Value that $1 native 1970 come 2017

$1 in 1970 is identical in purchasing power to about $6.32 in 2017, boost of $5.32 over 47 years.The dollar had an median inflation rate of 4.00% per year between 1970 and 2017, creating a cumulative price rise of 531.75%.

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This method that prices in 2017 are6.32 times higher thanaverage prices because 1970,according to the office of job Statistics consumer price index.

The 1970 inflation price was 5.72%. The inflation rate in 2017 to be 2.13%.The 2017 inflation rate is lower contrasted to the typical inflation price of 2.85% every year in between 2017 and also 2021.

Inflation from 1970 come 2017
Cumulative price change531.75%
Average inflation rate4.00%
Converted quantity ($1 base)$6.32
Price difference ($1 base)$5.32
CPI in 197038.800
CPI in 2017245.120
Inflation in 19705.72%
Inflation in 20172.13%
$1 in 1970$6.32 in 2017

Buying power of $1 in 1970

This chart reflects a calculation of buying strength equivalence because that $1 in 1970 (price index tracking began in 1635).

For example, if you began with $1, girlfriend would need to end with $6.32 in order come "adjust" because that inflation (sometimes refered to together "beating inflation").

When $1 is equivalent to $6.32 over time, that way that the "real value" the a single U.S. Dissension decreases over time. In other words, a dollar will pay for fewer items in ~ the store.

This effect describes how inflation erodes the value of a dollar over time. By calculating the value in 1970 dollars, the chart listed below shows how $1 is worth much less over 47 years.

According come the office of job Statistics, each of this USD quantities below is equal in regards to what it can buy at the time:

Dollar inflation: 1970-2017YearDollar ValueInflation Rate1970$1.005.72%1971$1.044.38%1972$1.083.21%1973$1.146.22%1974$1.2711.04%1975$1.399.13%1976$1.475.76%1977$1.566.50%1978$1.687.59%1979$1.8711.35%1980$2.1213.50%1981$2.3410.32%1982$2.496.16%1983$2.573.21%1984$2.684.32%1985$2.773.56%1986$2.821.86%1987$2.933.65%1988$3.054.14%1989$3.204.82%1990$3.375.40%1991$3.514.21%1992$3.623.01%1993$3.722.99%1994$3.822.56%1995$3.932.83%1996$4.042.95%1997$4.142.29%1998$4.201.56%1999$4.292.21%2000$4.443.36%2001$4.562.85%2002$4.641.58%2003$4.742.28%2004$4.872.66%2005$5.033.39%2006$5.203.23%2007$5.342.85%2008$5.553.84%2009$5.53-0.36%2010$5.621.64%2011$5.803.16% 2012$5.922.07%2013$6.001.46%2014$6.101.62%2015$6.110.12%2016$6.191.26%2017$6.322.13%2018$6.482.49%2019$6.591.76%2020$6.671.23%2021$7.075.99%** compared to previous annual rate. No final. See inflation an overview for recent 12-month rolling value.
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This conversion table shows miscellaneous other 1970 quantities in 2017 dollars, based upon the 531.75% adjust in prices:

Conversion: 1970 dollars in 2017Initial valueEquivalent value
$1dollarin 1970$6.32dollarsin 2017
$5dollarsin 1970$31.59dollarsin 2017
$10dollarsin 1970$63.18dollarsin 2017
$50dollarsin 1970$315.88dollarsin 2017
$100dollarsin 1970$631.75dollarsin 2017
$500dollarsin 1970$3,158.76dollarsin 2017
$1,000dollarsin 1970$6,317.53dollarsin 2017
$5,000dollarsin 1970$31,587.63dollarsin 2017
$10,000dollarsin 1970$63,175.26dollarsin 2017
$50,000dollarsin 1970$315,876.29dollarsin 2017
$100,000dollarsin 1970$631,752.58dollarsin 2017
$500,000dollarsin 1970$3,158,762.89dollarsin 2017
$1,000,000dollarsin 1970$6,317,525.77dollarsin 2017

Inflation through City

Inflation can vary commonly by city, also within the joined States. Here"s just how some cities fared in 1970 come 2017 (figures displayed are purchasing strength equivalents of $1):

San Francisco, California skilled the highest possible rate of inflation throughout the 47 years between 1970 and 2017 (4.33%).

Detroit, Michigan skilled the lowest rate of inflation throughout the 47 years between 1970 and also 2017 (3.79%).

Note that some locations showing 0% inflation may have not yet reported latest data.

Inflation by Country

Inflation can also vary commonly by country. For comparison, in the UK £1.00 in 1970 would certainly be identical to £14.70 in 2017, an absolute readjust of £13.70 and a cumulative readjust of 1,370.45%.

In Canada, CA$1.00 in 1970 would certainly be equivalent to CA$6.42 in 2017, one absolute readjust of CA$5.42 and a cumulative adjust of 542.36%.

Compare these numbers come the US"s overall absolute adjust of $5.32 and also total percent readjust of 531.75%.

Inflation by safety Category

CPI is the weighted combination of plenty of categories of security that room tracked by the government. Breaking under these categories helps explain the main chauffeurs behind price changes. This chart shows the mean rate that inflation for pick CPI categories in between 1970 and 2017.

Compare these worths to the in its entirety average the 4.00% per year:

CategoryAvg Inflation (%)Total Inflation (%)$1 in 1970 → 2017Food and also beverages3.97522.676.23Housing4.20590.836.91Apparel1.61112.272.12Transportation3.64437.625.38Medical care5.781,299.9114.00Recreation1.1168.291.68Education and communication1.97149.612.50Other goods and services5.14955.9410.56

The graph below compares inflation in categories of goods over time. Click a group such as "Food" to toggle the on or off:

For all these visualizations, it"s crucial to keep in mind that not all categories may have actually been tracked since 1970. This table and also charts usage the earliest easily accessible data for each category.

Inflation rates of specific categoriesMedical Care· Housing· Rent· Food· More
Inflation-adjusted measuresS&P 500 price·S&P 500 earnings·Shiller P/E

How to calculate Inflation price for $1, 1970 to 2017

Our calculations usage the following inflation price formula to calculate the adjust in value between 1970 and 2017:

CPI in 2017CPI in 1970
1970 USD value
2017 USD value

Then plug in historical CPI values. The U.S. CPI was 38.8 in the year 1970 and 245.12 in 2017:


$1 in 1970 has actually the very same "purchasing power" or "buying power" as $6.32 in 2017.

To gain the complete inflation price for the 47 years between 1970 and also 2017, we use the following formula:

CPI in 2017 - CPI in 1970CPI in 1970
Cumulative inflation price (47 years)

Plugging in the values to this equation, us get:

245.12 - 38.838.8

Alternate dimensions of Inflation

The above data describe the CPI for all items. Also of note is the Core CPI, which procedures inflation for all items except for the much more volatile category of food and energy.Core inflation averaged 3.95% per year between 1970 and 2017 (vs all-CPI inflation that 4.00%), because that an inflation full of 517.71%.

When utilizing the main point inflation measurement, $1 in 1970 is equivalent in buying strength to $6.18 in 2017, a difference of $5.18. Recall that for every Items, the converted amount is $6.32 with a difference of $5.32.

In 1970, core inflation was 6.25%.

Comparison to S&P 500 Index

The typical inflation rate of 4.00% has actually a compounding effect in between 1970 and 2017. As listed above, this yearly inflation rate compounds to create an overall price distinction of 531.75% end 47 years.

To aid put this inflation right into perspective, if we had actually invested $1 in the S&P 500 index in 1970, our investment would be nominally worth around $124.53 in 2017. This is a return on invest of 12,353.15%, through an absolute return the $123.53 on optimal of the original $1.

These numbers are not inflation adjusted, therefore they are considered nominal. In bespeak to advice the real return on our investment, we need to calculate the return with inflation taken into account.

The compounding result of inflation would certainly account because that 84.17% of return ($104.82) during this period. This way the inflation-adjusted real return of our $1 investment is $18.71. You may also want to account for capital gains tax, which would take your actual return down to around $16 for many people.

Investment in S&P 500 Index, 1970-2017Original AmountFinal AmountChange
RealInflation Adjusted$1$19.711,871.21%

Information displayed over may differ slightly from various other S&P 500 calculators. Minor discrepancies deserve to occur because we usage the recent CPI data for inflation, annualized inflation numbers because that previous years, and also we compute S&P price and dividends indigenous January that 1970 to latest accessible data for 2017 using average monthly nearby price.

For more details top top the S&P 500 in between 1970 and also 2017, see the stock sector returns calculator.

News headlines from 1970

Politics and also news often influence financial performance. Here"s what to be happening at the time:

January 1st, 1970 created as epoch time for UNIX systems.Rhodesia declares independence and also sets increase a republican government.Aswan Dam opens up in Egypt to stop flooding the the Nile River.A Palestinian terrorist company hijacks 3 aircrafts in an incident that is later recognized as black September.

Data resource & Citation

Raw data because that these calculations comes fromthe bureau of job Statistics"Consumer Price Index(CPI), created in 1913. Inflation data indigenous 1665 to1912 is sourced indigenous a historical study conducted by political scienceprofessor Robert Sahr at Oregon State University.

You may use the adhering to MLA citation for this page:“$1 in 1970 → 2017 | Inflation Calculator.” official Inflation Data, Alioth Finance, 2 Nov. 2021,

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