Do you recognize that lip piercing is ranked as the third most well-known piercing type in the world? Probably, you wonder why that is therefore famous. The is time come discover more about lip piercing names and types!

This article is a finish guide on any kind of question about this form of facial piercing. Learn an ext about popularity, ache level and much more.

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What is a Lip Piercing?

Lip piercing is a body modification type, puncturing lips, the bordering area or the lip frenulum. The created opening is decorated v a designated jewelry. Over there are plenty of different types of lip piercings, so girlfriend could choose your perfect one.

Lip Piercing Names

Here you room proposed to examine the diagram through the list of different lip piercing types.


Below we developed a graph that describes every lip piercing form and listed general details on ache level, heal time and price.

NameWhat is itPainHealingCost
Snake BitesDouble puncture that the lower lip. The is situated at an equal distance from the center and also it each other a line bite.5/106-8 weeks$50-$80
Angel BitesDouble symmetry puncture, located on both political parties just over the upper lip.6/107-9 weeks$50-$80
Cyber BitesDouble piercing, located in the groove that the upper lip and also below the bottom lip.5/106-12 weeks$50-$80
Spider BitesDouble puncture under the bottom lip. The openings are situated close to every other and also to the mouth corner.4/104-12 weeks$40-$80
Vampire BitesDouble piercing of the bottom lip. Looks comparable to the snake bites5/106-8 weeks$50-$80
Canine BitesMultiple punctures, perform at 4 corners of the mouth. It is situated on the upper and also bottom lips.6/108-12 weeks$30-$60
Dolphin BitesTwo openings, made close to every other, listed below the lower lip.5/107-9 weeks$50-$80
Shark BitesTwo openings, make close to every other, listed below the lower lip.7/108-12 weeks$80-$90
MonroeOne face puncture, located over the upper lip ~ above the left-hand side.3/108-12 weeks$30-$50
MadonnaOne face puncture, located over the top lip top top the right-hand side.3/108-12 weeks$30-$50
Medusa / PhiltrumSingle piercing, located over the upper lip, under the philtrum.4/103-6 weeks$40-$85
LabretSingle puncture, situated under the bottom lip.5/106-8 weeks$40-$65
Vertical labretLower lip puncture, located in the middle of the lip and also below it.6/108-12 weeks$40-$70
LowbretModification the the labret piercing, situated at the really bottom of the chin.5/106-8 weeks$40-$70
DahliaDouble piercing, situated at the mouth corners.7/1012-20 weeks$20-$80
AshleyHorizontal labret piercing, situated in the facility of the bottom lip.6/1010-14 weeks$40-$70
SmileySingle puncture, situated in the frenulum that the upper lip.5/104-8 weeks$40-$80
JestrumSingle puncture, centered in the upper lip.5/103-6 weeks$40-$85

Read an ext about the most and least ache piercings.

Upper Lip Piercings

There are plenty of upper lip piercing names, and also we space going to uncover them below.

Medusa / Philtrum

The piercing is done just below the sleep septum, which is referred to as “philtrum”. Medusa is located in the groove under the top lip and, therefore, the beautiful lip form is well highlighted.

Medusa piercing is the most popular lip piercing type and it deserve to be successfully an unified with other facial piercing types.

All you must know around medusa piercing in our guide.


This piercing kind gets one of the cutest lip piercing names many thanks to its functionality. Smiley becomes visible when you smile and show the beautiful this line. It’s the 2nd most renowned lip piercing.

The jewel is inserted into the skin, connecting the upper lip through a gum (frenulum). The typical earring for smiley piercing is the one captive bead ring.

Find out much more about smiley frenulum piercing.

Angel Bites

Two-sided piercing above the upper lip represents the angel’s teeth track. Point of view bites piercing is accurate a combo that Madonna and Monroe.

Though that is twin piercing, the is typically recommended no to do them simultaneously. The reason is the facial piercings cause much more risks and it is always safer to do multiple holes separately.

Read much more about angel bites piercing.


Single top lip puncture resembles the well known Marilyn Monroe’s beauty, beauty mark. That looks charming and also gorgeous, and would far better fit for girls. Usually, the jewel is worn ~ above the left side.

Read much more about Monroe piercing.


However, you deserve to make piercing like Monroe on the right. In this case, the piercing would certainly be referred to as “Madonna”.

Read more about Madonna lip piercing.


Jestrum is a sports of medusa piercing. However, in this case, a bent barbell goes through the top lip. Both ends of the jewelry are visible: one under the nasal septum and another in the middle of the upper lip.

See more about jestrum piercing.

Bottom Lip Piercings

Among bottom lip piercings, there space some yes, really extraordinary.


Labret is just one of the most popular lip piercings. that is situated under the bottom lip, and not inside it, together you may believe. The effect of “going v the lip” happens because of the jewelry shape. Labret deserve to be excellent in various variations and also combinations with other piercing types, such as the snake or spider bites.

Read an ext about labret piercings.

Vertical labret

A modification of labret piercing through two openings, rather of one. Upright labret goes v the bottom lip, and the jewelry is clearly shows from both spots: top top the lip and under it. The bent barbell is commonly used for this piercing form in order to fit far better inside the lip.

Snake Bites

This piercing kind resembles a snake fang or bite. 2 opening are situated on the very same distance native the center of the bottom lip. The very same name is offered for the cheek, tongue and also brows piercings. The ideal jewelry choice for the snake bites is ring or studs.

We produced a in-depth guide on snake bites piercing.

Shark Bites Piercing

It’s a quadruple puncture the bottom lip. 2 in the left and 2 in the appropriate corner. The best jewelry – tiny studs.

Read much more about shark bites piercing.


Ashley or horizontal labret is put in the center of the bottom lip. It goes inside the lip and shows the barbell ball outside. You may shot the single, or near to every other, dual Ashley piercings.

Read pros and cons the ashley piercing in our guide.


Lowbret is a single or twin perforation the the skin, situated down the chin. It is not a very famous piercing type, however it would definitely fit because that body change fans. Lowbret deserve to make a good combination with various other facial piercings, such together Monroe or Medusa.

Dolphin bites

This type of piercing represents two punctures, situated under the bottom lip. That is claimed to look prefer dolphin bite tracks, you simply need to usage your imagination! The jewel is centered, like with line bites piercing. The distance in between openings might vary depending upon your own preferences.

Read an ext about dolphin bites piercing.


Two lower lip surface punctures that usually connected by right or bent barbells.

The finish guide ~ above horizontal lip piercing.

Spider Bites

Double puncture is normally made top top the bottom lip, ~ above the one next of the mouth corner. However, friend may shot it on two sides. In this case, you would have 4 symmetrical openings.

Unlike cyber bites, this piercing form is much better to do at once, as the openings are close to each other and also the healing procedure would it is in easier. Spider bites piercing is a good fit because that guys, but with cute jewelry, that looks pretty because that girls as well.

Bottom & top Lips Piercings

Here you deserve to see some interesting bottom-upper piercing combinations

Vampire Bites

Two holes space made in the mouth corners on the bottom lip. The procedure is the same just like snake bites piercing. However, this piercing type looks an ext like vampire fangs, together the original vampire bites piercing is perform on the next of a neck. Because that vampire bites, lip piercing, the black color rings jewelry would certainly fit best.

Cyber Bites

This piercing kind represents a mix of labret piercings and also Medusa. The is unusual and complicated, together it is located on the upper and bottom lips at once. Two symmetrical central holes are created cyber bites piercing. This piercing is rather popular, together you can try different jewel combinations, such as hoops and also studs, or a captive beaded ring and barbell.

Canine Bites

Four piece of jewelry room worn ~ above both political parties of the lower and also upper lips. Basically, canine bites is a mixture the snake and also angel bites. V this piercing, attention must be paid to the precise location the the jewelry. The is crucial to save them symmetrical. The is far better not to incorporate canine bites with any other face piercings to stop your confront looking end pierced.


It is not one of the classical lip piercings. Dahlia or twin corner is placed near or external or at both mouth corners. Therefore, the cheeks need to be perforated. It looks a small bit creepy and reminds of the Joker personality from the Batman movie.

Read more about dahlia piercing.

Most Common part of the Lip to gain Pierced

The most common upper and also under lips piercings are:


They space cute, the very least painful and reasonably easy come perform.

What is the Rarest

The most painful and crazy piercing principles are dahlia and canine bites.

They are rather odd, and, therefore, rare. However, experienced piercing-lovers never hesitate to try new kinds of human body modification.

Things come Know prior to Procedure

It is necessary to remember that most lip piercings space external and also internal in ~ once. Having oral jewel is constantly risky for the mouth, gums, and also teeth. The is fairly easy to acquire multiple infections there is no the best care.

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Also, in situation you smoke, the lip piercing is not a good idea. Smoking would infect the wound and also you would need to take treatment of unpleasant next effects. Together you have the right to see, there are constantly some pros and also cons of any kind of piercing procedure, so that is up to you come choose.