Depending on i m sorry PS3 design you have, the power intake in standby and also operation is comparatively high or low. That is likewise the occasion to announce the if the PS3 Slim consumes less energy – 34% the the economic situation according come Sony – it remains nonetheless greedy compared to a Blu-ray player. So let’s take a closer look at power features:


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Power intake of the initial PS3

You deserve to recognize the first-generation PS3 by its thick, bent housing. The power intake is relatively high here:

The PS3 spend around 170 watts once idling, i.e. Once you room in the key menu.The Blu-ray playback and also watching YouTube videos consume approximately 180 watts. Under full load with demanding games, the PS3 console have the right to consume a full 200 watt in these situations.In standby (when just the red light is on) the power usage is tho a comparatively high 1.22 watts. It is thus worth disconnecting the console completely if you will not be making use of it for a long time.

2. Power usage of the PS3 Slim

The newer versions the the PS 3 in the slim version are not only thinner, but additionally significantly more energy-efficient:

The PS3 Slim spend around 75 watts once idling, i.e. Once you space in the key menu.Blu-ray and also watching Youtube videos consume around 80 watts. The power usage under complete load has likewise been reduced: here the PS3 Slim just draws roughly 100 watts.In the standby mode, the power usage is just 0.36 watts, the PS3 is top top par with current televisions and receivers.

How countless Watts walk a PS3 Use?

The PS3 (first-generation) uses about 200 watt in the gaming mode, 173 watt if girlfriend play a Blu-ray movie and 171 watts when it is idling. The PS3 slim version use drastically less power, 70 W throughout normal use. Therefore, if you desire to know precisely how much power does PS3 provides per hour, just multiply the power usage by 1 hour.

The „fat“ PS3 provides 170 Wh (watt-hours).The PS3 Slim provides 70 Wh (watt-hours)

If watt-hours median nothing come you, us will currently recalculate how much money that really is. Luckily, the pretty basic to do, and also it requires just a few steps. Electrical power providers in the US and in the world bill their power in regards to c/kWh. First, you need to know that a kilowatt-hour is 1000 watt-hours. If we transform watt-hours into kWh we get:

The „fat“ PS3 is 0.170 kWhThe PS3 Slim is 0.070 kWh

Now we have to see what is the price of electrical energy in her country. Save in mind the this will differ from place to place. Us will usage the average electrical power price in the united state that’s 13 c/kWh. Multiply the amounts of electricity above with cents, and we’ll gain an answer!

The „fat“ PS3: 0.170 kWh x 13 c/kWh =2 cents per hourThe PS3 Slim: 0.070 kWh x 13 c/kWh = 0.91 cent per hour

Example: (170 watt x 3 hrs per job x 365) ÷ 1000 = 186 kWh. The average electricity price in the united state is 13 cent per kWh. 186 kWh x 0.13 = $24.18 price per year! So it is $2,01 per month.

Keep in mind that Play station 5 provides a lot more electricity than PS3 and also PS4.

How to in reality Measure power Consumption?

To measure up PS3 electricity usage, one of the methods is to use Kill A Watt Meter. Through this device, friend can conveniently measure any type of electric maker and see just how much energy it consumes. So, if you desire to know exactly how much power precisely your PS3 consumes, buy death A Watt meter. You can check the price top top Amazon HERE. through this device, you could measure every electrical devices in your residence easily. Nice cool machine if friend ask me.

Tips for Saving power on the PS3

Save electrical energy on her PS3

If you want to minimize the energy intake of your PlayStation 3, follow these tips. Return the savings are not great, any type of savings room good. For this reason why not take advantage?

Blu-ray player: If you must watch some movie, use a Blu-ray player instead of her PS3 since you will certainly consume much less power.Use a switchable many sockets: with it, you can switch off all gadgets easily so it won’t consume power when you are not using your PS3.Sleep mode: when you are not playing it is good to revolve on the sleep setting rather 보다 leave the playstation on.

Does the PS3 Consume Power once Turned Off?

Yes, game stations 3 consumes power also when it is turn off. It takes just a tiny amount of power, an ext precisely 0.45 W on a red light which is turn on also when the PS3 is offline. It applies only if your PS3 is associated to a power source. This is a an extremely negligible amount of energy and it will not influence your electrical power bill in any kind of way.

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PS3 Could cost You $227 every Year

What if your PS3 would run 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year? just how much would certainly your electrical energy bill be? A research was performed in which countless home electrical appliances were tested, consisting of the PS3. If us assume the the PS3 operates in ~ 200 W, 24 hrs per day, 365 days in a year, it will certainly consume 1752 kWh in a totality year. It will price you $227!

Final Thoughts

When it involves electricity consumption, us all try to save it together low together possible. Having a sense of exactly how much each device actually consumes is very useful details so you can have a much better insight into your account. If you play your PS3 for a pair of hrs each day, it’s an excellent to know exactly how much it will affect your energy bill. We’ve gone with a many of instances in this article and also you’ve now obtained a much much better insight. Ns hope you obtained the quality answer girlfriend were trying to find in this article.