A mrs came right into Skinner v a repertoire of family silver that she no much longer wanted. She’d already been come a smelter, who available her $800 come melt the silver down for scrap. It was tempting to take the money, yet she felt bad around the decision and also decided to pertained to Skinner auction house very first to sell silver. Clearly, she to be uncomfortable through the idea of scrapping something with family background and imaginative value.

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with its plain type and influential monogram, this small Tiffany & Co. Sterling silver Pitcher sold for $800, more than 3 time its scrap value.

Although the items in the silver arsenal in inquiry aren’t extraordinarily rare pieces, just like all antiques the objects have some background and attention as decorate objects. The piece she lugged in contained early 19th century coin silver- spoons, as well as 20th century bowls, cake plates, and small sewing pieces.

Many people, consisting of myself, have challenge seeing any item the a craftsperson functioned long and also hard to develop being melted under for its load in silver- (or gold). Still, we find that there space some instances where the price a silver item will carry at auction runs rather close come what a smelter or scrapper might pay.

Find the value of your Silver

For those the us devoted to the world of antiques and also art, the idea that scrapping is challenging to take, but we recognize that that is an option for civilization looking to generate income from unwanted objects. But, v all things being equal, before making the decision, us encourage very first investigating marketing your silver at auction, or obtaining one antique silver appraisal rather than melt it down.

without the expertise that this Tiffany Vine pattern is rare and desirable, this pieces might have been understood melt-worthy. The group sold for $2,214, an ext than 10 times the scrap value.

If you take a repertoire to a smelter or scrapper knowing nothing about when it was manufactured, or through whom, you might inadvertently let walk of a rare, high-quality silver piece for significantly less than its true worth. Also worse than the financial loss, a rare art object might be destroyed. Scrapping for silver- weight takes just the material into account as soon as assessing value. And, load is just one part of the equation. An item’s age, rarity, and aesthetics room other determinants to be thought about when assessing an items’ worth.

So, prior to scrapping her silver, have actually it looked at by a specialist. A silver appraiser in ~ an auction collection will view your pieces, identify their day of manufacture, and also assess quality, condition, and aesthetics together with the worth of silver- weight and discuss how to market silver. Once you have actually this information, you have the right to then make an education decision about what to do with the items.

The antiques human being is a business of knowledge. The human being with the most understanding walks away v the finest value and also the biggest rewards

In Fine silver auctions at Skinner, we frequently see silver market well past its melt value. Below are a few examples of little items through a minimal silver metal weight that accomplished mighty results as result of age, origin, machine and workmanship:

Two George III Sterling silver Wine Coasters, marketed for: $1,599

Tiffany & Co. “Winthrop” pattern Sterling silver- Asparagus Tongs, sold for: $615

George Shiebler Sterling silver Sardine offer Fork, offered for: $1,169

Overlooked or mistaken for an ashtray, this Robert Evans silver Porringer, circa 1798-1810 in ~ 6.5 troy oz. Would have actually sold for much less than $100 for scrap. As a truly hand-crafted piece, it accomplished a result of $960.

Our auction schedule list upcoming sales, or command a sitewide keyword find to learn an ext about the varieties of silver- items that attract the many interest native collectors.

The antiques civilization is a company of knowledge. The person with the most expertise walks away with the finest value and also the greatest rewards. At Skinner, our expert appraisers deserve to empower you v knowledge about your silver- or various other antiques to aid you do an notified decision about what to do with item that hold your family’s history.

Editor’s Note: This write-up was originally published in might 2011, amendment in December 2019 and has been completely revamped and also updated because that accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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jennifer on might 3, 2012 at 3:45 pm said:

I do have some household pieces that ns am keeping yet do have actually some odds and also ends that ns don’t great to keep yet don’t want to scrap. Just how do i go around finding the end if it is even worth anything? For example I have actually a beautiful silver brush, mirror and also shears in a cloth bag, it appears a shame to simply scrap.

David Casey top top February 17, 2013 at 2:35 am said:

I am trying to just how I can gain the most for a 12 place setting of Gorham silver made in 1939….sell or scrap?

shannon on might 29, 2013 at 12:00 afternoon said:

Hello,I have actually 2-6 Gorham silver- goblets numbered 272 and with the initial G because that Gorham top top the goblets.You just take place to be my 3rd sight that ns came throughout In my trip to give these wonderful sterling silver pieces a home.They room In exorbitant conditioned and also I to be wondering if you would be interested.I likewise have 2-6 Reed and Barton 1810 goblets.They have (not etched or engraved) but nearly a charred look of leaves or butterfly wing on them.I additionally say 2-6 of each because i don’t recognize if i desire to part with all the sets.I expect it just depends on what’s offered.They are wonderful peices and also i expect to here back from you.Thank you for her time.

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essa qabazard top top July 17, 2013 in ~ 11:11 to be said:

we have many types of antique silver 100 years old and also we want to offer it so if have the right to buy them and also tell united state what price you can pay.