The topic of money and gold never gets old. Shiny, blinking, worthy gold piece of jewelry, particularly rings, deserve to be found in everyone’s possession. V a golden ring on a finger, not just do we feel married, engaged, or elegant, but we also feel financially secured.

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How untroubled girlfriend are, and for how long, sometimes depends on the value of your ring. To inspect how lot is the 14K yellow ring in ~ the pawn shop, you need to know several facts about forming gold prices and also what affect them.

Demand for Gold and also Value of gold in the Market

The yellow is a highly appreciated precious metal. However, that price is not always the same and depends on the gold demand. The determinants that influence it deserve to be different.

The yellow will have a higher price as the money value decreases. For example, civilization will conserve gold as a back-up economic value in periods of inflation. In together conditions, they usually won’t offer their gold, the demand becomes greater, and its worth will rise.

Closely connected to the need is the gold price top top the market. Poor economic conditions affected by dilemmas such as wars, rebellions, and diseases deserve to increase the gold’s worth, together well.

On the various other hand, gold’s value will remain stable in periods of welfare, peace, and also economic stability. It is also well-known that some nations have a heritage of wearing yellow jewelry as component of their timeless clothing.

Don’t forget that some cultures have the custom to give gold jewelry for a child’s birth or a wedding. Therefore, wedding periods will increase the need for gold and also its price accordingly.

Whatever the circumstances, the pawn shops will evaluate your gold ring at the minute when you pertained to sell or purchase it according to the present gold value.

The gold Purity

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The gold have the right to be divided into several groups according to its purity. In the US, girlfriend can find 10K, 14K, 18K, and 24K gold. However, there are a few more variations transparent the world, such as gold of 8, 9, 13, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 21.6, 22, and 23 karats.

The 24K yellow is 99% pure and, consequently, the many expensive. 14K yellow jewelry includes only 58.3% that pure gold, for this reason its value is a little bit lower. ~ above the contrary, 8K, 9K, and also 10K gold are the least expensive as they have less 보다 50% priceless metal.

Keep in mind the gold is a soft metal, so jewelers require to include the other alloys to gain the jewelry firmness and resistance to scratching and damaging. The unit offered for measuring the gold contents is K (karat).

When you have the 24K gold, that method it has 24 of every 24 devices of gold. In the situation of 14K, there room 14 devices of pure gold in 24 of every units.

The State the the Ring

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The state of your ring or various other jewelry can influence the price drastically. If the ring is broken, scratched, or a piece misses, the will substantially decrease the value.

Pawn shops will frequently give friend a lower price for the ring that are not in presentable state as they can’t market them automatically without reparation. Rarely, a couple of of them will certainly melt it to something else. Many of them will certainly calculate the cost of repair or cleaning and also decrease the amount girlfriend asked for.

Therefore, make certain to clean and polish her ring if you are skilled or have actually extra time. If not, examine how lot the fix is and also calculate if the is payable to resolve your jewelry prior to selling it.

Assembled ring

Usually, civilization sell level rings through no ornaments and also gemstones. In such a case, math is uncomplicated. In case you arrangement to sell a ring v a gem, consisting of a diamond, you will certainly get an ext money native the pawn owner if the gemstone doesn’t miss.

A complete piece method fewer repairs and also less money spent before exhibiting the ring in the shop window. Sometimes they will offer very tiny money because they don’t want to risk and also invest cash in servicing the ring that might or might not sell afterward.

Ring with particular historical value

Not so often, that happens that you come into possession of a beneficial ring with the heritage. In that case, you have to dig deep because that the records to support the ownership of together a beneficial item.

If you have actually a certificate that the ring origin or any proof that any type of celebrity wore it at least once, that will significantly increase that is price. Her 14K yellow ring will also be worth much more than constant 22K or 24 K models if it has a renowned jewelry designer’s signature.

The weight of the Ring

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For the plain 14K ring’s common selling, the criteria encompass its state, weight, and current gold price. There are scrap yellow calculators top top the internet that can help you perform the calculations precisely and also exactly.

For instance, the complying with table shows the present value because that one gram and one oz of 14 K gold contrasted to 24K and also 10 K gold.

Quality the goldPricePurity the gold
1 gram the gold1 oz of gold
10K$ 25.974$ 807.9642% pure gold
14K$ 36.363$ 1,131.958% pure gold
24K$ 62.342$ 1,939.099% pure gold

The 24 K gold costs the most as its purity is 99%. Due to the fact that the 14 K gold is only 58% pure, the is always cheaper. Now, when you know your gold’s value and what to expect, let’s visit the pawn shops.

The Real situation in the Pawn Shops

First of all, you shouldn’t mean to go in the pawn shop and also get the quantity of money you previously researched or identified to claim. The is more complex than that.

Also, save in mind that the pawn shops won’t sell the exact same gold price as soon as selling and buying jewelry. It is always significantly different, and you will have to fish the end for the ideal price. To be sure you room not tricked because that the actual gold ring price, girlfriend can always ask to see their patent to sell and also buy gold.

Be mindful that the pawn shop owner needs to make money the end of her gold, and you will certainly never gain 100% what you have actually expected.

The same price friend can get is 55 come 75% the the particular ring’s approximated value. Keep in mind the the offered prices are always for a straightforward ring without a gemstone.

GramsKaratsEstimated price

When you desire to make the last price because that more facility rings, friend will should calculate all components separately. That is fairly a daunting job if you room not a professional. However, girlfriend can always ask roughly or inspect the details.

After compare the price the 14K gold per gram that the pawn shop provides with its worth on the market, friend will notification a large difference. Even though one gram the 14K yellow is $36 on the market, the pawn shop will carry out you with only 13$ every gram for the ring v the same number of karats.

Luckily for you, the pawn shops don’t have actually fixed prices, and you can always bargain and also bid. Constantly research how much your 14K ring could cost, and also determine the almost right price you won’t walk below.

In instance you are not in a hurry, you should constantly check several pawn shops. To compare prices, find the many favorable place, and also bargain for the best feasible price.

It probably sounds crazy, but you can acquire a far much better deal in the pawn shops close come the official gold buyers. Due to the fact that they always know the buyers’ price the gold, they are often ready to pay more money to be competitive and takeover the feasible customers.

The best-case scenario

The best option is the you room a skillful negotiator and manage to guide the pawn shop owner to buy your ring for 75% of its approximated price. Ns sincerely hope you are, and also that the information above helps you accomplish the finest bidding.

The worst-case scenario

You will acquire stuck come a miserable 50 come 55% of the really ring price in the worst case. You need to think twice if the is the best time to market your jewel in such a situation. If possible, you must wait for better gold conditions or check the industry with far better demand for gold rings.


As you deserve to see, the final choice depends on you. You must do your best to gain the many favorable price for your ring. Pawn shops are amazing places where every little thing is possible. However, you shouldn’t give up on negotiating, bargaining, and bidding because it can be both profitable and fun.

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As rick Harrison indigenous the display Pawn Stars says, whatever has that is price, and you never understand what is gonna come with that door.