The differentiating characteristic that 1974 Topps baseball cards to be supposed to be the they to be issued all at once.

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And that’s still important, since the move from series production to lump-sum problems sort of clues the beginning of contemporary card collecting.

But in the winter that 1973-74, the san Diego Padres loused things up by almost moving to Washington, D.C., without really understanding their team name.

That coerced Topps right into printing some Padres cards v a ‘WASHINGTON “NAT’L LEA.”‘ designation.

Then ray Kroc stepped in to buy the Padres and also keep lock in mountain Diego, and also Topps had actually to scramble to upgrade their “Nationals” cards.

What resulted was a series of the most confusing and also sought-after sport of the critical 50 years, v card worths that far outstrip the condition of the players pictured.

All of i beg your pardon is come say the we’re not going to consider those variations here in the perform of most an useful 1974 Topps baseball cards.

Instead, we’re searching for the cards that offer well based upon the players involved, as provided in the PSA Sports sector Report Price overview for PSA 8 specimens.

With the disclaimer properly disclaimed, let’s destruction in!

1974 Topps Dave Winfield (#456)

Winfield to be drafted right into just around every sport you have the right to think of except maybe synchronized swim … and also I’m not sure on that one.

Dude probably would have actually been a superstar in any kind of of them, too.

He determined baseball, though, and also we all benefitted by gift able to watch his 22-year room of Fame career unfold.

This rookie card has actually been a hobby staple for an ext than 30 years and also checks in approximately $90 in PSA 8 these days.

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1974 Topps Hank Aaron (#1)

Hammerin’ Hank gone into 1974 one residence run short of Babe Ruth ~ above the card leaderboard, which offered Topps many of time come prepare a appropriate tribute.

And boy, did they ever!

After issuing one all-time leaders card featuring Aaron, Ruth, and Willie Mays in 1973, TCG started out your 1974 collection with six straight Aaron cards.

Numbers 2-6 feature miniature reproductions that Aaron’s previous Topps cards (see below), when this first card in the collection proclaims the the “New All-Time home Run King.”

Henry would certainly make good on that promise simply a couple games right into the brand-new season, and the stage was collection for future cardboard domination.

This distinctive pasteboard is a $90 item in PSA 8.

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1974 Topps Nolan Ryan (#20)

Ryan was in his flamethrowing prime for the California Angels in 1974, and also this card shows him about to unleash part hellfire in ~ you from throughout the desert.

A scary map that, like most Ryan cardboard, sits near the optimal of the worth heap in ~ $60 because that graded NM-MT copies.

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1974 Topps Mike Schmidt (#283)

The an initial solo map for the greatest third baseman who ever lived? Yeah, that’s going to be well-known with collectors.

In fact, for numerous years, this Schmidt second-year issue was the most expensive map in the 1974 set.

Today, it sells for about $40 in PSA 8.

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1974 Topps Pete climbed (#300)

In 1974, increased was coming turn off the only National organization MVP compensation in his lengthy career and already seemed choose a lock because that the hall of Fame.

Well … points haven’t panned out in the regard, however Pete remains a well-known — if polarizing — figure with fans and also collectors alike.

Expect to pay approximately $40 for this map in PSA 8 condition.

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1974 Topps Reggie Jackson (#130)

In 1974, Reggie Jackson to be still a few years away from the postseason exploits v the new York Yankees that would certainly cement his condition as baseball’s Mr. October.

But his Oakland A’s had won two World series in a row and also would include a third in 1974, and also Reggie was a huge part of that success.

Having winner both the American League and World collection MVP trophies in 1973, and closing in ~ above 200 residence runs, Reggie was currently flirting v Cooperstown.

Today, this card mirroring his an effective swing sells because that $30+ in PSA 8 condition.

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1974 Topps Johnny Bench (#10)

Like Schmidt, Bench is widely thought about to it is in the ideal ever at his position.

He also won two MVP awards and provided rock-solid production and handling that the pitching employee for the huge Red device teams that won two World series in the center 1970s.

This card featuring a sweet action-packed follow-through together JB has just tagged some poor baseball is a $25 purchase in PSA 8.

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1974 Topps Tom Seaver (#80)

As long as we’re talk “best of” here, you could make a pretty solid case because that Tom Seaver together the finest pitcher in every one of baseball throughout the 1970s.

And all-time? certainly top ten or better.

This card takes good advantage the its horizontal style to screen Tom Terrific’s power in every its glory.

We also get a next order that Mets very first baseman john Milner in the background!

All this can typically be yours in PSA 8 for around $25.

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1974 Topps Carlton Fisk (#105)

Johnny Bench may have been the best catcher of the 70s — and also all-time — but for awhile there, it looked like Carlton Fisk could actually play for all-time.

And at a an extremely high level, come boot.

Fisk finally did cave up the spikes ~ a hall of Fame v the Boston Red Sox and also Chicago White Sox, however he left a slew of great cardboard in his wake.

This 1974 Topps card features an exciting action shot at a cost of approximately $25 in PSA 8.

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1974 Topps Dave Parker (#252)

For a many years, the 1974 collection was rookie-card dead-heat between the two huge Daves — Winfield and Parker.

The Cobra took the early lead and looked like he can be an all-time great.

The wheels type of dropped off in Pittsburgh prior to he became an MVP candidate again in Cincinnati. And, though Parker remains outside of Cooperstown, his RC continues to traction in roughly $25 in PSA 7.

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1974 Topps Hank Aaron retreat (#2-6)

As Aaron was bearing down on the house run record, Topps gave him many of actual estate — as in the an initial six cards in their 1974 Topps set.

The last five of those (card number 2-6) function quarter-size miniatures that Aaron’s Topps cards indigenous 1954 with 1973, 4 per card.

It’s one idea the agency has went back to several times over the years with various other dignitaries the the game.

In the case of the 1974 Topps Aaron retrospective, intend to pay around $20 because that each four-card card in PSA 8 condition.

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BONUS! 1974 Topps Willie McCovey – WASHINGTON “NAT’L LEA.” (#250)

And … the rule-breaker.

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Even though ns swore up and down up there in the beginning of this write-up that ns wouldn’t include any of the Washington Nat’l Lea. Error cards, ns couldn’t yes, really resist including the only Hall of Famer therefore affected.

So below is stretch McCovey and also his $35 error map (in PSA 8).

Enjoy the bonus viewing!

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