I've constantly been curious to check out if hallmark payment the gibbs well. Lock must due to the fact that theres a lot of I'd say famous actors and also actresses who show up in them. And I just would think any actor serious around their handmade wouldn't run at a hallmark movie considering most of them tend to it is in corny and predictable, uneven the money to be good. Money talks because that anyone lol. I'm sure a lot of actors execute or expropriate a duty that they're no really happy about or fond of due to the fact that the money was good.

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Just curious how much hallmark need to be payment these world lol to consistently go earlier and do different films


Working skilled actor here.

One of mine friends has actually being the romantic lead in number of Hallmark-y movies. They salary ok. She go a couple of a year, and also lives comfortably.

They nothing pay like a studio feature film, but better than one office job, right?

It's just like any other low-budget movie. They need to at least pay SAG scale at the minimum, so looking in ~ this graph it'd be somewhere between $2,267-3,488/wk. Because that a leading role. But if you're someone like Lacey Chabert, who has actually done a bunch that those movies, your "going rate" to perform in anything will be higher than the minimum. If your duty is more supporting or just one step or something, clear the salary is less.

Keep in psychic that together an actor you can probably intend to take home maybe 70% the what the actual pay is since you have to give 10% to your agent, and if you have much more people top top staff prefer a manager or assistant you have to pay lock too, and also then there's taxes.

I think actors room grateful because that the work. For actors beginning out, that a good resume builder. And working through a professional and also competent crew is constantly nice.

This 100%.

I audition for a lot of of lifetime movies. I'm simply that girl 18TPY lifetime type. It's legit a bucket list goal because that me to publication one, i love them.

LifeTime / HallMark movies space awful. However thats what provides them so good. Nobody expects for them to it is in incredible, they're enjoyable since they're awful. And also people watch them, the Networks marathon lock on TV, and the Hallmark Christmas movies have actually cult followings. The sounds like a great opportunity to me, especially cause most of these movies are Non-Union, and also its a great start because that an up and coming actor.

Eh. A Hallmark movie is to be it is. They're hugely well-known for a reason. Loads of civilization enjoy the comfort and also safety of city hall a predictable, sweet movie through the exact same kinds that characters and stories again and again.

If you're an actor who wants to it is in seen, then you need to be busting under doors to get auditions because that a Hallmark movie. You're no going to it is in making huge money unless you're the lead, yet that is true for many things. If you're in a Hallmark movie, then millions of world are walk to see you act. The is precious a lot.

I have produced a many Lifetime, Hallmark, Ion, UpTV and so on movies. The pay depends on budget. Top top the MLB movie actors get $352/8 hrs or $1221/44 hour week. On the $2.5 million Hallmarks i produced, the leader who room Hallmark stars obtain schedule F which is $65,000.

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What go MLB mean? and oh, yes that's not bad at all! ns would've never ever thought TV movie paid that well, yet good. Gibbs work tough memorizing lines and working those long hrs filming, they deserve it.


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