Slate swimming pool tables are thought about the finest pool tables available, far and wide. They are used exclusively for tournaments and also are the go-to because that commercial swimming pool tables for your endurance, resilience, and also longevity. The being said, slate pool tables are heavy. And weight is definitely something to take into consideration when purchasing a swimming pool table. So, in this article, I’ll break down the weight of these species of pool tables together I prize the question: How heavy is a slate pool table?Slate pool tables variety in weight with size, style, and materials. Most slate swimming pool tables weigh between 700 and also 1,000 pounds, but they can weigh as lot as 2,000 pounds, depending upon the table. Many 8-foot slate tables because that residential usage weigh about 850 pounds. Read on to find how heavy slate swimming pool tables are, v examples. 

The components Affecting Slate swimming pool Table Weight

There are many different components that contribute to swimming pool table weight. The very first is size, the 2nd is the format of table (commercial or residential), the 3rd is materials used in constructing the rest of the table.

The larger the Table, The heavier it Is

It’s a no-brainer that the enlarge the table is, the more heavier it is. However what’s the load difference in between sizes, and also what space the main determinants contributing come the load of the tables?Well, an initial off, larger tables require larger pieces of slate. And also slate is the heaviest part of the table. In fact, slate usually provides up about 50% the the full weight of the table.Most modern-day tables have actually 3-pieces that 1-inch special slate inside them. These 3 pieces usually begin out as one big piece that has been precision-matched down to within ten-thousandths of an inch for a smooth playing surface all the means across. The huge piece of slate is then reduced into three pieces to make them a tiny easier come move. But, these piece of slate each weigh somewhere between 125 and also 250 pounds, depending upon the size of the table.

Commercial or Residential: i beg your pardon is Heavier?

Next up is the form of table. Commercial swimming pool tables room usually substantially heavier than residential tables. This is because commercial tables space expected come take an ext abuse 보다 residential tables, and also so they have to be make a little tougher. Commercial tables may also have a coin-operated mechanism incorporated, which adds to the load of the table.Unlike residential tables, many commercial tables have a hard shell around the slate to save it sturdy and to defend the integrity of the table. They also usually have actually a solitary piece the slate instead of 3-pieces that slate. This is since commercial tables need to be moved about often for various events in ~ the venue. V a 1-piece slate, friend don’t operation the hazard of drastically transforming the level the the slate as you move it. Most advertising tables have single-piece slates that are only ¾” thick. While this provides the slate slightly lighter, the heavy-duty building of the frame and ball return system an ext than comprise for this. Together a result, a 7-foot advertisement table will typically weigh roughly 700 pounds, vice versa, a 7-foot residential table will certainly weigh in between 550 and 600 pounds.

Materials supplied for Slate Table Construction

The products used to construct the remainder of the pool table influence weight, however to a much lesser extent. The type of wood provided to develop the framework can influence the weight. Even if it is the rails are wood, wood products, composite, or plastic have the right to also impact the weight of the table, although not usually sufficient to dramatically make the table heavier or lighter. Now, let’s acquire into some specifics. 

How heavy is a 7-Foot Slate swimming pool Table? (With Examples)

7-foot slate tables are typically found in bars because of their small size, however they can also be a good addition come the home. They generally weigh between 550 and 600 pounds

Valley Panther pool Table

This mesh of modern-day and classic designs comes with each other well in this drop-pocket table. For a 7-foot table, the Texas Colt is a little heavy, coming in at roughly 800 pounds. It features a 1 ¼” donate slate and pure gum rubber rails for plenty of constant games. The table is hand-crafted in Dallas, Texas, and also is partly made native reclaimed materials. The heavy hardwood rails and also premium animal leather pockets make for a tough, sturdy, 7-foot table appropriate for any kind of game room. 

How heavy is one 8-Foot Slate pool Table? (With Examples)

8-foot swimming pool tables gain a tiny heavier 보다 7-foot tables, regarding be expected. Most 8-foot slate tables weigh around 850 pounds, however this is not constantly the case. Together we saw on the global Billiards table above, there are constantly exceptions to the rule. And, the very first example table on our list is light for an 8-foot table. 

Brunswick gold Oaks swimming pool Table

This 9-foot table weighs about 900-pounds. Its throwback design is storage of the style famous in the 60s and 70s. The a commercial-grade table complete with phenolic resin hardwood veneers for years and years of recurring use. The table is reinforced through steel and the feet have actually micro leveling ability so girlfriend can acquire the playing ar as level together possible. It functions a 1-inch, 3-piece slate and a complete playing surface ar of 50-inches by 100-inches. 

Legacy Billiards Ella swimming pool Table

Legacy makes an affordable, tournament-size table in the Ella. Its bent legs give the standard pool table design a modern twist. This table is roughly 900-pounds. It functions premium rubber cushions, all-wood corners, and a solid wood cabinet. The slate is 1-inch thick and also comes in 3 different pieces. The pockets space made of actual leather and also the table has a furniture-quality finish. 

How hefty is a 10-Foot Slate Table? | American Snooker Table

Just because that fun, I want to cite how lot your average 10-foot swimming pool table weighs. Snooker is much an ext popular throughout the pond in England, yet it’s still funny to know exactly how much American snooker tables weigh. A 10-foot snooker table generally weighs about 1500 pounds. Some 10-foot tables have 3-pieces that slate, if others have actually 5-pieces the slate. 

How heavy is a 12-Foot Slate Table? | English Snooker Table

Full-size snooker tables room 12-feet long and 6-feet wide. These enormous tables almost always have actually 5-pieces the slate. They weigh an median of 2500 pounds! Part the the reason for this is the piece of slate space thicker 보다 those in swimming pool tables. They’re typically 1 ¾” thick.

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Each one of the five pieces that slate weighs around 350 pounds. I hope this write-up helps you identify what type of swimming pool table to get in terms of weight and size!

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