Probably among the most well-known toy breed dog is the Shih Tzu. V a name the literally translates to “lion dog,” the Shih Tzu was initially bred because that royalty.

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Pronounced together “SHEED-zoo,” this is an old breed the dog with references going ago as far as the 7th Century C.E. And the discovery of the stays of a wild ancestor dating ago to 10,000 year ago.

Known for their little size and also friendly temperament, the Shih Tzus to be bred to it is in pets of Chinese emperors and while castle may have fallen from their stature in today’s contemporary age, they surely nothing mind because they have become one of masculine perfect companions.

The prices of Owning a Shih Tzu

This article will comment on the overall numbers and figures of buying and also owning a Shih Tzu dog i m sorry would encompass one-time costs such as the really price the the dog, shipping fees, and certification.

Recurring prices would come in the kind of food, medical, and also grooming expenses and also accessory items the the Shih Tzu would need.

One-Time Expenses

As much as breeds go, Shih Tzus are certainly not the many expensive dogs out there. Unfortunately, interested buyers would still have to pay a hefty price to gain one together a pet.

Actual Shih Tzu Price

Although Shih Tzu dogs space miniature in size, they do not come cheap. Dogs from this breed frequently cost around $500 to $6,000.

With a vast price range, it would certainly all need to depend ~ above what is contained when girlfriend buy a Shih Tzu. Many of the time, the Shih Tzu would include a wellness guarantee, a copy the the dog’s shooting history, and a limited AKC registration amongst other things.

Most that the time, breeders would assess i beg your pardon of their Shih Tzu puppies have the potential to become show dogs and also it is only those that pass their requirements would be given paperwork. Oftentimes, these pups would certainly come native champion bloodlines and would be offered a greater price.

Furthermore, for Shih Tzu pups the are less than 8 mainly old or those much less than 2 pounds, breeders would certainly be entitled to questioning a holding fees of $200 to $500 because that them to usage in caring for the preferred puppy of their buyers till they space deemed ready to be shipped.

Shipping & transport Costs

Most breeders would certainly make every the essential arrangements because that the dog you buy from them.

The level of shipping and delivery would depend on the breeders. If air travel is involved, shipping may cost around $190 to $450 depending on the distance that will be traveled as well as the breeders’ own commitment with shipping services.

Some breeders together as Joiful Shih Tzu recommend the use of a pets nanny come fly with your dog in order to make sure it is taken treatment of. This business may rise the shipping price.

You will also be provided the choice to come and also pick up her puppy at the breeder’s facility yourself or you can just choose it up at the nearest airport.

Obedience Training

This is essential for Shih Tzu dogs because they deserve to be quite challenging to housebreak. They are intelligent creatures and also they do love come learn. However, castle could likewise be stubborn because of their own organic playfulness i beg your pardon brings us to the need for obedience training.

Luckily, many breeders would begin training your puppies early. Despite this, you would certainly still must enroll her dog in obedience great which may cost around $119 to $165. If you have the right to afford it, friend can also have your Shih Tzu trained privately for around $800.


Most reliable breeders would offer puppies with restricted American Kennel club registration which you have the right to upgrade to full-time for only $25. However, just the litter owners can request come revoke a dog’s minimal status i beg your pardon is why you should talk to her breeder regarding this matter.


Recurring Costs

The price of Shih Tzus no all the high in the long run contrasted to larger and an ext expensive dogs as they aren’t that daunting to maintain. As soon as you purchase a Shih Tzu, you may want to think about the adhering to recurring costs:

Food Costs

Since Shih Tzu dog are small in size, you do not must feed castle that much at all. V this gift said, one fifty percent to a full cup of high-grade dog food would certainly be sufficient for her Shih Tzu every day.

It is crucial to take into consideration the level of physical activity your dog does per day. The an ext physically active the dog is, the enlarge the quantity it have to be fed. Execute not overfeed her Shih Tzu as it gains weight fairly fast.

Depending on her budget, that is recommended the you feed her dog just high-grade dog food. This might cost more but it can definitely aid you accomplish your dog’s day-to-day nutritional needs.

Dog foods items ranging native 5.5 oz can be ~ to 27.5-lb. Packs can expense somewhere in between $2 and $46.99 yet the high-quality ones have the right to reach as much as $71.


Your dog would need a couple of accessory items once it begins its remain with you. Unfortunately, few of these items deserve to be subjected to consistent wear-and-tear which offers you the must replace them from time come time.

First on the list need to be a dog kennel which will serve together your Shih Tzu’s an extremely own transport whenever you walk traveling v your pet. This can also serve as a spot where you have the right to place your dog in case it misbehaves.

Dog kennels can cost about $19 come $322 relying on the size and also quality. But because your Shih Tzu has a little build, friend don’t have to spend too lot on kennels.

Shih Tzu dogs space suited because that the apartment life so a dog home may come to be optional because that you. But if girlfriend do have the room to place one, climate you might want to obtain a dog residence for her pet i m sorry can cost somewhere in between $89.99 and $274.99.

The dog would likewise need a collar for everyone to recognize its identity and owner. Dog collars deserve to be quite inexpensive and you deserve to buy lock for as low together $4.45. Some collars may expense over $100 depending upon the quality specifically the electronic ones i beg your pardon come with their own tracking systems.

Another point you should obtain is a dog leash because that whenever you take her Shih Tzu the end for walks. It expenses only about $9.49 approximately $32.99.

Since Shih Tzus room playful dogs, girlfriend may also consider buying a number of toys because that them i beg your pardon may cost only roughly $1.47 come $15.99.

Grooming Costs

One of the attributes that do Shih Tzus well-known is their gorgeous coat. Through colors ranging from white come brown, to black, blue, or a mixture of these colors, Shih Tzu dogs are no doubt prized for your aesthetics. Unfortunately, keeping their appearance is no straightforward task.

You would must brush your dog’s fur at least once a day and to execute this girlfriend would require a quality dog brush. Brushes might cost about $9.99 come $37.99 depending upon the brand and quality.

It’s as much as you even if it is you desire to store your Shih Tzu’s hair lengthy or brief but remember the if you go for the former, it would certainly be harder come maintain.

Brushing your dog’s teeth can assist prevent tartar buildup and also avoid dental diseases. To do this you have to buy a appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste for your dog which might cost about $4.99 come $12.99.

You would additionally need to keep your dog’s pond in order because that you come avoid obtaining scratched. A pond clipper may expense as low together $5.99 but if friend think this is too lot of a hassle, friend can always hire who to execute that for you for just $14.

Every couple of weeks, you might want come treat your beloved pet come a complete grooming session. Law this may price you about $45 come $55. Yet despite the costs, friend would have the ability to effectively preserve your dog’s appearance because that a lengthy while.

Medical Costs

Shih Tzu dogs tend to live long healthy and balanced lives with a expectancy of 10 come 16 years. This is because they execute not have countless genetic illnesses. However, the dog would still need regular checkups indigenous a vet to make certain it is always in optimum health.

A physical exam would cost around $35 come $55 yet apart from that, her pet should undergo frequent de-worming costing about $12 to $60, and receive vaccinations strengthen that is immunity. Vaccines may cost about $25 come $35 every shot.

Where to Buy Shih Tzu Dogs

With the popularity of Shih Tzu dogs, it no take lot to discover breeders online. However, what’s complicated to uncover are breeders you can trust.

Two of the very first places friend can try are the American Kennel Club and the American Shih Tzu Club. These organizations have a vast network of reliable breeders the you have the right to gain access to.

If friend have uncovered a breeder that you think you can trust, friend should consider a few characteristics many responsible breeders have.

They are transparent and would provide you with any information you can need such together a puppy’s pedigree, shot history, parental history, and also more.They would have you sign a contract detailing your responsibilities and also obligating you come return the Shih Tzu in situation you are no longer able to care for it.They would interview you and ask a many questions regarding your living conditions, your occupation, and your availability in order to make sure that you can care for the Shih Tzu.

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