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In this particular case, i am talking about very flexible human. In my story, this human records another"s head v his legs and also manages come snap his neck. I recognize a human being can"t just snap another"s neck (They don"t have enough strength), but could that be done if the attacker to be able come pinch their opponent"s neck (to weaken it), and also then twist and snap it?



It is possible in theory, however not the way it is displayed in the movies. An initial of all, the human being neck is both strong and flexible, and also unless the person is take away unaware (like in a vehicle accident), will instantly tense up in an answer to pressure, making it also stronger. Second, even if you could muster sufficient strength to rest a neck, unless the remainder of the body was restrained you would certainly just end up twisting their whole body around.

The only method to pull off a snapping someones neck realistically is by getting the victim in a full-body hold, climate stretching and twisting the neck until it breaks. You"d have to be very strong to carry out it though; flexibility alone isn"t going to be enough to snap it.

It may, however, be possible to rest someone"s neck with an affect instead of a twist. A strong punch or absent may create enough force, yet only if the body was restrained somehow, so no really useful in a fight. It may be feasible to obtain them in a hold and then litter yourself and them ~ above the floor with enough force to twist their neck to the breaking point, but this would certainly involve much more luck 보다 anything. This might be the ideal option to use in a story despite - this provides it usually a issue of luck.

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It won"t it is in an instant-kill in any kind of matter; also if you completely paralyze the human from the neck down they"ll still it is in alive till they suffocate. An ext likely than no they won"t be fully paralyzed and you"ll instead be left v a paraplegic who is perfectly capable of talk (or screaming). Think about the possible results neck injuries native a automobile accident. Those space basically the outcomes you"ll gain from do the efforts to do this if friend dont immediate kill them.(You Won"t So you re welcome Don"t effort This)

All in all, this isn"t a very effective killing maneuver, even with brute force and extreme flexibility.