How lot shock do I include to my swim pool?

SKIMMER NOTES: calculation your full pool volume first, then inspect the package of shock because that dosing references by volume. Commonly for granular shock, you’ll need one lb for every 10,000 come 13,500 gallons of pool water.

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With end 8 million residential swim pools throughout the US varying from 5 thousands gallons to over 30 thousands gallons, the amount of shock you should treat a swimming swimming pool isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. Yet it IS straightforward answer to obtain to. To number out exactly how much shock you should put in your swimming pool, all you need to understand is the total volume of your swimming pool in gallons.

You can obtain this in 3 various ways:

1) speak to the pool company that developed your pool. They should have your dimensions and also volume top top hand.

2) use a pool volume calculator online. You’ll require the size of your pool for accuracy

3) calculate your pool volume yourself. (We’ll to walk you through it)

The swimming pool volume equation for a rectangular pool is:

Length x width x mean Depth x 7.5

Start by calculating your average depth: that’s her shallow-end depth plus her deep-end depth divided by two.

(Shallow end + Deep end) / 2 = median Depth

And climate you have the right to calculate the rest.

Once you have your pool volume in gallons, look on the parcel of shock to view how numerous pounds or pods you need. Often times you’ll uncover a chart best on the package.

For example, HTH supervisor Shock! asks for one pound per 13,500 gallons. So because that a 21-thousand gallon pool, you’d desire to round up to 2 pounds the shock. Always round as much as make sure your pool gets sufficient chlorine.

How perform I include shock to my pool?

Search for instructions on exactly how to include shock to your pool and also you’ll discover a variety of answers.

First, you want to make sure your pool water is balanced – meaning your swimming pool is within the correct varieties for:

- cost-free Available Chlorine

- pH

- Alkalinity

- Calcium Hardness

- Cyanuric mountain (CYA)

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To make sure your swimming pool water is balanced, check your swimming pool water v test strips or a check kit. If you’re making use of a check strip, dip it in the water around 18 inches under for 2 seconds, pull it out and don’t shake turn off the water. You can either compare it to the color panel ~ above the next of the bottle or message a snapshot of it to 484-123 to acquire customized pool treatment instructions for which chemicals your swimming pool needs. As soon as your swimming pool water is well balanced and great to go, it’s time to add shock.

Ideally, you want to wait till sundown to add shock to her swimming pool due to the fact that the UV light ray burn turn off the an extremely chlorine you putting into your pool. You must leave the swimming pool uncovered overnight to permit the shock come work, and to protect against damaging the swimming pool cover.

How to apply shock to the pool

Now, there room a variety of articles and videos online telling you different methods for applying shock to your pool. The just instructions you should follow are those you uncover on the shock packaging in her hand.

For any shock application though, you’ll want to:

1) put on your safety goggles and also rubber gloves

2) inspect the package for application instructions. Part Pods and also granules tell united state to save a action and include them straight to the pool. Remember, this is not a project for the internet. The only instructions you should follow room those you uncover on the package.

3) add your shock product to the pool.

4) After pouring our plopping evenly end a wide area in the deepest component of the pool, you’ll want to take it your pool brush and disperse the granules therefore they don’t sit in one spot.

What around algaecide? can I add algaecide and also shock in ~ the exact same time?

No. Let the shock try to hit the algae first. Include algaecide around 24 hours after shock to end up the job and prevent future birds blooms.

Can I add too lot shock come a swimming pool?

It’s difficult to add too much shock to her swimming pool. Once you’re measure up the lot of shock to put in your pool, it’s it s okay to round up. In fact – it’s recommended. You’d have to put an excessive amount that shock in your pool to truly reason dangerous swimming conditions. Swimming in a pool with very high chlorine level may reason skin, hair and eye irritation. But that’s why you should trial and error your pool water on regular basis to make certain chlorine levels are between 1 and 4 parts per million.

We expect this was helpful! For more on using shock and also algaecide together, inspect out ours article, “Can I include shock and algaecide in ~ the same time?”