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Facts the Jim Cantore

Jim Cantore
February 16, 1964
57 years
Meteorologist, Journalist
United States
5 feet 7 inches (1.70m)
Tamra Cantor$3.5 million
$65 thousandDark BrownBeacon Falls, Connecticut,SingleAmericanWhiteLyndon State CollegeJames Cantore Vinnie CantoreChristina Cantore, Ben Cantore Jim Cantore Instagram View an ext / View much less Facts that Jim Cantore


A considered journalist and meteorologist, Jim Cantore is finest known as an on-air personality for The Weather Channel. That is well-known for his extraordinary works in live coverage such as Hurricanes Ike, Gustav, Katrina, Isabel, Rita, and much more.

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Early job of Meteorologist-Jim Cantore

On February 16, 1964, Jim Cantore was born to parents James Cantore (father) in Beacon Falls, Connecticut, the U.S. His surname is pronounced together Can-Tour-E and grew up in White flow Junction, Vermont. His birth sign is Aquarius.

Caption: Jim Cantore through his brother in his childhood photo (Photo: Instagram)

Jim is American by his nationality and belongs come a white ethnical background. The grew together with his sibling brother Vinnie Cantore and two sisters. But his two sisters’ details are a mystery. They both spent their at an early stage life in the White river Junction i m sorry is in Vermont. Indigenous his childhood, he to be interested in the journalism sector. His elevation is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Graduation in 1986

To accomplish his dream of coming to be a meteorologist, he attended lyndon State university after perfect his high institution education. He perfect his graduation (B.S.) in Meteorology from over there in the year 1986. After graduation, he obtained his an initial job together an intern top top the Weather Channel as the weather forecaster in the very same year.

Caption: Jim Cantore picture of his graduation day with his friends (Photo: Instagram)

During his college days, his friends used to call him Rocky due to the fact that of his looks. He stands together a Hurricane Hunter because of his breakthrough report of natural disasters like hurricanes and also tornados happening in the united States.

What is the network Worth & value of Jim Cantore?

American journalist and also meteorologist, Jim Cantore has actually an estimated net precious of approximately $4.5 million. In the year 2011, he to be applauded for his brilliant work and campaigns transparent the nation at the moment of the Katrina Hurricane.

Jim must have earned a decent amount of value from the famous Weather Channel. The approximated salary because that Jim is about $65 thousand. But the median salary that The Weather Channel meteorologist is roughly $60,177 yearly according come Paysa.com.

Caption: Jim Cantore stand in prior of the vehicle (Photo: corvetteblogger)

Also, Jim is regarded as among the successes in his professional career which returns him kind worth. His median salary is near around $200 thousand earning from sponsorships and also another endorsement/appearances deals. Also, he enjoyed involving charity organizations and social works.

Is Jim Cantore tho Married v His Wife?

Currently, Jim Cantore’s marital condition is unmarried. Previously, he was married to his mam Tamra Cantor. The pair was in a long-term marital relationship.

From 1990 to 2007, Jim to be married to his mam Cantore. The former pair lived together for 17 year together dealing with life’s ups & downs.

Caption: Jim Cantore v his co-worker (Photo: Instagram)

The couple met for the first time at TWC a project place. Climate the pair occurred their relationship and also got married. After having actually affairs with Tamra for a couple of years, the pair got married.

From their relationship, Jim v his mam welcomed 2 children. The couple was blessed through a daughter Christina Cantore as their an initial child born in 1993.

Then his mam Tamra offered birth come a child Ben Cantore as their 2nd child born in 1995. The main reason of your divorce was his mam Tamra was diagnosed v Parkinson’s Disease. Similarly, their children have breakable X syndrome transmitted by their mother.

Caption: Jim Cantore v his daughter and son (Photo: Instagram)

After that, their happily married life began to adjust & deteriorating. Soon, the couple reached the decision come quit their partnership separated in 2007.

The couple’s divorce was finalized in the year 2009. There are rumors concerning his sex-related orientation because the time of his divorce. Many human being speculate Jim to it is in gay but Jim has not talked about his sexuality yet.

Prestigious NOAA award Winner Metrologist

The on-camera Metrologist, Cantore is just one of the top weather reporters the America extending such disastrous weather casualties. Because of his coverage of 5 hurricanes like Andrews he rose to fame. In his career, he has actually reported destructive weather occasions like Gustav, Isabel, Floyd, Rita, Mitch, Bonnie, Sandy, Irene, and many more.

Caption: Jim Cantore act reporting through his team (Photo: Instagram)

Talking about some the the achievements, Cantore has obtained a chance in reporting the Winter X Games and also PGA tournaments. The is a component of the many promising launch of space Shuttle Discovery. He has been forgive the call NOAA in 2002.

Caption: Jim Cantore having actually fun with the team (Photo: Instagram)

In the AMS television Seal of Approval, his name has likewise been bestowed. The is a member that the nationwide Weather Association. Because of his consistent support and contribution in the field of landscapes, weather report he also got the membership in American Meteorological culture membership.

Where is Jim Cantore Right currently 2020?

Cantore’s recent reporting top top Hurricane Florence acquired a lot of traction indigenous media outlets as well as people online. Currently, Jim is situated at the coastline of phibìc Carolina, with a crowd that looked worried to sweet in ~ above the unavoidable hurricane.

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How did Jim Cantore come into the Limelight?

Jim Cantore gained an ext popularity once his viral video clip clips came out.Jim walk a live on-area report in ~ the university of Charleston in Charleston, south Carolina ~ above January 28, 2014.He to be charged by Colin Marcelli and kneed Marcelli in the crotch.He retained running & his video clip went viral as soon as he uploaded that video clip on Youtube.This video clip has more than 2 Million views on YouTube. Also, the came into the limelight while spanning the landfall that Hurricane Michael in Panama City Beach, Florida.He needs to rapidly protect against a flying little bit of timber while walking live ~ above October 10, 2018.This video clip was seen on Twitter in overabundance of 500,000 in the hour ~ its event.