In this write-up we will watch which are the Rarest Euro Coins and also we will certainly talk around their value. If in enhancement to the Piece rare Euro Coins you room interested in knowing much more about the value of the rare lira coins, then visit this various other article: Value and also Rarity the the Lira rarely Coins.

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2 Euro rarely Coin – 2 Euro Greeks the 2007, coined in only 20 thousand copies
Short advent to Euro CoinWhy so plenty of Piece rare Euro Coins?Rare Euro cents Coins2 EURO COMMEMORATIVE COINSOTHER rarely EURO COINSHow to market or Buy rare Euro Coins

Short development to Euro Coin

In the year 2001, the Italian Republic has definitively exit the old currency, the lira coin, come move right into the brand-new coin, the euro. Collectors who had regulated to accumulate a great amount of rarely coins (especially rarely lira coins) have because of this seen the worth of their coins increase as result of the end of their production.


Even the brand-new currency, however, did not leave the collectors and numismatics lover disappointed. There are many item Rare Euro Coins, particularly rare 2 euro coins and also rare euro cents, favor the rarely 2 cents.

Why so plenty of Piece rare Euro Coins?

The inquiry arises: if the euro has actually been around for so brief time, why room there rare and expensive euro coins, yet?

The fact is that the value of some piece Rare Euro Coins, (and not only euro), is established by a collection of factors that room independent of every other. Because that example, some rare euro coins with a value, even if developed recently and with big circulation, are difficult to find.

This difficulty of finding some coins affects the quotation of the rarely currency, one of two people euro or some other currency, and also increases its value. One example would it is in the rare euro 50 cent coin the 2007. One more example are some rarely 2 euro coins, in details the Finnish 2 euro commemorative coined in 2004.

Some euro coins are rare just due to the fact that they have been minted in miniscule quantities and only because that collectors that numismatics that guard castle jealously.

Maybe few of these rarely euro coins ran away from the hand and the collectors’ watchful eye and also ended increase in public circulation. In case we can discover them we will certainly be surprised by the an excellent value that also the euro coins have the right to hide.

Let’s check out what the rare euro coins are.

Rare Euro cent Coins

Euro cents coins room coins v denominations that 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 euro cents. They might look choose coins of tiny value, and also indeed most are, but they are also coins that have the right to be really interesting indigenous a numismatic suggest of view.

Collectors are always on the lookout for peculiarities or minting errors, i beg your pardon in some cases cause the value of this insignificant coins to soar.

This is the case, for example, that the renowned cents v the Mole Antonelliana, a valuable minting error which us will currently discuss.

Italian rare Cents v a worth of 2,500 Euros

Even the Euro and in specific the Italian coins offer us satisfaction in the field of rare Euro coins thanks to some exciting minting errors.

Let’s talk, because that example, about the much-discussed and also much-sought-after euro cent (1 euro cent coin). One of these coins has actually a good little peculiarity:

Basically, it’s a penny with a large minting error that increases its worth incredibly!

One Italian Euro Cent Minting Error

This is why that is the rarest 1 Euro cent coin!

If you were lucky sufficient to own one, you would have actually no difficulty recognising it because the reverse of the coin depicts the Mole Antonelliana.

And you can be wondering what’s so strange about this coin through the Mole, well… it’s a minting error!

The minting error the Italian Euro cents.

In fact, the Mole Antonelliana is the prize engraved on the 2 cent coins and also not on the 1 cent coins. This is because of this an error that the Rome Mint’s employee realised a tiny late.

The correct print should have actually been the sculpture of Castel del Monte. This is the cause and origin that the astronomical value of practically €2,500 at which these coins are sold and quoted today.

I forgot to cite that the number of rare cents issued by failure is around 7000! and also despite the effort to bring ago all the coins, it is approximated that at the very least 100 are still in some concealed drawer.

This way that there room as many as 100 cheques in circulation every one valued over 2000€ ready to be cashed cost-free of charge.

Considering that Bolaffi owns at the very least 5 various other 1-cent coins v the error, we have to expect more interesting auctions in the comes years.


Let us currently talk around some that the many beautiful, interesting and also exciting coins there are. We space talking around the famed 2 Euro commemorative coins, which together we have actually said countless times, are not normally rare coins. In fact, castle are created in big quantities and well dispersed throughout Europe, and also they are easily obtainable at fairly affordable prices.

However, some 2-euro commemorative coins, although no rare, room considered challenging to find. There are plenty of of this sought-after coins, for example those detailed below:

Some rarely 2 euro commemoratives coins
2 euro commemorative the Luxembourg 2010the 2 euro commemorative that Belgium 20052 euro commemorative Netherlands 2011the 2 euro commemorative coin the Germany 2006

Those listed above are all coins with a value of roughly €10. However, there space some coins that are even much more valuable and also are the ones we would certainly all like to it is in lucky sufficient to uncover as adjust in our wallets. Below are some examples, but please keep in mind that you can find all this coins and their values on the 2 euro commemorative coin page.

As Italy is among the European nations with the highest number of 2 Euro commemorative coins, the is good to recognize what this coins are and their value. You can uncover all our Commemorative coins on the 2 Euro Italy page.

2 Finnish Commemorative Euros 2004

Some rare euros become rare not because they are minimal in number, however rather since they are subject to the market law of supply and also demand.

Finnish 2 Euro Rare much sought after ~ by collectors.

For example, collectors have actually a an excellent demand for the coin minted in Finland in 2004. The rare Finnish 2-euro was produced in 1 million copies and also distributed just on Finnish territory combined with various other coins.

Hence the challenge of recognize them and the an excellent demand indigenous collectors who space willing to pay between 35 and also 50 euros because that each rare 2-euro coin.


Let united state now get in the vast and very numerous range of all the Euro coins of the assorted countries. Although the denominations remain the same and also the usual face the the coins, each country has issued and minted coins through the most diverse designs and also illustrations.

Rare Euro coins native Slovenia

Among the Slovenian euro coins there are plenty of that are classified as rare (R) and therefore really interesting because that enthusiasts and collectors. Friend can find the complete write-up with all values of yearly on this page: Euro Coins Slovenia.

Let us start with the Slovenian 1 euro cent coins and also note that coins indigenous the year 2010 to 2014 and also 2017 and also 2019 are considered rare and have quote of 200 times their face value.

The most sought-after Slovenian 2-cent coins space those native 2015 and 2017, which are priced end EUR 2. The rarest and also most expensive 5-cent coins native Slovenia belong to the year that minting 2018.

Among the 10 cents, except the typical ones that 2007, we discover several uncommon or rarely mintings, through values approximately 2,59€. Also the many quoted 20 cent reach a comparable estimate.

Also that interest are the rarely Slovenian 50-cent coins from 2010 come 2018 and especially the uncommon 2009 coin, i beg your pardon is priced at end €4.

Rare Euro coins: 1 and also 2 Euro Slovenia

Among the 1-euro coins that Slovenia, the Slovenian 2011 and also 2012 euros, which room priced between €5 and €7, are certainly interesting.

An example of a much-discussed coin with small value is the 2-euro Slovenia. We are talking around the 2-euro coin minted in 2007 in Slovenia.

They space the 2-euro coin with the greatest mintage minted in Slovenia and their value is only a few cents greater than their face value. This is not the situation for the exact same coin produced in various years due to the fact that 2007. The latter are in fact all rare or uncommon and also have high quotations, increase to even over 12 euro.

Malta rare Euro Coins

The coins that Malta provide us many ideas to enrich our arsenal of interesting and sought-after european coins. We have discussed this in information on the page dedicated to Malta Euro Coins, which we recommend girlfriend consult as it includes all the coin values.

Starting through the cents, some interesting pieces can currently be seen.

For example, among the various rare coins, the 1 cent coin that Malta indigenous 2015 has a quotation that 14 times its face value. We are not talking about large figures because they space 1 cent coins, however nevertheless it is exciting to note their rarity.

Malta’s 2 cents likewise have various worries that are right now rare. For example, the 2012 coin showing the holy place of Imnajdra has actually a value of practically 1 euro.

The Maltese 5 cents, which have the same design as the 1 and also 2 cent coins, likewise have a variety of rare mintages. Amongst them, the 2012 Maltese 5 cents.

The style of the 10 cent mortar coin changes and also with the specimen produced in 2013 we finally exceed the 2 euro mark. Not bad for a tiny 10 cent coin.

The 20 cent Malta coins are nearly all rare, apart from the 2008 mintage. The value, however, is slightly higher than €2, as in the case of the 2013 coin.

The 50 cent of Malta are almost all rare euro coins yet do not have an especially high values. Not bad for those who are looking for all the coins of european countries and also need to finish their collection.

Rare Euro coins: 1 Euro coin and 2 Euro coin Malta

The 1 euro coins of Malta, except the 2016 and 2008 coins, space all rarely euro coins. Quotations space interesting and also for perfect coins they reach almost 7 times the face value.

Finally, we come to the 2 euro malta, and also looking at the various print runs, one automatically notices the minting of the year 2012, 2011, 2014, which have prices varying from 8 to over 12 euros.

Now, if you have rare coins favor these (but likewise different rarer coins), you have the right to have fun and also earn part money by auctioning castle online. We constantly buy and also sell coins at auction utilizing this companion site. It is the biggest online coin auction site and we yes, really recommend it. Both selling and buying coins in ~ auction is easy and also exciting.

Rare Euro Coins Greece

Greek Euro coins are very recognisable maybe because, just like the Greek 1 euro and also 2 euro coins, castle refer to and depict images relating come the mythology the Greece. Let’s watch briefly which pieces are of interest, yet we strong recommend that you check the greece Euro Coins page where girlfriend will find all the quotations for each year.

Greece’s 1 cent coins are, alas, no rare euro coins. In fact, all problems are common and really high in number. However, only the excellent Uncirculated problems are an extremely well priced and have values about 1 euro.

The same story applies to the Greek 2 cents. Lock are usual coins yet are worth about 1 euro if in mint condition. Come be detailed the 2 euro cents Greece the 2003 that are worth 2 euro if in mint condition.

Greek 5 cents are beginning to be interesting. Some unusual coinage is valued in ~ 7 euro. Others are also rare (R2) and also therefore extremely sought after.

Speaking the the 10 euro cents, it have to be known that they were created in two various series. The first series is the one that has more relevance as much as quotations space concerned, few of them reaching 8 euro. The 2nd series sees some rare mints (R2) with just a few thousand examples and therefore an extremely sought after.

Among the Greek 20 euro cent coins, the uncommon mints the the first series space interesting, getting to a worth of 8 euro per instance in mint condition. There are additionally many rare coins in the second series.

Also amazing are the 50 cent of Greece, which, favor the 20 cents, have valuations of approximately €6.50 in the an initial series in mint condition and also boast many rare euro coins in the 2nd series.

Rare Euro coins: Greek 1 euro coin and also 2 Euro coins

This brings us to the famed 1 euro coin native Greece, i beg your pardon depicts the characteristic owl the is in reality the Owl of Minerva. The coinage indigenous 2012 to 2018 is rarely (R2), while the earlier ones are priced in ~ a best of 5 euros in brilliant Uncirculated.

Finally us look at the 2 Euro rare coins native Greece. Amongst them there room 2 really interesting pieces and the value of these coins is 30€ because that one and 50€ for the other. To know the year inspect the page Euro Coins Greece whereby you can uncover all the quotations split by year.

Rare Euro coins from Germany

Let’s speak now around other euro coins, the German ones, that us probably take care of every work or that us now have in our purses. We will briefly see their rarity in these next lines, but if you desire to examine the quotation the every single coin of every year, I suggest you review this page: Germany Euro coins.

Let’s start with the 1 euro cent coins from Germany. Poor news because that those who supposed to have rare coins in your hands, since they space all usual coins with huge print runs. The is why us often discover them in our hands.

The same applies to the German 2-cent coins; they are all common.

Among the 5 cent coins of Germany there room some uncommon coins (NC) and also these room the ones of the years 2003.

Also amongst the 10 cents we find some unusual years (NC) through quite restricted runs in brilliant Uncirculated. Us even find the very first German rarely coins (R) which space the 10 cent of 2008 till 2016.

The German 20 cents space all typical coins.

Among the 50 euro cent of Germany we uncover both Uncommon and also Rare coins. From the year 2008 till 2018 they are classified together Rare.

Rare Euro coins: 1 and 2 Euro Germany

The 1 euro coins from Germany are an extremely varied in terms of rarity. Over there are numerous rare coins from 2008 onwards until 2018. They have value only if perfect preserved.

And finally, the 2 euro Germany coins room all common, other than for the 2006 coins which are Uncommon (NC).

Let us start with the 1 cent coins that Cyprus, which are an extremely characteristic for the style of the 2 mouflons, i m sorry is additionally the exact same on the 2 and 5 cent coins. Plenty of of this coins are rare and also strangely, also the older common coins room valued highly. In particular, they room worth 200 time their face value.

Even the two euro cent of Cyprus, if in perfect condition and also if of the year of minting 2008 – 2009 – 2010 space worth 100 times their confront value.

Of the 5 cent coins we understand that from 2013 to 2018 lock are considered rare (R) and that the 2008 coins room worth 1 euro if retained in perfect condition.

In the 10 cents, the architecture changes yet the rarities remain much more or less the same. Indigenous 2013 onwards they are taken into consideration rare coins.

The same applies to Cyprus’ 20 euro cents, i m sorry are considered rare indigenous 2013 onwards.

Cyprus 50 cent specimens in excellent Uncirculated are starting to be interesting. Some space worth as much as 3 euro come collectors.

Rare Euro coins: 1 and also 2 Euro Cyprus

The most expensive 1-euro Cyprus coin is the 2008 overcome design, but later coins are additionally uncommon or rare.

Finally, the 2 euro Cypriot coins constantly have the cross-shaped idol together a design. The most noteworthy ones room the 2 euro Cypriot of 2008, 2009 and 2013 which, if that Fdc quality, have exciting values and also are fairly sought after.

How to sell or Buy rare Euro Coins

It might help you to know that if you own one or an ext rare coins, girlfriend can additionally decide to market them in ~ auction by following this guide.

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If you’re interested in buying, friend can constantly search for the coin you’re interested in and also bid for it. In this situation follow this page where there are all the coins top top auction to view which rarely coins have already been auctioned.

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