Imagine a whole channel specialized to weather. Sounds boring right? Wrong! At the very least that’s not the situation when Stephanie Abrams is reporting. She is a meteorologist through a remarkable career. Like many stars, she had to begin from the bottom. Us are below to take you v her life journey, highlighting part facts like her age and married life v her husband. However first, let’s have actually a look at Stephanie Abrams network worth and also summary.

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Weather channel Stephanie Abrams net Worth, Salary

Unless you desire to know about the day’s weather forecast, you have probably bring away one look in ~ the weather guy and switched to another channel. All the when not learning that castle make lots of money off their financially rewarding jobs

The hard-working Stephanie Abrams has actually a network worth that $7 million. This number doesn’t just come from analysis the weather report script. Instead, she analyses oversee and calculate the variables gift to she to figure out the weather fads correctly. After all, she has two levels in her field. Much more on the later.


Stephanie Abrams network worth is $7 million

The Meteorologist earns a six-figure salary. Come be more precise, its around estimated to fall close come $175,000. For this reason the following time you have actually the remote in her hands, you can want to take it a keen attention in the Weather report.

Stephanie Abrams Married to a husband?

A tiny lightning and thunder in the rain never harmed anyone. Couples have actually their fights all the time, marriages fail, and also divorces follow. One thing that remains strong is the heart. Abrams was once married to among her co-workers called Mike Bettes. In fact, they had actually their display called Abrams and Bettes beyond the Forecast. It’s how they met, fell in love and got married.

However, her connection didn’t just have thunder and also lighting. It had actually hail, blizzards; you name it: that shook the main point of her marriage. As soon as they both couldn’t manage it anymore, they support agreed top top a divorce through no hard feelings.


Stephanie Abrams with her ex-husband Mike Bettes

To reiterate this, Mike relocated with another weather girl and also even had actually a baby v her. Abrams congratulated that and likewise uploaded the baby on her social media feed. Speaking of society media, the TV star uploaded a picture of she engagement with her an enig man on her Instagram in 2017. It come as a shock come Stephanie Abrams’ fans because no one knew she was dating.

How old is Stephanie Abrams? Her period birthdate.

The voluptuous TV organize was born top top October 27th,1978. She is currently 39 years of age and cannot wait come celebrate her 40th birthday come October this year. The TV star looks quite young for her age. She Zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Career info

Even though smartphones recently come completely optimized with weather updates, they aren’t as accurate as as soon as she forecast the weather. This is why. The TV star holds a seal that approval native the American Meteorological Society.

After she graduation, she acquired her an initial gig working one of ABC’s affiliated stations called WTXL-TV. The job introduced her career into stardom plunging her right into work v The Weather Channel in 2003. Small by little, the reporter turned into co-hosting and later weather anchoring in Weekend now in 2012.


Some the the bits she showed up in encompass her show, Weekend View, co-hosting Abrams and also Bettes: beyond the Forecast, and also Weather Center. Others include Wake Up through Al and also Morning Rush. She right now co-hosts America’s Morning Headquarters. The weather girl has likewise appeared in movies such together Sharknado 2: The second One where she play herself.

The gorgeous meteorologist is a Wellington, Florida local. She to be born and also raised over there while attending forest Hill ar High school where she was a cheerleader. Behind her beauty is her brain. She holds 2 Bachelor degrees. One indigenous the college of Florida, Gainesville whereby she specialty in B.Sc in Geography and also Mathematics. The other is in Meteorology indigenous the Florida State University.


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The Weather Channel might not be as action-packed as the remainder of the networks on your TV. However, is absolutely worth watching especially when Stephanie Abrams division it under for you. She’s a hard-working meteorologist who has actually garnered much fortune and net worth end the years. Let’s hope her mystery boyfriend will certainly turn right into her husband prior to she turns 40 years of period come October.