A seatbelt is an essential measure of security on the road, but not all chauffeurs are ready to take on it. While the national price for seatbelt consumption is 90%, Mississippi falls behind through a percent of 77.9.

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With one of the shortest seatbelt usage percentages amongst all states, MS vehicle drivers end up through tickets in their pockets daily. How lot is a seatbelt ticket in MS? smashville247.net will aid you discover out:

The result the ticket has on her driving record

A quick Overview of Mississippi Seatbelt Laws

Mississippi requires all adult motor auto occupants come wear a seatbelt. The State’s disappointing price of seatbelt intake motivated the federal government to make part changes. As of 2017, backseat passengers are likewise required come buckle up. If they don’t respect the law, the driver will must pay up.

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Drivers and passengers must have both the lap belt on and also the shoulder restraint—otherwise, the regulation enforcement officer can concern a ticket. The exception can be made in specific situations. When an ext than two kids need a belt-positioning booster seat, and also the auto only has two lap and also shoulder belts in the rear, the third minor deserve to be secured through a lap belt only.

The boy seatbelt law dictates that infants and also toddlers under the period of four must usage a child safety and security restraint system—such as:

Rear-facing automobile seatsForward-facing auto seats through a harnessBooster seats

The form of restraint depends on the children age, height, and weight. The driver will be responsible because that paying the good if the child isn’t secured properly.

In the State that Mississippi, the enforcement the seatbelt law is primary. The difference between primary and secondary law is together follows:

Type of legislation EnforcementExplanationPrimaryPolice officers have the right to ticket a driver for no wearing a seatbelt without any other website traffic violations acquisition placeSecondaryPolice officers deserve to ticket a driver for no wearing a seatbelt just if they an alert a major offense together well

How lot Is a Seatbelt Ticket in MS?

In Mississippi, even if it is the wrongdoer is the driver, prior or backseat passenger, the seatbelt violation comes through a well of $25—according come the Senate invoice 2724. Still, the ticket does rely on the jurisdiction.

In Ellisville, because that example, a no-seatbelt ticket because that the driver or passenger is $35 every charge. Olive Branch county’s regulations state the seatbelt violation costs $75. Petal county will certainly lighten her wallet with a fine of $80.

The issuer have the right to also influence the price that the ticket. Both in Hinds and also Jones County, if the ticket is authorize by the Deputy Sheriff, the fine is $43.50, yet if the Mississippi Highway Patrol pulls you over, you’ll pay $33.50.

The cost the seatbelt tickets additionally varies by state—and our state-specific price guides have the right to tell you an ext about charges in:


Do You gain Points because that Breaking the Seatbelt legislation in MS?

The majority of says use a point system to keep track of drivers’ offenses till they reach a border for patent suspension. Mississippi is among the nine states that don’t resort to this practice. Not wearing a seatbelt is thought about a moving violation, but since there is no point system, you won’t gain penalty points. The insurance money rate likewise won’t change if you gain a ticket.

What will have actually a an effect on your license is if you make web traffic violations repeatedly. Each subsequent offense will come with a harsher penalty—including potential license suspension.

The aftermath of getting a Seatbelt Ticket in Mississippi

If the damages has been done, right here is exactly how you deserve to respond:

Pay the fineDispute the ticket

In situation you’re thinking around ditching the court and ignoring the ticket, you should know that the authorities might issue a warrant for your arrest.

If you decision to pay the fine, you have the right to do it:

OnlineBy mailBy phoneIn person

You have to consult your regional court an initial to examine what their payment options are.

To dispute the ticket, you need a plausible reason—such together a medical exemption certificate—and a good defense.

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Use smashville247.net and difficulty the Ticket with Ease

smashville247.net can help you overturn the ticket with a few-minute long procedure. Every you must do is:

Locate the Seatbelt Ticket productUpload a photograph of your ticketShare with us some straightforward information about the event


We’ll use your answers to create a customized very nice one letter that will be top top its way to multiple sclerosis authorities before you understand it. You won’t also have to mail it as we’ll perform it on your behalf.

Traveling to one more state? For much more information ~ above seatbelt laws—and just how to protect against the tickets—check out our useful guides for every state in the U.S.:

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