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Dallas Raines Biography

Dallas Raines is one American cook meteorologist who was born and also brougt increase in Georgia, the United says as Kevin Feinstein. In ~ KABC-TV in Los Angeles and also also, he was certified through the American Meteorological society (AMS). 

Some the his awards encompass the daily News People’s an option Award for ideal Weatherperson, male of the Year by the American Cancer Society, gold Mike compensation for finest Weathercast and also Associated push Award for best Weather Segment.

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Raines worked as a weatherman in Baton Rouge and new Orleans, Louisiana front to moving to CNN to run its nationwide weather coverage; throughout this time, he additionally appeared as the weathercaster for the CNN-produced TBS evening News on what was previously SuperStation WTBS. He left CNN to join KABC-TV in the year 1984 as a meteorologist and also then ended up being a weekend night anchor.

Years later, he was shifted to weekday afternoons 4, 5, 6, and also 11 PM together David Ono, Ellen Leyva, Marc Brown, and Michelle Tuzee. Raines is famous for his moves throughout his forecast, such as the “Dallas dip”, the swirl, the fist pump as well as the golf swing.

Dallas Raines Age

Raines is 66 year old as of 2020, he to be born top top 15 October 1954, in Georgia, the United says of America as Kevin Feinstein. He celebrates his date of birth on October 15 every year and his birth authorize is libra.

Dallas Raines Height

Dallas stands at a elevation of 5 feet 9 inches. He has brown eyes and also blonde hair color.

Dallas Raines Weight

Raines has weighs 75 kg.

Dallas Raines Education

Raines attended and also graduated from Florida State University v a Bachelor of Science level in broadcast journalism and earth science with an emphasis on meteorology. Dallas has also completed multiple graduate-level courses in meteorology and also climatology.

Dallas Raines Family

Raines to be born and also raised by her parents Riley Gene Raines(father) and also Sybil Jeannette Hambrick(mother) in Georgia, unified States. the is not recognized if the has any siblings. Nevertheless, this section will it is in updated as soon as that is available. That belongs to the American nationality and also white ethnicity.

Dallas Raines Wife

Dallas is married to daniel Raines. Dallas’s wife Danielle was accused of attack in respectable 2016. She was blamed because that beating and also attempting come choke a 25-year-old tiny girl, who character was not discharged, throughout a vehicle ride earlier home native a country club. Daniel as far as anyone to know to to win the little girl in the wake of protecting against on the roadside.

Dallas Raines Danielle Raines Wife

Danielle Raines, the mam of KABC meteorologist Dallas Raines, was sentenced to 3 years of probation and also one year of drug rehabilitation for beating and attempting come strangle the couple’s 25-year-old daughter on respectable 31, 2016, reports the Los Angeles Times. Raines pleaded no challenge on Friday come one count of attack by method likely to produce great bodily harm.

Back in August, Raines very first assaulted she daughter in ~ a La Cañada Flintridge nation club, apparently after drinking a significant portion the wine. Despite the wine had actually been paired through food, prosecutors stated Raines reportedly came to be “belligerent,” and struck she daughter together they ready to leave.

Raines continued hitting her daughter during the vehicle home, forcing she daughter come pull over to the next of the road and also stop. As soon as the automobile stopped moving, Raines intensified her attack by apparently trying to strangle the mrs in the driver’s seat.

The daughter, who has actually not been named, regulated to to escape the automobile while it was stopped and call the police. L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested daniel Raines at around 4:40 a.m on august 31, 2016, then released she from custody later the same day ~ she posted $30,000 that bail money.

As part of her sentence, daniel attended a one-year-long residential medicine rehab program and regularly to visit Alcoholics anonymous meetings five times a week. The judge likewise ordered Raines to not approach her daughter or she family’s residence in Pasadena.

Dallas Raines Daughters

Raines and his wife are proud parental of 3 children. The name of Raines’s children are tho unclear. Nevertheless, this section will be updated as quickly as it is available.

Dallas Raines Salary

Raines earns an estimated yearly salary that $500 thousand dollars together of 2021 as an American award-winning chief meteorologist in ~ ABC7 Eyewitness.

Dallas Raines network Worth

Raines has actually an approximated net worth of $3 million dollars together of 2021. This includes his Assets, Money, and also Income. His primary source of revenue is his career as a chef meteorologist. Through his assorted sources the income, Raines has actually been able come accumulate great fortune but prefers to command a modest lifestyle.

Dallas Raine Measurements and also Facts
Dallas Raines Image

Here space some interesting facts and body measurements you have to know about Dallas Raines.

Dallas Raines Wiki

Full Names: Kevin FeinsteinPopular As: Dallas RainesGender: MaleOccupation / Profession: MeteorologistNationality: AmericanRace/Ethnicity: WhiteReligion: no KnownSexual Orientation: Straight

Dallas Raines Birthday

Age / just how Old?: 66 years (2020)Zodiac Sign: LibraDate of Birth: 15 October 1954Place of Birth: GeorgiaBirthday: 15 October

Dallas Raines human body Measurements

Body Measurements: no AvailableHeight / just how Tall?: 5 feet 9 inchesWeight: 75 kgEye Color: BrownHair Color: Blonde

Dallas Raines Family and Relationship

Father (Dad): Riley Gene RainesMother: no KnownSiblings (Brothers and also Sisters): no KnownMarital Status: MarriedHusband/Spouse: Married to danielle RainesChildren: Three

Dallas Networth and also Salary

Net Worth: $500 thousands dollars together of 2021Salary: Under ReviewSource of Income: MeteorologistDallas Raines ABC7 Eyewitness News

Raines is the chef meteorologist because that ABC7 Eyewitness News, he join the terminal in the year 1984. Dallas is a Certified transfer Meteorologist, a tip-top designation for people who have actually undergone thorough check by the American Meteorological Society.

Meteorologists through this seal have finished a rigid composed test experimentation their understanding of climate and forecasting. Their on-air work is additionally audited by a team of AMS experts who rate their volume to communicate an easy climate information to their crowd.

Dallas is a expert individual native the AMS and has earned the Seal of Approval because that TV Broadcasting, just as miscellaneous honors for exceptional coverage the climate occasions. Dallas was welcomed to the White home in a 30-person researcher/climatologist banter ~ above a worldwide temperature change facilitated by President invoice Clinton and also Vice chairman Al Gore.

When no on television, Dallas has actually been a meteorology education at Cal State University, Northridge, staying effectively linked with numerous community administration and gathering pledges ventures.

Dallas Raines Weather

Among his plenty of honors, Dallas winner the day-to-day News People’s selection Award for finest Weatherperson in Los Angeles. He was named male of the Year by the American Cancer Society. That was actors a ballot ideal Weather Presenter/World competition level in Paris, France. He got a gold Mike award for finest Weathercast in southern California in the 4 p.m. Come 11 p.m. Division.

He has gained the associated Press award for best Weather Segment. The higher Los Angeles press Club granted him with all at once Excellence in an hour-long Newscast. KIIS Radio cast a ballot Dallas the Most renowned On-Air Newscaster in Los Angeles. He was an in similar way cast a ballot the Most popular On-Air Personality in ~ CNN by ON CABLE magazine. His coverage of Hurricane frederic earned the the nationwide Oceanic and also Atmosphere combination (NOAA) outstanding Coverage Award.

Dallas Raines back Surgery

Raines states his experience and news of governor Brown’s excellent prostate cancer diagnosis reminds men that early on detection gives them the luxury of having actually options. Men’s health specialists agree.

“Prostate cancer is not prefer breast cancer or colon cancer or pancreatic cancer,” stated Dr. Shahin Chandrasoma. “It’s a an extremely slowly progressive, indolent disease that a patient could not know he has for 10 years.”

Dallas Raines House

Raines recently noted and marketed his house in a expectations in the year 2017. The sale price to be $3.3 million, or $5,000 over the asking price. Constructed in the year 2007, the gated two-story sit on a hillside lot of much more than an acre. Panoramic mountain, as well as valley views, space on full display screen from the vantage.

Within the almost 4,700 square feet the living room is one entry room that opens up to official living and dining rooms. The update kitchen is equipped v stainless-steel appliances as well as the nearby breakfast room adjoins a household room through a fireplace.

Upstairs, one office sit behind glass doors off a vast landing ~ above the wooden stairway. The grasp suite consists of a sitting area and also a stone fireplace because that a complete of 4 bedrooms and also 4.25 bathrooms.

Glass doors turn off the living areas open to a swim pool and also a spa. In other places on the grounds room a placing green, a sports court, a fire pit and also a pool residence with a kitchenette. The bought the residential property in 2008 for $2.9 million, public documents show.

Frequently asked Questions about Dallas Raines

Who is Dallas Raines?

Dallas Raines is a famous award-winning meteorologist currently working together a cook meteorologist in ~ ABC7 Eyewitness News in Los Angeles since 1984.

How old is Dallas Raines?

Raines is an American national born on 15 October 1954, in Georgia.

What is Dallas Raines real name?

Raines to be born in Georgia, the United states of America together Kevin Feinstein.

How tall is Dallas Raines?

Dallas stands at a elevation of 5 feet 9 inches.

Is Dallas Raines married?

Dallas is married to his wife Danielle Raines. The couples are proud parents of three children.

How much is Dallas Raines worth?

Raines together an completed American meteorologist has actually an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars. That has gathered his wide range from his effective career as a cook meteorologist.

How lot does Dallas make?

Raines as an American award-winning chief meteorologist in ~ ABC7 Eyewitness earns an estimated annual salary that $500 thousand.

Where does Raines live?

Raines is a residents of Los Angeles, USA, us shall upload pictures of his house as soon as we have actually them.

Does Dallas Raines have cancer?

Raines states his experience and also news of governor Brown’s wonderful prostate cancer diagnosis Wednesday reminds guys that at an early stage detection provides them the luxury of having options.

Is Raines dead or alive?

Dallas is alive and also in an excellent health. In spite of him confirming the he had prostate cancer.

Where is Raines now?

Dallas serves as the chef meteorologist at ABC7 Eyewitness News, in Los Angeles, California.

Dallas Raines Contacts

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