One inquiry that I commonly encounter while talking to automobiles enthusiasts is the does Ford own Cummins?

Does Ford own Cummins?

The answer is no, Ford never owned Cummins and also it doesn’t very own it now either. It is a myth and also has that is own tiny story of why this rumor started going around. However, the human being said the it can be true since Ford Motor firm had purchase 10.8% share of the diesel engine manufacturer back in 1990. Cummins had actually cleared the air around this rumor in the may 2013 newsletter, where they claimed that Ford owned few of the shares of Cummins, which to be repurchased in 1997 by them. 

A lot of people also have this misconception because Ford began using Cummin diesel motors in their F650/F750 medium-duty trucks. The shares and the use of the engine indigenous this brand made civilization think the Cummins is own by Ford, which is absolutely not true. In fact, because that the human being who don’t know, Ford had readily available Cummins diesel electric motors not only in their medium-duty trucks but also with the power Stroke. Also, the 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel to be the only accessible diesel engine because that F650/F750 in 2010-2015. This models also came with Alison Transmissions, but Ford later determined to stop using Cummins diesel motors and Alison Transmissions as a part of cutting under the cost.

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Who own Cummins?

So for setting it straight, no Ford walk Dodge, Fiat or Chrysler own the Cummins. It is one independent firm that had made a partnership through Ford, Dodge and Chrysler. There room a the majority of myths around the brand and also its ownership because of such investments the were excellent by the companies.

A small about the brand Cummins Engine Company


Cummins is one American corporation the is right into designing, manufacturing and also distributing engines, strength generation products and also filtrates. Wilhelm Glanton Irwin and Clessie Cummins, a local mechanic, had founded the Cummins Engine agency in 1919 in Columbus. The brand is headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, united States. The company also provides services for fuel systems, engines associated equipment, electrical power generation systems and also others. It at first paid more attention to emerging the diesel engines in their earlier years. If thought to some sources, the cooperation of Cummins with The Dodge lamb actually saved the company as at that time it was third to Ford and also GM trucks. Cummins has an ext than 6000 certified dealer globally and also is offered in approximately 190 countries today. 

Closing Thoughts

So ns guess by now it is clear that Ford never owned Cummins, it simply owned part shares that the company. There to be no to exclude, partnership in between the suppliers either and that is the reason that Cummins had partnered with various other companies as well. The firm had lugged all that 1.3 million shares earlier in 1997 and also there are numerous records present for the same.

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And when us talk about quality, Cummins is certainly one of the leading manufacturers of diesel engines. So following time someone tells you that Ford own Cummins, exactly them, or maybe display them this article.