Bengal tigers are powerful predatory animals. The types is claimed to be among the biggest wild cat alive; this is as result of its substantial body mass. Below is a finish compilation that the Bengal Tiger’s weight; the mean weight, weight of male, female, adult and the infant tigers. You are not only going to learn how Much does A Bengal Tiger sweet but additionally its weight comparison with other tiger species and other interesting information.

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How lot Does A Bengal Tiger Weigh

Bengal Tiger Weight

On average, wild male adult weighs between 200 come 261 kg (441 come 575 lbs).While the adult wild female weighs between 116 come 164 kg (256 come 362 lbs).Young adult females weigh around 75 kg (165 lbs).Due to sexual dimorphism, the weight of male and also female bengal tigers different significantly.Sub types also exhibit differing weights.Environmental factors and habitats influence the load of Bengal tigers. Wild tigers room usually not as hefty as those in captivity.

How lot Does The median Bengal Tiger weigh

In 1997, 7 adult males were averaged in Chitwan nationwide Park. Their average weight was 235 kg (518 lbs).In 1999, 11 Bengal tigresses to be studied. Their mean weight was 135 kg (298 lbs).In the very same study, the average male weighed 225 kg (496 lbs).

Heaviest Bengal Tiger

The Smithsonian institution in USA houses the world’s heaviest bengal tiger top top record. The male weighed an astounding 388.7 kg (857 lb).

Bengal Tiger weight Comparison

Bengal tigers uncovered in South India and also Bangladesh weigh between 191 come 215 kg (421 to 474 lbs) ~ above average.While those in North India and Nepal room heavier. Lock average between 222 to 238 kg (489 to 525 lbs). These calculations execute not different males native females.Sundarban Bengal tigers live in a mangrove habitat and weigh lesser than the Bengal tigers found in various other parts that Asia.Even though the white bengal tiger is a seperate sub specie, its median weight selection is the very same as an mean bengal tiger.

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Tigers weight Comparison Chart

How much Does The masculine Bengal Tiger Weigh

Tiger infant weighs between 0.8 to 1.6 kg (1.8 to 3.5 lbs).At 6 months, the male tiger cub weighs approximately 40 kg (90 lbs).They grow to between 200 and 261 kg (441 come 575 lbs).

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