In the old days, steering a car required vehicle drivers to have solid arms and a solid upper body. If castle didn’t climate it would have been very challenging for them come steer.

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Fortunately, strength steering was developed to give any type of driver the capability to steer their vehicle and make turns without much effort. The strength steering system entails the usage of power steering fluid, hoses, a rack and also a pinion and power steering pump.

Symptoms of strength Steering mechanism Leaks

The first thing you may notice when this happens is an inexplicable stain on her driveway or garage floor. Yet the real symptoms will be noticeable when you actually drive your automobile on the road.

Once strength steering fluid starts to leak, the steering wheel will end up being hard to rotate which means the driver will have to use an ext upper body strength to rotate the steering wheel.

Drivers may also start to hear whining or grumbling noises once they rotate the wheel. At this point, you should make certain your strength steering fluid reservoir is full and also top off if necessary. Climate you’ll desire to troubleshoot the reason of the power steering leak or take it to a mechanic to fix.

Average Repair expenses for strength Steering system Leaks

There are 6 main components of a hydraulic strength steering system. Castle include:

Power steering pump assemblyPower steering reservoir tankHigh push hydraulic hosePower steering fluid return hoseSteering rack and also pinion assemblyPower steering fluid

Because the this, there are many feasible areas because that a leak come occur. The leak can come native the pump, reservoir tank, high pressure hose, return hose or rack and pinion assembly.

To recognize from i beg your pardon area the leak come from, girlfriend can obtain under your auto to try to pinpoint the leaking area or simply have actually a professional uncover the leak. Below are estimated prices to fix or replace the leaking area the your strength steering system.

Power Steering Pump fix Cost


The average price to fix a leak top top a rack and pinion assembly will most likely autumn somewhere in between $500 to $1,200. This is a lot much more expensive than various other parts the the power steering system due to the fact that you require to completely overhaul the steering rack and also pinion.

This consists of replacing all O rings and also replace all oil seals inside the steering rack, and likewise include a former wheel alignment.

You will certainly most often be better off replacing the rack and also pinion and also the price difference is fairly similar.

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While leaks within the power steering system deserve to happen, one guideline can help problems indigenous arising. The an easy thing you deserve to do is to not organize the steering fully turned for an ext than 10 seconds due to the fact that this places a many stress top top the system.

So come recap, right here again are the typical repair or replacement expenses for various materials of your strength steering system:

Repair strength steering pump: $200 to $350Replace strength steering pump: $400 to $800Replace power steering reservoir: $150 to $250Repair power steering hose: $10Replace strength steering hose: $180 to $460Repair strength steering rack and also pinion: $500 come $1,000