TODAY Show anchors Hoda Kotb and also Jenna bush Hager decided to sweet themselves top top live television. They didn’t really think about the number ~ above the range or just how they would feel before they sweet themselves. It came to be quite a shock because that both the them yet taught them a really necessary lesson.

The two women mutual their weights through viewers. Hoda weighs 158 lbs. And Jenna weighs 171 lbs. Jenna said the endure brought ago some body photo issues, especially since this is the many she has ever weighed. However, she just had her third child in August and hasn’t weighed herself because college!

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Jenna and also Hoda weighed themselves on live TV

Hoda Kotb and also Jenna bush Hager / Facebook

The ladies hope come share these life lessons through their kids

Jenna also said, “We teach our girls the they’re for this reason much much more than the way we look.

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The they’re brilliant and interesting and also funny and also smart and caring and compassionate and also that there’s for this reason much more in life than a number top top the scale.”

She continued, “I thought I sweet what ns weighed in ~ the end of college, and what i realized is since then, I’ve had three babies, ns am 20 years older — I’m never going to sweet that again, and also that’s okay. Life is so much more beautiful since of it.”