf dare to purchase. You need to identify what you space going to usage the golf dare for before purchasing one.Is it going to it is in a true golf dare that will be required to the food to use? Or space you walk to usage it move about your neighborhood or residential property or campground? how many world do you want to transport with it?This will identify the variety of seats you need in your cart. Girlfriend can likewise purchase a energy golf cart the will have either a flat bed or a dump bed ~ above the earlier to permit for light hauling. Energy carts are great for garden work.Besides the weight of the cart in determining even if it is you desire an electric or a gas cart, there room other factors to consider such as just how much carry out you want to put right into the maintenance and also upkeep?Gas golf carts will call for tune ups and also engine maintenance no to mention the evident gas. Gas golf carts have many an ext parts v the engine to preserve or possible replacement of parts on the engine.Electric carts will require maintenance on the batteries and eventual replacement of the batteries. The expense of replacing six or also eight batteries at one time can be a huge expense.Electric carts likewise have other parts that the engine come replace, mostly electrical in nature. In addition, electrical golf carts may not have the power and also extra speed that you may require. Driving through water or in disadvantage weather problems may not be the best for an electric cart.If girlfriend require extr speed and power, the gas golf cart might be the an option for you.And you have to take into consideration if you prefer a quieter ride, in which situation you would choose the electric carts. This can be a major factor if you room using the dare in a neighborhood that has actually restrictions top top things choose noise or emissions.Or if you nothing mind the noise or sometimes smell that the gas golf cart and also there are no limitations on wherein you are using your cart, and also you want the extra speed and also power that the gas model, you should go with the gas golf cart.So, you need to weigh (no pun intended) the pros and cons of each cart prior to making your final decision.