Okay, you’ve gotten over your nerves, selected the component of your ear you desire to pierce, and also even favored the ar to have the piercing done. You’re ready for a cartilage piercing. Simply one an ext thing though. How much money room you going come need?

How much Does a Cartilage Piercing Cost

A cartilage piercing will generally cost in between $35 and also $85 depending on the section of cartilage being pierced. Tragus piercings, because that example, will be priced in ~ the lower end. However, if you go for a more facility piercing, the price will certainly be higher. Expect to pay $45 to $85 every piercing consisting of the jewelry if you walk for an industrial or orbit piercing.

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Cartilage Piercing TypeCartilage Piercing Price
Forward Helix$30-$60

The Factors associated in Cartilage Piercing Prices

Well, the moral answer is that acartilage piercingwill come in at various price ranges. Several factors go right into the price of a cartilage piercing. So here’s what may affect the cost.

Piercer Experience

At most tattoo parlors and also body piercing salons, the an ext experienced piercers command greater prices. Why? because they are known amongst customers to be fantastic at what castle do, and that creates a high need for these certain piercers from return customers and their referrals.

That’s no to say the the less expensive piercers in ~ the exact same salon won’t carry out a good job through your piercing. It’s simply a aspect you should know about when the price gets quoted.

Piercing Technique

Sure, you can go to the shopping center or a retail center to obtain your ears pierced cheaply through a piercing gun, but cartilage piercings are safer andless painfulwhen performed through piercing needles and overseen by a experienced body piercer.

The factor piercing weapons tend to be cheaper is because the areas they are offered tend to hire human being with minimal piercing knowledge and also experience.


Area of Cartilage

Different components of her ear might cost an ext or less to gain pierced. All of your ear other than for the lobe is make of cartilage. For this reason you may want a tragus piercing, orbital, helix, industrial, or numerous other varieties of cartilage piercing.

Studio Popularity

Just as with an individual piercer, certain piercing studios are more well-known than others. Studios v a bigger customer base are going to fee more. However, the also means their piercers have actually a ton that experience.

Studio Location

As with many services, location factors into the final cost. If you walk to a studio in a tiny town, you will certainly likely uncover lower prices 보다 those in ~ a piercing studio in the city. That a matter of demand. Due to the fact that there room fewer civilization to serve in a smaller sized area, the studio gets less company than a studio in a busy part of a city.

Studios in busier areas are able to make their shop exclude, to certain customer segments, and they do this with greater prices. Of course, the also means that the pricier studio might offer an ext options.

The jewel You Select

Part that the total cost of her piercing is the price the the jewelry you get inserted. But prior to you try to save a few bucks through going v the cheapest option, girlfriend should understand the risks.

Jewelry do from cheap materials ismore likely to irritateyour ears andcause lock to get infectedor not heal properly. Any kind of reputable piercer will certainly suggestsafer metalslike gold, titanium, or steel for a cartilage piercing.


You’ll more than likely leave the shop with a few extra points in addition to your brand-new cartilage piercing and also the earring in it. You may want come buy extra earrings for as soon as your piercing is healed and you can readjust it.

Also, much more likely 보다 not, you will certainly be urged to acquisition aftercare products to usewhile your cartilage piercing is healing. It’s extremely recommended the you use suitable aftercare products, ideally as said by her piercer.

The ideal aftercare productI’ve personally used is theAfter Inked Piercing Aftercare Spray. Not just is that vegan, however it’s also totally alcohol and also additive-free. The equipment works well on every skin species including sensitive skin, and it comes in a generously-sized mist-spraying party for straightforward application. As soon as using the from the very start the the healing process, the spray helps to diminish healing time and aims to get rid of anylingering pain or soreness.

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Why The Cheapest prices Aren’t constantly The ideal Option

As pointed out above, lot of of things have the right to go wrong as soon as you opt for the cheapest means to pierce her cartilage. So cost should not be the only aspect when you choose the place and also person to pierce your ears. Here’s a outline of what to think about if she thinking about being cheap.