It counts on your goal...

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We recommend that you drink in between 3-6 cups a day every day. This of food will count on your goal, her gender, weight, and the amount of practice you do.


What is her goal?

If your goal is to lose weight, we recommend that you drink around 4 cups daily to get sufficient potency from palo azul’s flavonoids, which studies have proven come be efficient for burning fat and reducing abdominal fat.


For basic health, you have the right to drink 1-3 cups daily and enjoy all the healing powers of palo azul consistently.

If her goal is to relieve pain from an ailment, that is recommended that you drink more than normal (4 or an ext cups daily) for the an initial week come get more potency native its heal benefits and also relieve her pain much more quickly.

To pass a drug test, you need to drink even more palo azul (4 liters daily) come ensure that its diuretic potential cleanses your mechanism completely.

Here"s our finish guide to happen your medicine test with palo azul tea


Gender and Weight

Generally, men need to drink more palo azul due to the fact that they are genetically predisposed come maintain an ext muscle mass and also are because of this heavier ~ above average. Heavier human being will require much more palo azul (or any kind of food) to achieve the very same healing results as a lighter person.

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If your goal is to shed weight or detoxify her body and also cleanse your would certainly be appropriate to include cardiovascular exercise to her routine. Once we exercise, the human body eliminates toxin in the body and our device cleanses itself without the need for food or detoxification products.

This way that the more exercise friend do, the much less you will must drink palo azul (or any kind of detox) come cleanse her system.

Palo Azul has actually no recognized side effects

We’ve the review every medical study around palo azul that we could get our hand on and also none that the studies have documented any kind of side effects. Also, it has zero calories for this reason you might drink it all day rather of water (I execute that some days)! The vital is to be consistent and also take the every job so the the healing effects are always in effect.

Not just will the cure your body, yet it will additionally preemptively safeguard you indigenous the pains and also diseases connected with its heal properties.

I personally drink more Palo Azul 보다 water throughout the day:). I love this tea and it makes me feel healthy, so ns prepare around 10 liters at a time and I keep it in a jar or container.


This normally lasts around 3 or 4 days and also makes me feel better than ever! :)

It’s perfect because that me because I live through my family and also so i share the tea v them too and also when friends come end they’re always surprised by the highlight blue color and ask me about it. Of course, I offer them part as well and sometimes they favor it so lot that we go deep into conversation about all the benefits, properties, medical studies and also why they have actually never heard the this tea in your lives!