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We gain commissions for purchases made from our affiliates through web links in this article. Learn More.

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Last updated On: September 15, 2021

We get commissions because that purchases made from ours affiliates through links in this article. Discover More.

Bottom heat Recommendation

18K gold is one of the ideal choices for an engagement ring, wedding band or other piece of good jewelry. Due to the fact that of that is 75% gold content, 18K gold has a richer, warmer color than 10K and also 14K gold, making the a great choice if you desire your setup to have actually a rich, impressive shade tone. 

Although 18K gold is an ext expensive 보다 14K gold, that still fairly priced and offers an excellent value because that money. In general, 18K is the highest gold purity level that still remains resilient enough for day-to-day wear, do this the choice to go for if you want a pure, durable ring. 

Looking for an 18K gold engagement ring? consider a stunning 18K yellow yellow petite pavé ring like this one from James Allen or a beautiful 18K white yellow solitaire setup like this one from James Allen. For personalized help, call our experts and also we’ll assist you uncover the ideal ring or various other jewelry for her tastes and budget. 

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What is 18K Gold? 

Gold is among the most malleable metals, making that a popular selection for fine jewelry dating earlier as far as 4,000 B.C. 

All gold supplied in jewel is categorized utilizing the karat system. Unlike carats, which room a unit for measuring the load of a diamond or various other gemstone, the karat system measures the purity that gold. 

The pure gold is rated 24K, meaning that 24 the end of 24 parts are pure gold. 18K gold is, as you have actually probably already worked out, a type of yellow that’s 18 parts gold combined with six parts other materials.

In that is pure form, gold is incredibly soft. This renders it easy to scratch, which is obviously a vast disadvantage for a item of well jewelry. Pure 24K gold is additionally easy to bend and warp, making the a poor choice for engagement rings, wedding bands and also items pieces that room worn daily. 

There’s likewise the color factor. Pure 24K yellow is very bright and also orange, offering it a shade that, to most people, is too bright because that an engagement ring or other jewelry. 

As we extended above, 18K yellow is a type of yellow that’s consisted of of 18 parts, or 75%, pure gold, mixed with other metals. The other six components of 18K yellow consist of sturdy metals such together zinc, nickel, copper and also rhodium. 

These alloy metals add to 18K gold’s strength, making it more challenging to scratch, bend, warp or damages than pure gold.

18K gold is among the most popular varieties of gold provided to develop engagement rings, wedding bands and other deluxe jewelry. It uses the highest level of yellow purity that’s still valuable for day-to-day wear. 

Beyond engagement rings and also wedding bands, 18K gold is additionally extensively provided in various other high-quality products. Because that example, luxury watchmakers such together Rolex and also Patek Philippe make considerable use the 18K yellow in your dress timepieces. 


As we discussed above, 18K yellow is comprised of 18 components pure gold, mixed with six components other metals such together zinc, nickel, silver and also copper. Some types of 18K gold are also plated utilizing a metal called rhodium, a corrosion-resistant aspect that protects the yellow from wear. 

18K gold is 75% pure gold. In comparison, 14K yellow — another popular form of gold that’s widely supplied for jewelry — is 58.3% gold. 10K gold, i m sorry is typically the least pure, the very least expensive and also most durable type of gold used in jewelry, is just 41.7% pure gold. 

We’ve defined how these purity differences impact the appearance, durability and value of yellow in an ext detail in ours 10K, 14K, 18K and 24K gold comparison. 


As with other varieties of gold, 18 karat gold is produced in three various colors: white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Each color has a various chemical composition, with different metals offered in different quantities to give each color its distinct appearance.

There’s no optimal shade for 18K gold, meaning you should choose the shade that you think looks the best for friend or her fiancé-to-be. To assist you do the best decision, we’ve provided several the the main benefits and defect of each 18K gold color below.

18K White Gold

This dual row diamond ring is the perfect gift for an anniversary.

18K white yellow is made using a mix of pure 24K gold with other steels such together silver, nickel and palladium. A rhodium coating is used to many 18K white yellow to safeguard it indigenous corrosion and improve that durability.

Since white yellow is one alloy of pure gold and other metals, there’s no such point as “pure” white gold. All white gold, regardless of that karat number, is one alloy.

Advantages that 18K white gold:

Currently, white gold is a much more popular metal for engagement rings and other jewelry 보다 yellow gold.White yellow is much more affordable than various other white metals such together platinum. The silver, nickel and palladium supplied to create 18K white gold space stronger than the steels used for 18K yellow or increased gold, make this fairly a durable, scratch-resistant type of gold, particularly when it’s rhodium coated. Due to the fact that white gold has a neutral color, that complements white smashville247.net without offering them a yellow-looking appearance. 18K white yellow looks particularly an excellent on world with rose or fair skin tones. 

Disadvantages the 18K white gold:

The rhodium plating used on 18K white yellow wears off over time, definition it demands to be preserved to watch its best. If you opt because that a white yellow ring, you’ll require to have actually it “dipped” every couple of years to retain its color, luster and corrosion resistance.Most white yellow alloys save nickel, i m sorry can cause allergic reactions together as contact dermatitis in part people. If friend or her fiancé-to-be have a nickel allergy, you’ll require to inspect that the white gold supplied in her ring is mixed with alloys various other than nickel.

18K Yellow Gold

These beautiful rings space a perfect example of how a wedding set in 18K Yellow Gold have the right to be elegant and also timeless.

18K yellow gold is made making use of a blend of pure 24K gold and also other metals such together copper and silver. Most varieties of 18K yellow gold room made from 75% pure gold mixed with 12.5% copper and 12.5% good silver. 

Some darker sports of yellow gold space made v a 15% copper content, v silver diminished to 10% that the alloy. 18K yellow gold is just one of the most common metals used for rings and also other species of fine jewelry. 

Advantages the 18K yellow gold:

18K gold has actually the purest gold shade of every one of the gold types, making it a great option if you want a much more classic, conventional color for you or your fiancé-to-be’s engagement ring.Because 18K gold has a high purity level, this pure gold shade is rich, warm and easy come appreciate, without the slightly dull figure of 14K or 10K gold. Traditionally, yellow gold has actually been the many popular selection for engagement rings and also wedding bands. Due to the fact that of its traditional appearance, 18K yellow gold looks terrific for vintage layout settings. 18K yellow gold don’t require much maintenance with time to maintain its color and luster, make is a an excellent option if you want a ring that’s straightforward to treatment for.Since this type of gold doesn’t have a rhodium coating, it’s an extremely malleable and also easy for jewelers to manipulate.Yellow yellow complements olive and darker skin tones particularly well, making it a great choice if you or her fiancé-to-be have this kind of skin tone. Many thanks to its warm gold color, yellow yellow matches quickly with smashville247.net of a low shade grade and also can aid to hide a yellow shade tone in a diamond. 

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Disadvantages of 18K yellow gold:

Although yellow gold doesn’t need to be dipped in rhodium choose white gold, the does must be polished and also cleaned every now and then to preserve its appearance.While it’s more durable 보다 pure gold, 18K yellow yellow is still a fairly easy steel to dent or scratch. Together such, you or your fiancé-to-be will have to be cautious not come brush the ring against other surfaces. 

18K climbed Gold

Simple, yet elegant. 18K climbed Gold is a an excellent choice because that a tasteful wedding band.

18K rose gold is made utilizing a blend of pure 24K gold and also copper. “Rose gold” refers to all red, rose and pink shades that gold. The specific color of climbed gold have the right to vary based upon the amount of copper in the alloy — the more copper, the more powerful the red color of the gold.

Most of the time, 18K climbed gold consists of 75% gold, 22.25% copper and 2.75% silver. 18K red gold doesn’t contain any type of silver and also instead is composed of 75% gold and 25% copper. Pink gold has actually a greater silver content, giving it a lighter tone and also a less pronounced red color. 

Like white gold, yes sir no “pure” increased gold. This kind of gold is always an alloy, with the certain color varying based on the ratio of copper come silver. 

Advantages that 18K rose gold:

Rose gold is a stylish, popular an option for both men’s and also women’s jewelry. That widely thought about to be a romantic metal due to its warm, pinkish-red hue.As 18K gold has actually a high purity level, the warm pinkish-red shade of rose gold stands out clearly in 18K, particularly compared to 14K and 10K gold. Since copper is a relatively inexpensive alloy, climbed gold is usually much more affordable than white gold, yellow gold and other metals. Rose gold is tougher and harder to scratch than yellow or white yellow of the exact same purity level, as copper is a strong, resilient alloy.Rose yellow complements all skin tones, making that a versatile alternative that can look an excellent people with pale, olive or darker skin.

Disadvantages the 18K increased gold:

While climbed gold is much less likely to create allergies 보다 white gold, but it no a hypoallergenic metal and also could still cause skin worries for part people.

Price of 18K Gold

Because 18K gold is an ext pure than 14K and also 10K gold, that also much more expensive. Assuming you choose a simple setup that doesn’t include any type of pavé or halo smashville247.net, you’ll normally need come spend about 50 to 150% more for 18K gold together you would for the same setup in 14K gold. 

For example, this 2mm knife sheet solitaire setting from James Allen costs $240 once it’s make from 14K white gold. Adjust the metal to 18K white gold and the price increases to $680. This is still much less expensive 보다 the same setting in platinum, i m sorry is priced at $920.

Likewise, this break-up shank solitaire engagement ring setting from James Allen prices $520 in 14K yellow gold. In 18K yellow gold, the priced in ~ $690. 

In general, pricing because that 18K yellow is continual for every colors. When you could see a small change in pricing between white, yellow and rose gold, it’s uncommon for one shade to price significantly more than one more at this purity level.

When is 18K yellow the best Choice? 

Most engagement rings, wedding bands and also other jewelry space made native 14K gold, return 18K yellow is also a popular metal. 

As a general rule, 18K yellow is a great choice for engagement rings, wedding bands and other jewelry if you want the highest feasible level the purity while tho retaining a reasonable level of durability. However, the not always the ideal choice.

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18K gold has actually a warm, well-off appearance. This is most noticeable with yellow and rose gold, which both have a depths hue than the same colors in 14K. If girlfriend or your fiancé-to-be room allergic to steels like nickel or copper, 18K gold might additionally be less likely to cause a reaction. 

However, 18K yellow is also softer and also easier to scrape than 14K gold. If you or your fiancé-to-be have an energetic lifestyle or job-related in atmospheres with numerous surfaces that might scratch or dent a ring, 14K gold can be a much better choice.

As we pointed out above, there’s also the cost factor. Not only is 18K yellow less durable than 14K gold — that also about 50 to 150% much more expensive. 

Popular 18K yellow Jewelry

While 18K yellow isn’t the most popular choice for engagement rings and also other daily jewelry, that is a popular an option for earrings, bracelets and also other jewelry it is worn occasionally. 

18K yellow engagement ring inspiration

18K gold wedding band inspiration

18K earrings inspiration

18K arm bands inspiration

Need assist choosing the right kind of gold for an engagement ring, wedding band or various other piece of well jewelry? Learn an ext about 10K, 14K and also 18K yellow in ours comparison overview or reach out to our professionals for personalized advice ~ above the finest jewelry for her tastes and also budget.