There was a little bit of a mix-up as the Buccaneers play the bear on Sunday, together Mike Evans provided Tom Brady’s 600th TD ball away, but are NFL football player fined for providing the ball away?

Brady makes background with 600th TD

There’s not much Tom Brady hasn’t accomplished in the NFL.

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Indeed, heading right into the Bucs video game on Sunday against the Bears, the quarter-back to be on 598 TD because that his career.

He quickly threw number #599 to chris Godwin, before following the up with the magic 600.

However, Evans to be not mindful of the NFL history Brady had actually just made.

He offered the round to a fan in the stands, who was attract a replica Evans jersey.

Bucs staff quickly worked to gain the ball ago from the fan, recognising the importance of it come Brady and the NFL.

They succeeded, however it left part fans wondering whether Evans would be fined for offering the round away.

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Let’s take a look and see if there is any truth come the rumours that NFL players space fined for giving the ball to fans.

Mike Evans accidently provided Tom Brady"s 600 TD game ball come a fan and also they functioned the whole break to shot to get it ago from the fan.Tony Romo argued they"ll offer the pan a date with Gisele