From eating favor a werewolf to training choose an animal, uncover out just how Taylor Lautner"s practice routine and diet constructed lean muscle because that his Twilight role.


The young stars the the "Twilight" saga all follow their own distinctive celebrity diet plans. Yet no various other star that the famed film franchise forced a significant diet than Taylor Lautner.

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Transforming into a werewolf off-screen meant the right combination of diet and also intense practice routine get a muscular, toned physique. Find out how the Twilight star obtained weight to look the part.

Taylor Lautner Diet and Workout Routine

To play the part of werewolf Jacob Black, the star adopted a for free diet and also an intense workout schedule. Taylor Lautner's workout regime was an intense and also diet rather liberal.

Eating prefer a Werewolf

Needing to gain at least 30 pounds that muscle in one year, an appetite the a werewolf was required. Because while the average human usually eats in between 1,200 come 1,500 calories every day on a diet, Lautner consumed virtually 3,000!

For Taylor Lautner's weight acquire to be healthy, the actor necessary to for sure calories come from top quality food sources. Meal timing was also useful come optimize training and also recovery that workouts. Right here is what a common day may look prefer for Taylor:

• Breakfast: To start out the day, Taylor ate a breakfast of greatly protein and also carbohydrates. The actor often took pleasure in 4 egg white omelets and also two servings of toast. A glass pomegranate juice or hot green tea tended to companion the morning meal.

• Lunch: for his celebrity diet at lunchtime, the actor usually focused on taking in an ext lean protein. One fifty percent of a rotisserie chicken was one of the star's favorites, linked with a hearty help of rice pilaf. Taylor topped off this meal with a offer of green beans, together a offer of butternut squash.

• Dinner: because that dinner, the gibbs ate cooking salmon v a next of sweet potato. To add much more fiber, Taylor ate this meal through a next of combined veggies cooked in one tablespoon that olive oil.

• Post-Workout Meal: If functioning on structure muscle, the extra calories can be obtained by including an extra day-to-day meal. And after a rigorous workout, Lautner would frequently eat a meal like mac and also cheese because that a combo that protein and carb. Protein shakes were additionally helpful and convenient.

Training like an Animal

Diet is vital to prosper muscle mass, but so is putting the time in the gym. (And load training and also like one animal!)

Fortunately, though, "The Twilight Saga: new Moon" star currently had a strong foundation in physics fitness. In fact, he was energetic in martial arts and competed in ~ the national level because that karate. He additionally played baseball and danced in a hip-hip class in high school.

But in order to buff up, his workout routine constantly differed to promote regular muscle growth. And for Taylor Lautner's fat obtain to it is in minimal, and mostly skinny muscle, the actor used cardio routines. The program contained intense bouts of cardio and exercises indigenous the P90X program.

Consulting v the Professionals

All-in-all, consult with the experts for safe and also effective load loss or gain. This may encompass a doctor, dietitian, and personal trainer. Making use of a enjoy the meal delivery business can additionally be that benefit.

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With meals native, accomplish the results constantly dreamt of without planning meals, counting calories, or cleaning up afterward. Truly, shedding weight and getting healthy has never been so easy or tasted so good!