The Real price Of Owning A Leopard Gecko

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The leopard gecko is a small, friendly tiny lizard that makes a good pet because that beginner reptile enthusiasts. These lizards room usually gentle and also easy to take care of making them a an excellent pet for a beginner.

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Leopard geckos can thrive 8 to 10 inch long and also live as much as 20 years. They are normally docile and easy to tame, and are not most likely to bite. This cute lizards also have funny personalities as well which makes them a lot of fun.

Before bringing house a leopard gecko, it’s important to perform some research to understand the pet’s care requirements. Girlfriend will also want to determine how much it will price to store your brand-new pet.

So, how much money is a leopard gecko, and are lock expensive to care for? In this post we talk about what you have to know about how lot it expenses to treatment for a pet leopard gecko and also what reoccurring costs you may expect.

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What You need When Bringing home A brand-new Leopard Gecko?


The first thing you need to do when considering a leopard gecko together a pet is determine just how much it will certainly cost and decide if you have the right to cover it. Begin by thinking around the initial costs to gain a leopard gecko – the price to purchase the gecko but also to collection up and equip its enclosure to the essential specifications.

Here’s what you need to know about one-time prices for pet leopard geckos:

purchase A Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko price by Morph

MorphAverage price (Low)Average price (High)
Normal (wild)$30$45
Hypomelanistic (hypo)$30$45
High yellow$50$100
Super giant$200$600

The leopard gecko is called for that is spotted pattern, yet these lizards come in a wide variety of colors known as morphs. The typical leopard gecko, the wild type, is yellowish in color with black spots.

The wild type is the most basic to find and generally the many affordable. The hypomelanistic or hypo leopard gecko has actually fewer spots and also is an additional common variety.

The price because that these 2 morphs is comparable but various other morphs can come to be quite pricy.

Here are some of the most popular pet leopard gecko morphs:

Normal (wild)Hypomelanistic (hypo)TangerineHigh yellowBlizzardSuper giant

Generally speaking, you can uncover normal and also hypo leopard geckos under $50 and high yellow form under $100. Other varieties choose tangerine and blizzard start about $60 come $75 and the super huge morph is most likely to cost at least $200.

The price of her leopard gecko depends where you gain it.

You’re most most likely to find normal leopard geckos at the pet store. If you want a certain color morph, you might have much better luck buying straight from a breeder or going come a reptile show.

Because leopard geckos are relatively popular reptiles, friend might have the ability to find one in ~ a shelter or reptile rescue.

The cost will vary depending what comes through the reptile, however you deserve to expect to salary an adoption fees of $50 or more.

Supplies and also Setup

Leopard Gecko Supplies and Setup

Cost TypeAverage price (Low)Average cost (High)
Cage Supplies$75$200
Initial Food and Substrate$15$30
Spay/Neuter CostN/AN/A
Initial Vet Visit$50$150
Total = $190 come $630

The price to purchase a leopard gecko is generally pretty affordable, however it’s no the only expense to consider.

Leopard geckos are desert animals, therefore they need a habitat that is warm and dry. These are crepuscular (active in ~ dawn and also dusk) pets as well, so you’ll have to keep that in mind when setting up your leopard gecko tank.

The minimum tank dimension for a leopard gecko is 10 gallons, however 15 or 20 gallons is better. You have the right to use a glass fish tank together your leopard gecko cage or go for a reptile terrarium.

Depending ~ above the size and design, you have to expect to spend $50 to $250 on her enclosure. Because that every added gecko you arrangement to keep, add another 5 gallons.

Just be cautious not to keep an ext than one masculine together and avoid keeping males and females with each other to avoid unwanted breeding.

Leopard geckos should constantly have access to a hiding place on the warm and cool side of your habitat.

One hiding spot per gecko is a great rule. Usage rocks and also low branches to permit your leopard gecko areas to rise closer come the basking lamp or hide under.

Putting some moistened moss in their home will help when they’re ready to melted their skin. Spray or mist the moss periodically v a spray party of water to store the humidity higher inside your house.

Leopard geckos additionally prefer to drink from large shallow dishes and will soak in their water dish for hydration. Girlfriend will desire to empty, clean and refill their water food every day.

For lighting and heating, you’ll generally use warm lamps. Just remember that your gecko is not nocturnal, therefore you have to avoid night light that’s as well bright or it might disrupt his circadian rhythm.

On top of the initial costs to collection up and also equip your leopard gecko tank, yes one final price to take into consideration – your initial vet visit. The vet test itself will likely cost at the very least $50 and also your vet may recommend a fecal test for an additional $30 come $50. You must be prepared to spend approximately $150 on this first visit.

The price Of Owning A Leopard Gecko

Your upfront prices in owning a leopard gecko will certainly not be a lot, even in the an initial year. However, you’ll must think around how much it will expense you ~ above a monthly or yearly basis to save your pet.

Feeding her gecko a healthy and balanced diet is important, especially if you desire him to live come the supposed 20 year life expectancy. As well as that, you have to think around supplies to save his enclosure clean and also in functioning order add to the cost of veterinarian services.

Leopard geckos originate native semi-arid deserts, for this reason naturally, lock love a warm, dried environment and also this is something to take into consideration when making yours a home. They will also need a hiding location that’s moist to retreat to once it’s time to burned their skin. Many leopard geckos might be retained in a size-appropriate terrarium, but only one have to be male.

annual Medical Expenses


All pets require an initial vet exam and also an annual checkup, and that goes for your leopard gecko together well.

The challenge with reptiles like leopard geckos is that most veterinarians aren’t trained specifically in dealing with them.

You’ll have to do some research to find a neighborhood exotics vet and also you have to expect come pay around $50 or more because that the exam alone.

Estimated Medical prices for Leopard Geckos

Cost TypeFrequencyAverage Cost
Veterinary CheckupAnnual$50
Fecal ExamAnnual$30 – $50
Flea, Tick, and also Worm TreatmentsN/AN/A
Emergency ExpensesOccasional$200 and up

Every year, you’ll want to take her gecko in because that a regime exam. Your veterinarian may also recommend a fecal test, though various other tests are normally unnecessary if her gecko no showing indications of illness.

Some reptile owners think about pet insurance money to aid control costs, but it isn’t constantly the finest option.

Many pets insurance providers don’t cover exotic pet and, if castle do, the monthly premium on top of other charges may not be worth it.

Instead, you are better off placing the save in an emergency fund.

When it involves emergency therapy for a leopard gecko, the can obtain expensive.

Not only will you require to find an emergency vet the is trained through reptiles, yet the cost of testing and treatment may be in the hundreds.

When you an initial bring castle home, don’t manage your new leopard geckos for three or 4 days due to the fact that they require to gain used come their new surroundings.

Do store a near eye top top him, in situation moving in has stressed him the end or caused him to get sick. Also a settled-in lizard can obtain sick.

Food and Supplies


Your best reoccurring price to keep a leopard gecko is food. Due to the fact that leopard geckos space insectivores, you’ll require to carry out an assortment that insects prefer crickets, mealworms, and roaches.

Food and also Supply costs for Leopard Geckos

Cost TypeFrequencyAverage Cost
Food and TreatsMonthly$10 come $15
SupplementsMonthly$5 come $10
SubstrateOccasionally$10 come $15
Additional SuppliesOccasionally$5 come $10

You deserve to save money by increasing them yourself, but you should expect to spend $10 come $15 per month because that each lizard.

In addition to insects for her leopard gecko, you’ll should purchase supplements. Her leopard gecko needs calcium and also vitamin D3, so suppose to spend another $5 to $10 ~ above this, though not every month.

Other additional costs to think about include replacements for tank substrate, light bulbs, and also cleaning supplies. Friend won’t have to pay for these things every month however it no hurt to conserve a couple of dollars so you have it once you need it.

Total annual Cost that Owning A Leopard Gecko


A leopard gecko deserve to be a exorbitant pet, yet you need to be ready for a permanent commitment considering your life expectations of up to 20 years. Unless you have the right to commit to caring for your gecko because that the expression of his whole life, you might want to take into consideration another kind of pet.

In review right here is the estimated annual cost for keeping a leopard gecko:

Purchasing/Adopting = $30 to $600Cage and also Setup = $190 to $630Annual veterinary Costs = $80 come $100Monthly Food and also Supplies = $15 come $25

Overall Leopard Gecko Cost

The as whole cost that a leopard gecko relies on what form of set up you choose, plus monthly supplies, once you have paid the initial fostering fee.

You will want to keep a budget plan of around $28 a month because that supply replacement costs, vet visits and also food. Its always best to purchase quality tools like heating mats and ceramic heaters because they have the right to last up to 3 years. If you opt for infrared warmth bulbs, you possibly replacing lock every couple of months.

Because pets insurance may not be simple to find, girlfriend will desire to set aside money in your budget for any kind of veterinary appointments.

Final Thoughts

The cost to purchase and also keep a leopard gecko will certainly vary depending upon several determinants like the type of gecko you choose and also the enclosure girlfriend choose. Do your research prior to purchasing a leopard gecko to make certain you can care for it for years to come.

Frequently asked Questions

How lot does a leopard gecko cost?

A common or wild type leopard gecko do not do it cost an ext than $30 to $45. Other common morphs generally price under $100, but there are some shape that price several hundred dollars.

How much does it expense to neuter/spay a leopard gecko?

Leopard geckos have the right to technically be spayed or neutered, but the surgical procedure is costly and also generally no recommended. That is more secure to neuter a masculine gecko but is typically only done for medical reasons. If you’re not planning to breed your geckos, avoid maintaining a masculine with any type of females.

How much does a leopard gecko vet checkup cost?

Most vets don’t treat exotic pets, so you’ll need to discover a reptile vet or an exotics vet. You have the right to expect to salary $50 or an ext for a visit.

How much does it price to microchip a leopard gecko?

The price to microchip a pets is usually a one-time fee of $35. This procedure is no recommended because that leopard geckos, however, since the microchip is frequently embedded under the skin ~ above furry pets.

How lot does it cost to feed a leopard gecko for a month?

Leopard geckos room insectivores, therefore the majority of your monthly food expenses will be spent on insects choose crickets and roaches. Be ready to invest $15 to $25 per month on food and supplements.

How lot does a leopard gecko cage cost?

Leopard geckos are desert animals, for this reason you need a cage that will retain warm well. A 15- come 20-gallon tank works well because that one or 2 geckos but a terrarium may be the best option. Relying on the size and form of tank you choose, mean to invest $50 to $250 on it.

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How much Does a Leopard Gecko expense Per Month?

The monthly food and also supplies for your leopard gecko will expense you $15 to $25.