Everyone loves a great convertible. The stylish look and also the wind on your face; those there not to love? If you very own an larger convertible, odds are the convertible top has actually taken part wear and also tear end the years.

Like any kind of car part, at some point the convertible top demands to it is in repaired or replaced. And the very first thing any car owner asks once it pertains to repairs is: exactly how much is it going to price me?

Overall, you have the right to expect come pay approximately $500 on typical to replace a convertible top. Prices because that convertible top replacement range from $200 for a low-end car to $1,000+ for deluxe brands or standard vehicles.

Like any kind of kind of vehicle repair, the exact price depends heavily on the age of your car and also your location. 

Convertibles are great cars and owners desire to save theirs in functioning condition. Therefore we placed together this guide on the expenses of replacing a convertible top. We will discuss costs for various models and administer some examples. 

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OEM vs Aftermarket Parts

Just like various other parts, you deserve to choose in between OEM or aftermarket replacement tops. OEM parts are do by the original equipment manufacturer so they room designed particularly for specific models of cars in mind.

Aftermarket components are do by a third-party company, mainly without the original manufacturer’s supervision. 

OEM components are usually greater quality products, yet they are minimal design options and they have the right to be significantly more expensive 보다 aftermarket parts.

Aftermarket components are comparatively cheaper yet they room not together high quality. If you gain an OEM top, girlfriend will finish up paying an ext money however the product will most likely last longer. 

Is replacing a Convertible peak Cost-Efficient?

There are a couple of factors to change a convertible top. First, girlfriend can obtain a couple of more year of life the end of the car by replacing the top. Second, you have the right to up the resale value of your automobile if you want to refurbish one and also sell it. 

Much that the variance of expense for her convertible height replacement will be labor and also mechanic costs. If girlfriend can acquire your roof repaired because that under $1,000, then we would certainly say that the expense is precious it.

Even a auto that is only worth $3,500 can advantage from up to $1,000 in repairs before it is no much longer cost-effective. 

Factors that affect Convertible height Replacement

Make/Model. Most obviously, the make and also model that your automobile will impact the price. Reduced end customer vehicles will be much less expensive to repair while higher end models will be much more expensive come replace. Materials. You have the right to choose in between hardtop or soft-top convertible hoods. Difficult tops will cost significantly an ext to replace while cloth tops space comparatively less expensive. Within cloth tops, part fabrics room much much less expensive than others. Most cloth convertible tops room made indigenous an acrylic or polyester material. Car age. If you have a discontinued model, it might be more expensive to find the essential parts to change the roof. Repair vs replace. All other things gift equal, it will expense less to repair her convertible quite than change it. Related repairs. Like most auto issues, convertible top problems rarely present alone. Because that example, your mechanic will likely recommend you likewise replace your roof motor when you replace your convertible top. 

Tips top top Replacing her Convertible Top

Don’t be fear to try different products for your top. Modern convertible tops room made from lightweight, weather-resistant synthetics that room cheap to make and maintain. Canvas and rubber room two typical materials the make a an excellent rain-proof convertible top. There are numerous online outlets that target budget plan convertible peak replacements. Inspect out Tops digital or Auto Tops straight to find good deals on aftermarket convertible tops. If you want to save also more, friend can constantly go for used auto parts. Make certain that girlfriend buy supplied parts indigenous a reputable vendor that provides a warranty. 

Frequently inquiry Questions 

Can you change a convertible top?

Yes, you can replace both soft and hard height convertible cars. Damages from weather or falling objects can require girlfriend to acquire your car fixed. 

How much does it price to replace a convertible top?

You deserve to expect to salary an mean of $500 to replace a convertible top. Hardtop convertibles will cost more to change than soft height convertibles. Instead of the convertible peak of a luxury brand automobile could cost over $1,000. 

Are hardtop convertibles much more expensive?

Yes, it is commonly much more expensive to replace a convertible hardtop. The low end for hardtop convertibles starts at roughly $1,500, compared to $300 for soft optimal convertibles. 

How frequently do I have to replace mine convertible top?

Assuming you on regular basis clean and also detail it, a mid-grade fabric convertible should last anywhere between 5 to 7 years. Hardtop convertibles deserve to last the entire life of the vehicle if appropriately maintained. 

How lengthy does it take it to change my convertible top?

It takes an mean of 5 hours to completely replace a convertible top with a brand-new model. 

Is instead of a convertible top worth it?

Yes, depending on the make and model of her car, instead of a convertible is an economical and also affordable choice that can breathe new life into your car. So if your convertible room is damaged, don’t create it off simply yet. 

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Convertibles are great cars complete of style and substance. But over time, friend will require to obtain your convertible roof replaced.

Make certain to shop roughly to find an excellent deals on components so you deserve to replace your convertible peak in the most cost-effective means possible.

If you room lucky, then you will only need repairs.

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Yet if you need to acquire the totality thing replaced, you deserve to do therefore for approximately $500.