What is line Eyes or snake bite tongue Piercing?

Snake eye or snake bite tongue Piercing is inserted horizontally ~ above both sides of the tongue symmetrical to every other and also is a Horizontal tongue piercing. Snake eyes piercing is also popular as Venom piercing, line tongue piercing, line bite tongue piercing, twin tongue piercing or surface ar tongue piercing the same, similar thing the line eyes. Though it is not really common among people yet, plenty of are now coming to be fans of this unique form.

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If the horizontal piercing is done close to the reminder of the tongue, the is typically referred to as reminder of Tongue Piercing. The tongue i m sorry is fairly flexible looks favor the hood that a snake v the piercings on either side. Rather of one jewelry together in Tongue piercing, girlfriend will have two small barbells ~ above both political parties of the tongue placed horizontally. Castle look both scary and catchy at the same time. Snake eyes piercing will certainly portray the watch of gleaming eye of a snake.

Horizontal Tongue Piercing

Procedure For line Eyes Piercing

The piercer might ask girlfriend to go for a solitary hole in ~ a time. Together a rest will assist in heal the an initial hole before going for the 2nd one. The gap will help in reducing the opportunities of infection.

Rinse her mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash. After ~ this, the piercer will note the piercing spots.He/she will then clamp the tongue to keep its shape.With a hollow needle, the piercer will certainly pierce a feet in the flesh.He/she will carefully insert the jewelry after that.
Horizontal surface Tongue Piercing
Vertical Tongue Piercing Pictures

Snake eye Tongue Piercing: Pain

The ache if measured will acquire a rating the 4 or 5 native 10. It doesn’t pain a lot throughout piercing initially, but its aftermath is fairly painstaking. The tongue may come to be sore and swollen and also hurt later on. To reduce the pain, placed an ice cube or soak a cotton bulb in cold water i beg your pardon will reduce the swelling and also redness the the tongue.

Healing Time the Horizontal Tongue Piercing 

Horizontal tongue piercing or the line piercing perform not take lot time to cure. Usually, the takes 5 come 8 main in healing, however that also depends top top the aftercare measures.

Don’tsDo no play v or remove your item of jewelry as it may clog the hole.Do no take warm drinks like tea and also coffee initially for a fewAvoid spicy and also sticky food. Taking a fluid diet will certainly be preferable.Do not use a tongue cleaner for a few

Horizontal Tongue Piercing pictures

Snake Eye Piercing
Snake eyes Tongue Piercing

Cleaning methods and also Hygiene tips because that Side tongue piercing

Rinse and also clean your mouth every time ~ eating utilizing an anti-bacterial and non-alcoholic mouthwash obtainable at a clinical store. A homemade equipment is also useful.

Pour a quarter spoon that salt in a glass of lukewarm water. Make sure the water is clean or boiled prior to use. Use this liquid throughout the whole healing process. Cleanse her mouth double or thrice daily using this solution.

Snake eyes Piercing Jewelry
Snake eyes Piercing

Nerve damage

In case the piercing is not done correctly, that can cause nerve damage. Over there is a bunch of nerve endings on the tongue which impairs your tasting capacity and speech. If these nerves are damaged, climate it can reason numbness and challenge in speaking.


While eat food, you must be careful. If the jewelry is loosened and comes out of its place, there are opportunities of swallowing it while eating or sleeping.

Snake eyes Tongue Piercing


The most far-reaching risk is that of contagion. Below are some indications that suggest infection.

Excessive swellingRedness and tongue discoloration.Pus dischargeExcessive pain

Do no panic in this situation, every you have to do is top your medical professional if these symptoms occur. Follow his prescription and also instructions.

Snake eye Tongue Piercing: Jewelry

The finest jewelry alternative is barbells likewise famous together snake eye tongue rings or snake eyes piercing tongue rings. Lock are easily accessible in many colors. Remember the an option of metal should be such that it is non-allergic and non-reactive and also not harmful. Girlfriend can pick titanium, surgical steel apart from gold and silver.

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Cool tongue rings
Glow in the dark tongue rings
Unique Tongue rings or Plastic tongue rings

Cost of snake eyes piercing

Snake eye piercing can cost anywhere between $40 come $100. The prices may vary with the selection of jewelry and also piercing parlor.