In a 2008 ebony magazine post leading national hot rod combination nhra stock drag racer tom hammonds estimated the typical salary the a successful professional drag racer at about 150000 per year. The crucial role in the for appropriate pit protect against played through the crew cook of the nascar team.

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Average value nhra mechanic. However a report of grandprix in 2018 declared that tires changer salary deserve to be preferably upto 2500 per race. Tire changer and carrier maximum knife 5000 every race. Salary between 35000 and also 40000.

The average salary for nhra employee is 80000 every year. The salaries have the right to be different on the base which crew designers tire changers refueling human being is working. Although some top race auto technicians deserve to earn an ext than 100000 follow to the hot rod website those who work at smaller sized racing occasions may earn considerably less.

good competitive teams huge knowledge base to attract from every team is run as an live independence business and also not micromanaged great technology contrasted to other drag racing groups room to grow an excellent pay if you deserve to stand up because that yourself and also know. The median salary for nhra work is 82027. A crew chief gain paid in between 200000 to 1 million a year based upon his team performance.

What is the salary of a crew chief. This rate was twin that that the national typical for engine and an equipment assemblers across all industries 37300 per year or 1793 every hour industrywide value comparison. Energy transfer family of partnerships.

The typical yearly pay because that a broadway phase crew member is 33000. This equates to an average hourly rate of 3596. The website undoubtedly reports average annual salaries the 36000 for every race automobile technicians together of 2014.

Visit payscale to research study nhra incomes bonuses evaluate benefits and more. Exactly how much money walk a nhra funnycar mechanic make in a year. Changed for 2011 inflation prices that comes to about 158000 annually.

wages posted anonymously by nhra employees. A free inside look in ~ nhra value trends based on 10 salaries wages for 10 tasks at nhra.

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Engine building contractors in the spectator sports market earn an ext on average than engine builders in any type of other industry.