Restaurant Team Member Co-worker OpportunitiesWe know the enthusiasm you carry to your project every time you walk v our doors is what makes our agency so successful. Whether you are greeting a customer for the an initial time or the twenty-first time, they feel welcome and also invited. Whether you room baking bread or attending come the buffet, all approximately you is an setting loaded through respect, honesty and also pride. 

It is this camaraderie and also team spirit that renders working at golden Corral for this reason rewarding. There are plenty of other rewards for complete or part-time Co-worker location at firm and franchise restaurant locations throughout the nation which include:

Great pay and also benefitsFlexible schedulesFun, familiar team environmentTraining aimed in ~ advancementRecognition for achievement

Our training program allows our restaurant team Co-workers to grow within the company. From perfecting one place to becoming proficient in every positions, golden Corral prepares you because that the roadway to success. Over there are likewise opportunities come grow and also develop if friend later have actually an interest in follow a place in management. The restaurant market offers wealth of unlimited career growth potential!

CURRENT EMPLOYEES: If you would choose to participate as an A-Team Member in assistance of training new employees for new restaurant openings, please CLICK HERE to finish the it is registered form.

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As a new Co-worker, you will begin orientation in one ability position and also can monitor your progression to ending up being certified in this position. After being certified in one skill position, you have the right to cross-train in other skill location to earn accomplishment pins in the progressed and professional programs and/or added below positions:
Advance and Expert ProgramsAdditional Positions
Fast monitor CoordinatorA-Team MemberCrew LeaderCrew TrainerLocal keep Marketing CoordinatorProficiency in all PositionsCertified Assistant ManagerBreakfast Lead

Restaurant Team Member Co-worker Benefits

We’ve design a benefits package to meet the demands of ours employees and also their families. Restaurant Co-workers room eligible for:

Comprehensive significant Medical PlanFixed advantage PlanDental PlanVision PlanTerm Life InsurancePaid vacationMeal discountsNo-interest university loans

Co-worker health and wellness Insurance ProgramUpon joining golden Corral, you are eligible to take part in the voluntary services program including medical, dental, vision, and life coverage nevertheless of the number of hours you occupational per week. Co-workers averaging 30 or much more hours every week during a 12-month duration are default to participate in a comprehensive major medical setup where contributions room shared in between the firm and you.

Education FundGolden Corral corporation is committed to help our company-operated restaurant hourly employees achieve their educational goals. The Connie M. Maynard education and learning Fund offers interest-free loan to ours restaurant team member to assist with education and learning expenses. Loans range from $1,000 come $2,000 and also can be provided for any type of educational prices such as tuition, books and also supplies or room and board.

To be eligible come apply, team members have to work 600 hours throughout the 12-month period immediately coming before the deadline, and also have a 2.5 grade suggest average or GED. Recipients the loan awards who return as full-time employees ~ completing level requirements will be forgiven the lot of their loan in ~ a price of $200 per month for each month of continued full-time employment. Applicants will be selected based on several determinants including scholastic achievement, potential to succeed, education and also career goals and work experience.
*The above detailed benefits are for eligible individuals employed at corporate or company-operated restaurants. Golden Corral franchisees may offer different benefits for your employees.

Golden Corral utilizes E-Verify in all company-operated restaurants as component of the hiring process.

*Golden Corral franchisees operate as independent service owners. If you apply and are hired because that a restaurant team member chance with a golden Corral franchisee, you would certainly be an employee the that gold Corral franchisee and not an employee of golden Corral Corporation. Team Member methods are available at both agency and franchise-operated restaurants, which room specified within individual job postings.


With almost 500 restaurants in an ext than 40 states, golden Corral is constantly in search of excellent leaders because that restaurant administration opportunities, in both our company and franchise-operated restaurants nationwide.

These are simply a couple of of the traits our most accomplished managers have in common. At golden Corral, your capability to success is limited only by your energy and also drive. Unequalled opportunity at the finest Buffet in the USA!

View the complying with short video clip to endure a work in the life that a golden Corral Manager.

General Manager – Trains, coaches and develops your whole restaurant team. Certain optimal restaurant performance; overseeing facility, financial and human resources tasks to journey a effective operation.Kitchen Manager – help ensure full guest satisfaction, top quality food production and sound restaurant performance. Monitor the whole kitchen team while managing inventory and food price controls.Hospitality Manager – Ensures total guest satisfaction while top the front-of-the-house business team. Oversees guest interaction, criter for service, restaurant framework & equipment, and staffing and also training. 

District Manager – As a multi-unit manager, you carry out leadership and also guidance come company-operated restaurant managers while monitoring save performance and also ensuring standards space maintained. You space accountable for management advance and staffing, restaurant gaue won results, and also facilities maintain while upholding gold Corral’s mission of “Making Pleasurable Dining Affordable” because that our guests. 

Franchise business Consultant – In this multi-unit manager role, you administer support and consultation to gold Corral franchisees to ensure restaurant operations problems exist because that optimal sales and also profits as component of the franchise operations team. Together the key gold Corral liaison because that our franchisees, you connect and/or perform process, training and operational changes to certain operating standards to uphold gold Corral’s brand.

Certified Kitchen Assistant Manager – Cross-train in every skill locations within the restaurant, obtaining knowledge of to work tasks consisting of ordering, receiving, storage, and also menu planning. This entry-level hourly administration position requires completion that a 1-year certification program including in-store management skills modules, and also a classroom breakthrough course.


TRAININGAt gold Corral, we think your finding out should begin before you serve the very first guest in your restaurant. We take the moment to give every monitoring candidate the chance to learn the gold Corral system before you room assigned come a restaurant. This training is extensive and also is a show of our commitment to you and your success.

TWO-TIERED, 13-WEEK regime IN A CERTIFIED cultivate RESTAURANTTIER 1 – Seven main in each of eight Skill position areas, consisting of one mainly of shadowing a maintain ManagerTIER 2 – Six weeks discovering the tools, techniques and systems critical to running a successful gold Corral together a Hospitality or Kitchen ManagerINCLUDES:

Online discovering modules and also live, interactive digital classroom sessionsDiscussion board tasks with other manager trainees across the countryIn-store tasks with a Certified cultivate Manager, consisting of job shadowing and practice in every departmentsTraining manuals through need-to-know information, concentrating on the most an essential knowledge for store management


Restaurant administration Buffet the BenefitsWe think that giving a quality benefit program is simply as essential as compensation. Gold Corral provides a selection of services designed to safeguard you and also your family.

Medical/Hospital Insurance (Your an option from two different plans)Prescription medicine Program (Retail and mail-order benefits)Dental Plan (Your an option from 2 dental plans)Golden Retirement income PlanThis tax-deferred savings plan permits you to contribute up come 25% or yearly limits set by the IRS (whichever is less) of her base salary and also bonuses. The firm matches dollar for dollar up to 4% of basic salary and also 50 cents of every dollar approximately 4% that bonus. Employees are completely vested after three years.
Short-term and also Long-term impairment Insurance (Company paid)Life Insurance (Company paid) Supplemental portable insurance money is also easily accessible to acquisition for additional coverage for the employee and dependents.Vacation: 1-5 years of service: 2 main vacation5-10 year of service: 3 main vacation15+ years of service: 4 mainly vacationEmployee education AssistanceAdoption help ProgramEmployee assistance Program

*The above detailed benefits are for eligible individuals employed at corporate or company-operated restaurants. Golden Corral franchisees might offer various benefits for their employees.

Restaurant administration CompensationOne an easy concept drives our approach.

WE hire WINNERS. So, we think it makes perfect feeling to have actually compensation linked directly come winning performance. Full compensation for gold Corral managers has a basic salary and also industry-leading incentive bonuses. And, due to the fact that we have

NO caps ON BONUS EARNINGS, the potential rewards because that a gold Corral manager that cares around people, understands how to boost sales, and also knows exactly how to manage costs, room absolutely unlimited!

*Compensation offerings may vary among franchisees.

Learn more about our OPERATING partner PROGRAM available to agency General Managers.

RecognitionAt golden Corral, we location high prestige on performance. We strive for excellence, and we storage the excellence of ours employees and franchisees in ~ every opportunity, including top recognition during our yearly convention’s  CELEBRATION OF work EXCELLENCE award CEREMONY. Whether setting sales records, afford competitive benefits in your local market, accomplishing operational excellence, or because that years the service, our employee are known for their difficult work and contributions to golden Corral.

Golden Corral utilizes E-Verify in every company-operated restaurants as part of the rental process.

Golden Corral franchisees operate as independent service owners. If you apply and are hired because that a administration opportunity with a golden Corral franchisee, you would certainly be an employee the that gold Corral franchisee, and also not an employee of golden Corral Corporation. Management opportunities are obtainable at both company and franchise-operated restaurants, which space specified within individual job postings.

There are NO limits to your potential because that success at golden CorralYou may end up being a franchisee of your restaurant in only THREE YEARS. 

Join us and also become component of our expanding system-wide growth as we open new restaurants every year.  


PUT her EARNING POTENTIAL IN her HANDSWe are really excited around our exceptional motivation program emerged to prize the hard work and of our managers. What other family dining concept offers this distinct opportunity where average full compensation for operating Partners is over $100,000? gold Corral operation Partners are rewarded every month v an inspiration bonus. 


Since there are no limits to bonuses, as the performance of the restaurant increases, for this reason does your total compensation. As an Operating Partner, her monthly bonus percentage increases in year 1 and 2. In Year 3, you have actually the possibility to become 
the franchisee that your own restaurant or receive second increase to her bonus incentive.
A participant should be work by gold Corral coporation, group in the position of basic Manager in ~ a company-operated restaurant for a term of one year in the restaurant for which he or she will certainly serve as operation Partner.Participants must accomplish operating standards and financial results.The Operating partner will enter into one Operating partner agreement and pay a $25,000 refundable protection deposit. As soon as you come to be a franchisee, the refundable Operating companion security deposit might be invested toward franchising her restaurant. 

CELEBRATING SUCCESS AT golden CORRAL’S yearly CONVENTION and TRADE SHOWClick over to find out about gold Corral’s annual convention.

WHAT DOES her FUTURE HOLD?At gold Corral, we think the success of our business is driven by the TALENT and SUCCESS of our people. Our managers are rewarded with our distinctive Operating partner Program with opportunities for higher income potential and future franchising opportunities.




Company support CenterHeadquartered in Raleigh, phibìc Carolina, golden Corral is structured so the decisions room made at the the next level to our guests. Agency and franchise restaurants have a devoted support team to aid each restaurant in achieving its full potential. Leading all of our golden Corral restaurant work is a Sr. Vice chairman of Operations v divisions and districts supporting field operations. District supervisors lead our company-operated restaurants when Franchise company Consultants provide support come our franchise restaurants.

At the company Support facility in Raleigh, NC, there room seven features that report straight to the President and CEO. The seven features are Operations, Development, Marketing, person Resources, Legal, Finance, and Franchise Development. Agency Support facility departments are situated at 5151 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh.

The golden Corral facility for maintain and advance provides comprehensive training to prepare both agency and franchise restaurant administration candidates to success in the golden Corral system, in enhancement to providing skills and sources to prepare and cross-train ours restaurant team members. Additionally, they sell continuing advancement for restaurant managers, trainers and also multi-unit managers.

Buffet of services – company Support CenterWe believe that giving a quality advantage program is simply as crucial as compensation. Golden Corral uses a variety of benefits designed to defend you and also your family.

Medical/Hospital Insurance (Your selection from two various plans)Prescription drug Program (Retail and mail-order benefits)Dental Plan (Your selection from 2 dental plans)Golden Retirement income PlanThis tax-deferred save plan permits you to add up to 25% or annual limits collection by the IRS (whichever is less) of her base salary and also bonuses. The company matches dollar because that dollar approximately 4% of basic salary and also 50 cent of every dollar up to 4% of bonus. Employee are completely vested after three years.Short-term and also Long-term special needs Insurance (Company paid)Life Insurance (Company paid) Supplemental portable insurance money is also obtainable to acquisition for added coverage for the employee and also dependents.Vacation: 1-2 years of service: 2 mainly vacation3-9 years of service: 3 weeks vacation10+ year of service: 4 weeks vacationEmployee education and learning AssistanceAdoption aid ProgramEmployee aid Program9 payment Days off for Holidays

If you carry out not check out a existing job posting in ~ the agency Support Center, however would like to send an application for future consideration, CLICK HERE.


Supported by the nationwide Restaurant combination Educational foundation (NRAEF) and also the foodservice industry, ProStart is a two-year career and technical education and learning program in high schools concentrated on to teach culinary arts and also restaurant monitoring fundamentals with a combination of classroom and industry instruction. When students happen two national exams, demonstrate a mastery that foundational skills, and also work 400 mentored hours, they earn the ProStart Certificate the Achievement, which renders them eligible to receive scholarships and course credits at pick colleges and universities.

To learn much more about ProStart, click HERE.

Golden Corral understands investing in the stars of tomorrow is essential to grow our industry’s capacity to entice the best and brightest talent. Gold Corral has been involved with ProStart in ~ the nationwide level from the onset of the program as a sponsor. Additionally, we administer teacher grants, maintain and advancement opportunities for teachers and students, and also sponsorships for the state and also national level competitions.

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If you space interested in applying to be a ProStart Intern at golden Corral, please complete our online application because that Restaurant Team Member, find for the suitable city, state location and and pick “ProStart Intern” in the “position(s) interested in” field.