Paris Hilton fast Info
Height5 ft 8 in
Weight55 kg
Date the BirthFebruary 17, 1981
Zodiac SignAquarius
BoyfriendCarter Reum

Paris Whitney Hilton is among Hollywood’s most celebrated figures and also an significant American media personality. She was born in new York City and also is a great-granddaughter the Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels. Hilton began her modeling career as a teenager through Trump version Management. In 2006, she developed a multi-billion-dollar agency named ‘Paris Hilton Entertainment’ that is inclusive of an ext than 50 branded shop spread throughout the center East, Asia, and also the rest of the world.

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Hilton has her very own lines of handbags, sunglasses, shoes, clothing, and also cosmetic collections. She popularity took one more leap in 2003 when she starred through Nicole Richie in the Fox reality series The straightforward Life. In 2004, she exit an autobiography Confessions of one Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic peek Behind the Pose, which to be co-written by Merle Ginsberg.

Born Name

Paris Whitney Hilton

Nick Name

Star, Princess, Paris the Heiress

Paris Hilton in saree (Indian tradition)

Paris Hilton Facts

Paris Hilton has various pets, all dogs, namely, Dolce (Pomeranian), Bambi (Chihuahua), Tinkerbell, and also Marilyn Monroe.Paris Hilton has 1 sister Nicky Hilton and also 2 brothers Conrad Hilton and Barron Hilton.Paris Hilton’s paternal great-grandfather – Conrad Hilton established Hilton Hotels.During the shoot of the movie “House of Wax”, Paris Hilton suffered a scare attack.Hilton started the record label “Heiress Records” in 2004.Paris can’t withstand herself indigenous McDonald’s French Fries.Paris winner Golden Raspberry Award as Worst Actress that the decade for her occupational in the movie “House the Wax” in 2010.Her shoe size is 11, which many brands don’t make. So, she shoes are specially do on order because that her.She to be a cheerleader in high school.She has obtained popularity not because of her talent rather because she belonged to a wealthy and also high-class culture and to be a consistent visitor of society parties, i beg your pardon is unlike various other celebs.In 2020, it to be revealed the she has a room dedicated to she juicy couture clothing.In she documentary titled This Is Paris (2020), she spoke around the abuse the she endured at a boarding college in Utah. Later in February 2021, she appeared in court in Utah come testify about the abuse.In September 2006, Paris was arrested through the Los Angeles Police Department for “driving under the affect of alcohol” and also was again quit for driving through a suspended patent in February 2007. Later, she was sentenced come 45 job in jail because that the probation violation.

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She began her jail ax on June 5, 2007, and also was exit on June 26, 2007.In participation with iHeartMedia, top top February 22, 2021, she began her very own podcast titled This Is Paris.In April 2021, Paris released her very own non-fungible token (NFT) i m sorry she sold for end $1.11 million. She launched the NFT in collaboration with designer Blake Kathryn.In respectable 2021, Paris and Carter Reum to buy a 2,968 square feet beach house in Malibu because that $8.4 million.