Pineapple, a kind of fruit that normally grows in tropical countries, is second to bananas as America’s favourite tropical fruit. Even though the season for pineapples runs from March v June, it is usually obtainable year-round at many grocery stores.

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How lot does a pineapple cost?

On average, a pineapple at a regional grocery keep can cost anywhere from $2 come $4 per pineapple. However, when on sale, you may be able to find the as small as $1.  This price will count on the time of the year and store. A situation of pineapple, frequently shipped directly from Hawaii, have the right to be lot costlier every pineapple, often retailing because that close to $60 to $85 per instance of six.

When priced per pound precut, it frequently runs almost everywhere from $2.75 to $4.28, follow to CBS News.

A canned selection can cost about $1 come $2 per 20-ounce container. This 20-ounce have the right to of Dole pineapple chunks retails for less than $2 in ~ Walmart, for example.

The USDA, follow to a 2015 report, all set to drink pineapple retails because that $0.55 per pint, if frozen pineapple retails because that $0.30 every pint.

Pineapple juice, depending on the brand, deserve to cost around $3 for a fill of 6 six-ounce can be ~ or close come $4 for a 64-ounce container.

What are the extra costs?

While optional, a pineapple tool, which can make cut a pineapple lot easier, can cost $3 come $15.

Tips come know:

Pineapples are recognized to be free of fats, cholesterol and an extremely low in sodium. High in vitamin C, pineapples additionally contain bromelain, an enzyme responsible for fighting inflammation. One pineapple, ~ above average, according to Dole, consists of 100% vitamin C, 2 grams that fiber and also 50 percent manganese.

When picking a pineapple, look for fresh, environment-friendly leaves in ~ the top. When ripe, the leaves should be basic to remove and should have a sweet pineapple aroma.

After purchasing, save in a frozen fridge for 2 to 4 days. Reduced pineapple, as lengthy as save on computer in a chop container, can last a few days.

Organic Facts states a pineapple deserve to offer 11 benefits: it can aid manage her arthritis, assist your immune system, prevent cancer, assist digestion, rise your immune system, hit the usual cold, strengthen her bones, improve your vision and aid elevate your blood pressure.

How deserve to I save money?

If purchase canned, numerous popular brands, such together Dole or Del Monte, often have coupons easily accessible in the local paper or online. Be sure to find for one prior to heading to the grocery store store.

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