Feb. 15, 2007 -- Pregnant women that limit your fish intake to recommended government levels might be doing your unborn babies an ext harm 보다 good, follow to a examine from the nationwide Institutes the Health.

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Researchers uncovered that women that ate less than 12 ounces the fish or other seafood a main while pregnant were more likely to have children with verbal and other developmental delays than women who ate much more than 12 ounces every week.

The findings challenge guidelines from the FDA that advise pregnant ladies to limit their weekly seafood consumption to 12 ounces, or around two mean meals.

The FDA advisory stemmed from concerns that eating much more fish can impair brain development by exposing occurring fetuses come dangerously high level of mercury.

But seafood is likewise a major dietary resource of omega-3 fatty acids, i beg your pardon are an essential for mind development.

The brand-new findings suggest that, for emerging brains, the risks of limiting seafood consumption outweigh the services of such a limit, the NIH"s Joseph R. Hibbeln, MD, tells smashville247.net.

"Regrettably, these data indicate that the advisory apparently reasons the harm that it to be intended to prevent, specifically with regard to verbal development," Hibbeln says.

Limiting Fish no Beneficial

Hibbeln analyzed data collected on close come 12,000 pregnant ladies in Britain who participated in one of the largest and most substantial pregnancy outcome studies ever conducted.

When they were 32 main pregnant, the ladies were inquiry to to fill out in-depth questionnaires ~ above the foodstuffs they ate during pregnancy.

The British researchers tracked the developmental progress of the kids born come the women through age 8, utilizing standardized IQ and also other tests.

Twelve percent that the women in the research reported eating no seafood throughout pregnancy, if 65% report eating approximately 12 ounces that seafood a week, and 23% reported eating more than 12 ounces weekly.

After adjusting for 28 different potential risk determinants for delayed development, Hibbeln and also colleagues finish that children born to women who ate 12 ounces or less were at enhanced risk because that low linguistic IQ and also other developmental problems, contrasted with those that ate an ext than 12 ounces a week.

They likewise concluded the eating much more than 12 ounces the fish a week during pregnancy "benefited a child"s neurodevelopment" -- or brain development.

"We go not discover compliance with the advisory to be of any benefit," Hibbeln says.

"In contrast, we discovered that compliance v the advisory was linked with harm, particularly with regard to verbal development," the says.

What need to Pregnant females Do?

Hibbeln stopped short of saying that pregnant females should overlook the FDA-EPA guidelines, or the the federal agencies should readjust their recommendations.

"It is not the duty of the NIH to recommend anyone to revisit your recommendations," the says.

But, that adds, "There are plenty of bright scientists and competent administrators in ~ the FDA and also EPA who might wish come evaluate these data."

While that may take place in the future, a spokesman because that the FDA tells smashville247.net the agency has no plans to adjust the recommendations.

The FDA-EPA advisory cautions pregnant women not to eat shark, swordfish, king mackerel, or tilefish. These room the fish more likely to have high mercury levels.

Commonly eaten fish short in mercury can be consumed up to 12 ounces a week and also include shrimp, salmon, canned light tuna, and also catfish. Albacore tuna intake should be limited to no an ext than 6 ounces a week because it contains much more mercury 보다 canned light tuna.

In one editorial accompanying the study, Gary J. Myers, MD, argues there is little science to ago up the FDA"s referral to border seafood intake while pregnant.

The college of Rochester professor the neurology speak smashville247.net policymakers should not narrowly emphasis on just one thing as soon as they make health and wellness recommendations.

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"You have to take a holistic method when it involves the wellness and development of children," the says. "That means considering the things that improve health and the things that could theoretically it is in detrimental.

"It is very clear the omega-3 fat acids are an extremely important for brain development," claims Myers. "It is much less clear that mercury in ~ the level you obtain from eating fish poses a risk."