Brett Favre net Worth: Brett Favre is a retirement American experienced football quarterback who has actually a net worth the $100 million. The is ideal known because that having an extremely successful NFL career, safety the majority of his time v the environment-friendly Bay Packers. Throughout his 20 NFL seasons Brett won one super Bowl, was first Team All-Pro 3 times and went come 11 pro Bowls. The earned a full of $140 million in value alone. His highest single-season salary come in 2010 as soon as he earn $12 million base + $4.4 million signing bonus because that a complete of $16.4 million. In 2009 he signed a two-year $25 million deal with the Vikings, providing him his two biggest season paydays that his career.

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Both during and after his NFL job Brett has actually earned millions native a variety of endorsements. Remarkable endorsement partners include Nike, Wrangler Jeans, MasterCard, Prilosec and also Foot Locker. In ~ the top of his playing days that earned $7-9 million every year, giving him annual total earnings of $15-18 million on a variety of occasions.

Early Life: Brett Lorenzo Favre to be born in Gulfport, Mississippi, on October 10, 1969. His parents Bonita Ann and Irvin Ernest Favre elevated him and also his 3 siblings in the tiny town of Kiln, whereby they both worked as schoolteachers in the Hancock County institution District, and Irvin to be the head coach the the high school football team. The attended Hancock North central High School, wherein he play baseball and also football.

College Career: Favre got a football scholarship to southerly Mississippi University. Return they wanted him to play the place of defensive back, he wanted to pat quarterback. Together a result, he began his freshman year season as the seventh-string quarterback. That did no take over as beginning quarterback till the second half of the 3rd game that year. His power that game helped that gain more recognition together a quarterback, and also he began a total of ten games during his freshman year. Throughout his university career, he had 15 gamings where the achieved much more than 200 passing yards; that those 15 games, 5 had much more than 300-yards. Favre organized several southern Mississippi football records until 2011, as soon as Austin Davis surpassed countless of them.

Professional soccer Career: In the 1991 NFL Draft, Favre to be drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the 2nd round with the 33rd overall pick. He signed a three-year, $1.4 million contract in July 1991, v a reported signing bonus the $350,000. The Atlanta head coach Jerry Glanville walk not provide of drafting Favre. While v the Falcons, Favre only attempted 4 passes; he to be intercepted twice, and completed none of the passes.

Ron Wolf, that was at the moment an assistant come the basic manager of the brand-new York Jets, had initially wanted to breeze Favre in the 1991 NFL draft, yet the Falcons take it him. So, in 1992, currently as the basic manager that the eco-friendly bay Packers, wolf traded a first-round choose to the Atlanta Falcons in exchange for Favre. Favre walk on come play 16 periods in green Bay, and he to be the an initial and only NFL player come win three consecutive AP MVP awards. Additionally, Favre assisted lead the Packers to 2 Super Bowls, the Super bowl XXXI and Super bowl XXXII, and also they winner the XXXI game. He began every Packer game in between September 20, 1992 and also January 20, 2008; his streak would run an remarkable 297 games, one NFL record.

Favre officially announced his retirement in in march 2008. Return in July that year it to be reported that he was in talks with the Packers to go back to the team, ultimately after Favre official filed for reinstatement through the NFL he join the Packers at training camp that year. However, Favre and also the Packers administration eventually concerned an agreement that it would certainly be ideal if castle parted ways. Adhering to negotiations v the Tampa just Buccaneers and new York Jets, the Packers traded Favre come the jets in august 2008. Despite a promising start with the Jets, in the last five games of the season they lost 4 of them, and also during those 5 games Favre threw eight interceptions. He likewise suffered native a torn biceps tendon. Favre climate officially informed the jet of his retirement native the NFL after 18 periods playing professionally in the league.

However, once again Favre do a go back to the video game after announcing his retirement, once he signed through the Minnesota Vikings in respectable 2009 after ~ an offseason. The performed well through the Vikings, top them to a 12-4 finish, and also he likewise surpassed the pass yards record previously set by Joe Montana. Throughout his second season with the Jets, Favre continual several much more injuries, including a concussion and also sprained shoulder, and also he officially filed his retirement files with the NFL in January 2011. He finished through NFL records in passing (71,838) and also touchdowns (508).

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Since retiring, Favre has actually admitted to the media that he has actually suffered from storage loss, which that contributes come the countless concussions and injuries that sustained throughout his experienced football career.


Brett Favre

Net Worth:$100 Million
Salary:$20 Million
Date that Birth:Oct 10, 1969 (52 year old)
Height:6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Profession:American soccer player, Athlete, Actor
Nationality:United claims of America