I don"t know if this has been post before. Exactly how much go a 1/16 x 1/16 x 36 balsa hardwood weigh in general?

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Although classified as a hardwood, balsa wood"s density ranges from only 4 to twenty pounds every cubic foot. Perfect balsa wood, like you find in model aircraft kits, varies extensively in weight. Balsa is occasionally discovered weighing as tiny as 4 lbs. Per cu. Ft. On the various other hand, friend can additionally find balsa which will weigh 24 lbs or much more per cu. Ft. However, the general run of advertisement balsa for version airplanes will weigh between 6 and also 18 pounds every cu. Ft. Eight come twelve lb balsa is considered medium or typical weight, and is the most plentiful.

.. Which means take your scale in to the keep with you and also pick the best pieces. If you"re lucky, the owner will speak to you when new stock comes in, and also you can pick through them first!

Have a look in ~ this thread, possibly it has actually what you space looking for.https://www.smashville247.net/forums/showthread.php?t=236902CheersTim
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