The Wii is one of the best-selling consoles of all time, however how lot is the Nintendo console worth now? whether you space looking come buy or sell, that is vital to understand what a Nintendo Wii is marketing for.

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How lot is a Wii worth today? The initial Wii (the behind compatible RVL-001 model) sells for $89 top top average, based upon recently sold eBay listings. The non-backward compatible design (RVL-101) sells because that $82. Both consoles range in price all over from $40 come $100 or more depending ~ above the condition the version is in. Additionally, the redesigned Wii Mini goes because that $64 on average and likewise ranges in price from $30 come upwards of $100 or more.

ModeleBay (average marketed price)Amazon (lowest price)GameStop (used price)
Wii (backward compatible RVL-001 model)$89$81$90 (currently have not online)
Wii (RVL-101 model)$82$100$80 (currently unavailable online)
Wii Mini$64$125$90 (currently do not have online)

As you have the right to see, offered Wii prices deserve to vary quite significantly largely relying on the condition of the console, whether or not the mechanism comes with its initial packaging, the retailer the unit is listed on, and whether or not the design is behind compatible or not. (In order to spot the differences between the 2 models, make certain to check out ours article: Nintendo Wii RVL-001 vs RVL-101: What room The Differences?)

The Wii is newer than a lot of “retro” consoles, however it is still unusual to come throughout a new, never-been-opened system. Intend brand new, sealed Wii consoles to go for $250 or an ext on eBay, and expect Wii Mini solution to walk for $200 or more.

(Please note: Prices and also information below are accurate as that January 20, 2021. This article has been and also will continue to it is in updated come reflect current rates, but prices can fluctuate. Additionally, the information detailed is based upon the models released in the joined States. Models released in other regions might differ native the prices presented below.)

What is a Nintendo Wii worth?


Pricing Overview:

Used: $41-$200Refurbished: $90-$175New: ~$250+

Pricing At famous Retailers:

eBay (average price sold): $57Lowest price sold: $41 (RVL-001 model; in functioning condition)Highest price sold: $200 (RVL-001; complete-in-box unit)

The eBay pricings over are calculated utilizing the retailer’s data the units sold within two months previous to once this post was critical updated (January 20, 2021).

What is a Wii Mini worth?


Pricing Overview:

Used: $33-$119Refurbished: $90-$220New: ~$200

Pricing At popular Retailers:

eBay (average price sold): $64Lowest price sold: $30 (in working condition)Highest price sold: $119 (complete-in-box unit)

The eBay prices above are calculated utilizing the retailer’s data the units sold within 2 months ahead to as soon as this post was critical updated (January 20, 2021).

What is the difference in between the Wii and the Wii Mini?


Aside from being smaller, there space actually a grasp of significant differences between the Wii and also the Wii mini that can not be evident at an initial glance.


The original Wii modelCame in several shade variations: white, black, blue, and also redCan stand vertically or on its sideFront-loading disc drive

Wii Mini

The smaller, redesigned Wii consoleCame in a sleek red & black color scheme with bright red Wii remote Plus and also nunchuck (also come bundled through Mario Kart Wii)Removed virtual functionalityRemoved capability to connect to HDMI portsRemoved ability to display HD videoTop-loading key drive

Back once the Wii Mini come out, it to be a cheaper alternative to the original Wii, and also that may have actually made that an enticing product regardless of its comparative absence of functionality. Today, they approximately sell for the very same price, therefore there really isn’t a compelling factor to acquisition the mini exterior of pure collecting purposes.

What about limited editions and also color variants?

The color of a Wii console have the right to actually have actually a far-reaching impact price. Because that example, the Nintendo Wii at sight Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary minimal Edition console sells because that $77 top top average. And, top top average, the minimal Edition Blue Wii sell $69 top top eBay.

That being said, the different shade variants actually sell for the same price in ~ GameStop. The just deciding factor between the prices for GameStop is whether or not the console comes v the Wii far Plus or the typical Wii Remote.

Regardless of the retailer, however, it shows up as though over there is very small (if any) difference between the pricing the the black and white Wii consoles.

Related Questions

Does GameStop to buy Wii consoles and also games?

Yes. GameStop buys both Wii and also Wii Mini consoles and games. However, the retailer offers alongside nothing for both retro consoles.

Does GameStop bring Wii consoles in-store?

Yes. GameStop is moving to boost its retro game offerings, yet this is still an expanding effort and also currently just in minimal locations.

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Where else deserve to I buy and sell Wii consoles and also games?

Used video game stores, flea markets, and pawnshops space all good places to buy and sell offered games, consoles, and accessories. If you space strictly looking come buy, however, Goodwill stores and garage sales have the right to be good places to discover some good deals on occasion.