It’s no overstatement to say the Jameson is the irish king the whiskey.

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The brand has been producing casks of anyone favourite amber soul for over 200 years

Jameson’s distinct Irish blend is a world bestseller and this lover whiskey large is the drink of selection for anyone from jolly St Patrick’s work revellers to Lady Gaga. And, despite its size and also overwhelming popularity, it stays a lighthearted and unpretentious brand that puts the whiskey craft first and foremost.

Dating from 1780, the motto the the agency and family is Sine Metu—meaning Without Fear. You’ll discover it on the former of every bottle, and we think that’s the best way to sum up Jameson whiskey. For much better or worse, a couple of drams of this and you’ll be totally fearless.

Getting down to service though, what walk Jameson taste like? Well, that mellow and also smooth v spicy, woody, nutty, and also vanilla undertones—plus clues of sweet sherry. That perfect for sipping next to a roaring fire—or, equally, doing a shoot alongside your beer when out top top the town. And it tastes nice darned spectacular in a cocktail too.

You more than likely don’t require much more convincing come order a bottle of Jameson but it’s worth understanding a bit around the brand’s history and production process before girlfriend crack open the bottle.

Here’s everything you must understand about Jameson, native the prices of bottles to the brand’s lengthy past, add to the ideal Jameson cocktail recipes, whether you’re gearing increase for an extravagant party or part solo fire-side sipping.

Jameson bottle sizes and prices

BottleSize (ml)Price (USD)
Jameson ireland Whiskey375 ml$18
Jameson ireland Whiskey750 ml$22
Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition750 ml$27
Jameson ireland Whiskey1000 ml$28
Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition750 ml$29
Jameson black Barrel750 ml$30
Jameson irish Whiskey1750ml$42
Jameson ireland Whiskey 12 year 1780750 ml$55
Jameson Cooper’s Croze750 ml$65
Jameson Blender’s Dog750 ml$65
Jameson 18 Year Old minimal Reserve750 ml$120
Jameson gold Reserve750 ml$185
Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve750 ml$325

Jameson: the story behind the brand

Huddle in, we’re going to tell girlfriend a secret: John Jameson, the male behind the iconic irish whiskey of the same name, wasn’t in reality Irish. when this whiskey can seem as quintessentially ireland as they come, Jameson himself actually hailed native Scotland.

But given that Scotland is likewise a country of stalwart whiskey drinkers (see Johnnie Walker, for example), Jameson’s heritage most likely only worked in his favour when he developed the business back in 1780 through his son. The two developed a unique method of do whiskey that the brand has actually been devotedly following ever before since.

The Jameson’s whiskey distillery in Ireland.

That’s 200 year of expertise and also know-how going into each bottle of Jameson. A whiskey that has survived the disruption that two civilization wars, the turmoil of the Irish civil war, followed by the American prohibition, where Irish whiskey suffered from the expansion of one illegal sector where poor-quality moonshine was passed off together the real thing.

Jameson emerged unscathed and also as well-known as ever. A masterful concoction with a distinct smoothness, this day Jameson have the right to proudly boast of being the world favourite ireland whiskey and also the winner that a long list that awards and also accolades. 

In fact, Jameson is for this reason smooth the it was part of the initial Baileys recipe, blended with chocolate and cream.

Laws state the a spirit must mature for at least three years in Ireland to speak to itself ireland whiskey. This method it’s no a term the you have the right to throw around casually—but Jameson, distilled in Cork and also made using in your ar grown barley, has its roots firmly in irish soil.

Jameson is make from blending two different whiskeys. The ideal pot tho whiskey, make from both malted and also unmalted barley is merged with a fine grain whiskey. Both have been distilled three times come remove any impurities and also ensure optimum smoothness. This triple-distillation procedure distinguishes Jameson from American and also Scottish whiskies i beg your pardon are only distilled twice.

The water is taken from the Dungourney, a regional river and one that’s the perfect half-way house between hard and soft v calcium levels the are right for brewing.

The whiskey is climate aged for a minimum that 4 years in casks the come from both the US and also Spain. These casks to be previously offered to period bourbon and sherry, loan the whiskey its very distinct toasted wood and sweet sherry flavour.

Breaking the down, the nose is light and also floral with spicy and sweet notes. To taste, it’s nutty v vanilla and sweet sherry undertones. The sign-off? A toasted oak finish, much less peaty 보다 Scotch and also not together heavily scorched as American bourbon.

Incredibly, Jameson was sold by the cask appropriate up till 1968. Can girlfriend imagine wheeling the end a whole wooden whiskey cask come tempt guests with a digestif?

Today, however, Jameson is accessible by the bottle—and there are fairly a range of bottles on offer. Indeed, today, beyond the initial and basic Jameson whiskey, you have a variety of other expressions, every unique and also expertly crafted.

Take Jameson black color Barrel, for example. It’s to be aged in a double-charred bourbon cask to add complexity and create a richer, smoother, and an ext intense taste. The nose has notes the plummy fruits favor nectarines, while, to taste, you’ve gained tones of dates and walnuts. come finish, cinnamon and also nutmeg.

Jameson Blender’s Dog highlights the arts of blending, balancing different whiskies to create a drink that is light and also citrusy come the nose with notes the figs, dates, vanilla, and also toasted oak. To taste, it’s rich and creamy v sweet butterscotch tones.

Finally, Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition, age in stout-seasoned whiskey casks, create an incredibly distinct drink v notes that coca, coffee, marzipan, and also butterscotch. Ideal for stout lovers trying to find something v a bit an ext welly.

Today, you’ll uncover Jameson in watering feet as varied as upscale cocktail joints to outline old dive bars. we think the best means to enjoy it is in ~ the lull of her own four walls, as part of her at-home happy hour, served directly from your home bar.

How come drink Jameson Whiskey?

Like all the finest whiskeys, Jameson is finest consumed once you deserve to really concentrate. After ~ all, a most thought and care went into the development of this drink. Gulping it back and complying with up through a beer, you’re going to miss out on a many the ethereal flavours going on.

Save the shots for vodka or tequila. Instead, pour yourself a tumbler that whiskey—or snifter. 50 millilitres is a great place come start. We recommend sampling the neat in ~ room temperature, to start with—so you can really obtain to grips v its bolder flavour profile.

Inhale before you sip to really discover the scent. Fifty percent the pleasure of whiskey is in the nose. And also when you perform drink, take just a little sip, letting the linger on your tongue before swallowing, seeing what flavours you can notice.

If that a small overpowering, friend can add a couple of drops of water v a straw. This will lower the alcohol content, permitting you to detect a better spectrum of aromatics and flavours.

You have the right to also include ice if you choose your whiskey chilled. Opt because that a huge ice cube or round that will melt slower. Whiskey stones room another good option to prevent dilution.

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If you desire to mix Jameson with something, friend could try a straightforward ginger and also lime or an ext extravagant cocktails.