A bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah are among the most necessary events in a Jewish young or girl’s life. The symbolizes their coming of age. Picking a gift because that such vital event can be daunting. While there are countless gifts out there, a bar or bat mitzvah gift demands to it is in a one that is installation to the new young adult, one the commemorates a brand-new chapter in someone’s life. So, what gift should you give?

First of all, a bar or bat mitzvah gift have to be a gift linked to Judaism or the Jewish State the Israel. This is so that the mitzvah boy or girl have the right to stay grounded in the moment of the celebration and also to what it important means. In ~ the period of 12 for girls and 13 for guys (in some communities boys and girls both storage at age 13), a bar or bat mitzvah can come to be easily sidetracked by things such as a brand-new toy or the latest video clip game. For a bar or bat mitzvah, a suitable gift have to be pertained to the celebration and all of its importance. Below are three usual gifts because that a bar or bat mitzvah:

Gift #1: Judaica

The first gift that you can provide is a Judaica. This is Jewish ceremonial arts such as a chanukiah or mezuzah. This is a an excellent gift if you recognize that the honoree or their family is very religious. They have the right to showcase it in their homes, and also it’s taken into consideration to be really thoughtful. But, freshly a many of civilization have to be gifting Judaica, for this reason you might want to pick something an ext special.

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Gift #2: Necklace

The second gift that you can give is a necklace. This is a standard Jewish gift that brings Judaism closer come someone’s heart virtually effortlessly. Any Jewish boy or girl would certainly be proud come wear a necklace the symbolizes something systematic in Jewish culture. One necklace pendant idea is the the Star of David, the Jewish star. An additional one is of the Hamsa, i beg your pardon is a hand that symbolizes an excellent luck.

Gift #3: Money

The third gift the you can give is money. This is thought about to it is in a beneficial gift, as the young or girl have the right to save the money for use later on in life. It’s end up being a legacy to give money in $18 increments due to the fact that chai (life) in the Hebrew alphabet means 18 numerically. If you’re more modern, a gift card or an easy cash at any amount is likewise good. When money is very useful, the is not able to grow much sitting in the bank, and also it go not have much the a meaningful connection come Judaism and Israel.

Ultimate Gift: A irreversible Investment In Israeli share – managed Professionally

The most practical method of giving money is through investing in a diversified Israeli share portfolio concentrated on companies domiciled or heavily invested in the Jewish State of Israel. These can be gifted come a bar or bat mitzvah and also are designed to flourish over time, providing a long-term appreciating gift the they have the right to use later on in life. This supports the bar or bat mitzvah financially, as the investment will hopefully grow over time, and represents their link to Israel, every while sustaining Israel’s economy.

Make a Gift currently using your credit transaction card in about 3 minutes.

Watch just how easy that is to gift a brokerage account:

A short Guide to Bar/Bat Mitzvah Gift Etiquette

A bar or a bat mitzvah marks one of the most far-ranging lifecycle occasions in the Jewish tradition. Typically, boys are bar mitzvah at the age of 13 and also girls celebrate their bat mitzvah as soon as they space 12. A bar/bat mitzvah, which way “son/daughter that the commandment” clues a rite of passage from childhood into adulthood also as new awareness and also responsibilities.

Therefore, the mood of the occasion and the gifts that are provided reflect both seriousness and joy and sincere really hopes for a effective future. The following is a guide to etiquette and also gift-giving because that a bar/bat mitzvah to help make now unforgettable.

What to Wear

Whether you room attending a reform or Orthodox bar/bat mitzvah, the dress have to be what you would ordinarily wear come a location of worship or the office. If you space going come an Orthodox synagogue, that is precious inquiring if over there are any type of modesty regulations in effect. Yarmulkes may be provided for men, or you can bring one come wear if needed.


You should arrive promptly in ~ the bar/bat mitzvah, due to the fact that the person celebrating it has actually prepared for many months in advance, consisting of special readings indigenous the Torah in the synagogue and speeches. Only lug guests who have been invited to the bar/bat mitzvah. If you feel you must bring someone else along, clean it v the parents ahead the time.

Upon arriving or after the ceremony, that is traditional to congratulate the one celebrate the bar or bat mitzvah as well as their parents with the classic greeting “mazal tov.”

Bar Mitzvah Gifts

Gifts room an integral part of a bar or bat mitzvah celebration. They should mark the importance and the delight of the event and express fond wishes for the future. Many youngsters receive special electronics they specifically like, but it is traditional to provide at least part of the present in the kind of money come be offered for a expedition to Israel or to conserve for college.

It is traditional but not crucial to provide money, gift certificates, or donations come a favourite charity in multiples the 18, since 18 is the numerical equivalent to the Hebrew indigenous chai or “life.” some principles of gifts may include:

Judaica items, such as a menorah or a kiddush cupGift certificatesStationaryMoney for trips or studiesJerusalem Portfolio


Gifting The Jerusalem Portfolio because that a Bar or Bat Mitzvah

You can offer the gift of investing v The Jerusalem Portfolio. This is not only a gift that will compound in value over the years but will inculcate a love of investing and create sound financial habits that will certainly last a lifetime.

The Jerusalem investment portfolio represents fractional ownership in over 100 public Israeli companies through a carefully managed portfolio of ETFs. You deserve to start an account because that as little as $180 and also the receiver will receive an elegant plaque with a beautiful photo of Jerusalem on it.

Find out more about how you deserve to make any type of bar or bat mitzvah a truly one-of-a-kind one through the gift that a Jerusalem Portfolio.

What Is an suitable Gift because that a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?

You have actually been invite to a bar or bat mitzvah and also are excited around the occasion. This might be your an initial bar or bat mitzvah or your 100th, yet you may be wonder what friend should provide as a gift.

Along with the ceremony in ~ the synagogue, the readings from the Torah, the speeches, the meal, and also the party, gifts are vital part that a bar or bat mitzvah. Unlike the other aspects of the celebration, gifts are a direct contribution from guest whereas the family members plans the other elements. Putting care and also thought into picking the appropriate kind that gift make the chance memorable.

The adhering to are some of the best gift principles for a bar or bat mitzvah:


It isn’t unusual for someone in middle period to still use a kiddush cup (a cup used to consecrate wine in ~ a special meal) the they got as a bar mitzvah gift or to irradiate a menorah the made your bat mitzvah special. Judaica is a gift the combines aesthetic beauty and the dignity the tradition and can become a family members heirloom pass down v the generations.

Before purchasing Judaica as a gift, make certain that girlfriend aren’t providing a duplicate item. Check with the family members if they have a Wish list for the bar or bat mitzvah.


Jewelry, like Judaica, is things of beauty and expresses spiritual values or family members tradition. Consider a Star the David or a Chai necklace make of yellow or silver. A first pair of cufflinks is an attractive and also memorable bar mitzvah gift. Jewel is a personal gift that is designed because that the individual and will ensure the your existing will be remembered for years to come.


Books through handwritten dedications top top the within cover express your pride and great wishes because that the bar or bat mitzvah. Back many world read publications digitally, attractive, leather-bound publications still do a dignified addition to a home. Publications on Jewish subjects are usually proper for the occasion. Take into consideration giving a whole set of books or one details volume that has actually special meaning for the young person.

Money for Travels or Study


Money is a traditional bar mitzvah present. In part cases, the young person is saving up for a special purchase, yet the intent of giving money in many instances is the the funds have to be supplied for a expedition to Israel or a college education.

It is traditional, yet not mandatory, to offer money in multiples the 18, which is the numerical identical of chai or life. The purpose of this tradition is to turn giving into a blessing that boosts the life and future of the bar or bat mitzvah.

The Jerusalem Portfolio

One example of giving in a method that significantly contributes come a young person’s life is to provide The Jerusalem Portfolio. Because that a minimum gift that $180, girlfriend can provide the bar or bat mitzvah through the secrets to unlocking a future of successful investing.

Teaching young world to invest offers them with skills that will develop financial success and personal fulfillment. Therefore, the Jerusalem portfolio involves an ext than giving a gift. It additionally teaches them to appreciate the art of investing.

The Jerusalem portfolio is comprised of a fractional attention in 100 Israeli carriers through a portfolio of professionally managed ETFs. The recipient will be offered a plaque with a beautiful and customized picture of Jerusalem. Speak to our specialists today around giving the Jerusalem Portfolio as a bar or bat mitzvah gift.

How lot Money need to You provide for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?

Every Jewish boy looks front to their bar or bat mitzvah. That is a time castle can ultimately feel choose they are crossing the threshold into adulthood. They likewise will obtain some exceptional presents. In enhancement to offering physical gifts, such together Judaica, jewelry, or books, gifts of money are classic for a bar or bat mitzvah.

So just how should you present money in ~ a bar or bat mitzvah ceremony and how much should you give?

About giving “Chai”

You may have heard about giving “chai” or 18 ~ above Jewish occasions. This is a heritage in the Jewish world, but it is no a requirement. In ~ bar or bat mitzvahs, weddings, and other occasions, civilization often like to provide multiples the 18. The factor for this legacy is that 18 is the numerical tantamount of “chai” or “life.” The idea is that as soon as you offer money in multiples of 18, friend are offering “more life” or are improving someone’s life and also future.

It is definitely a pretty idea to provide multiples the chai if you space planning on providing money or a gift certificate because that a bar or bat mitzvah, yet it no a have to if friend would prefer to give one more amount. The an excellent thing around giving chai is that it deserve to scale up or under easily.

How to existing a Cash Gift

Obviously, cash presents aren’t simply bills in one envelope. Because the present is money rather than a physical object, the aesthetics of the envelope, certificate or plaque have to compensate for the absence of visuals in the present itself.

Enclose the money in one elegant envelope, and also a beautiful handwritten keep in mind on high-quality record for a an individual touch. The stationary may have actually a Jewish theme, like Stars that David or you might enclose a photo of Jerusalem. Be an imaginative and offer a beautiful personalized certificate.

Some gifts of money are accessible with visuals that are elegant images in their very own right. For instance, if you give The Jerusalem Portfolio, the bar or bat mitzvah recipient will certainly be presented v a plaque through an elegant customized picture of Jerusalem to mark the unique occasion.

How lot Money need to You provide for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?

Although Judaica and also book deserve to be respectable bar or bat mitzvah presents, money towards a trip to Israel or because that a university education records the soul of the occasion. The gift should variety between 3 to six times chai, or $54 at minimum to roughly $108 or an ext for each adult. The amount given per child must be in between two or four chai.

This method a family members of 2 adults and also two youngsters may give in between $180 and also $360 or more. If a kid is going to a bar or bat mitzvah on their own, giving three time chai or $54 have the right to be sufficient.

Giving The Jerusalem Portfolio


One way your family can make a bar or bat mitzvah gift memorable is to give the Jerusalem Portfolio. Beginning with a gift that $180, the Jerusalem investment portfolio is a gift that will thrive in value and also will obtain a young person a head start on smart investing.

The Jerusalem portfolio represents a fractional attention in over 100 Israeli providers through very closely managed ETFs. The recipient will discover the arts of investing and also gain a useful skill and reap the advantage of an investment in his or her future.

Talk come Jerusalem Portfolio professionals today around giving the gift of investment for a bar or bat mitzvah.

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ImportantThe Jerusalem portfolio (TJP) is operated by RVWWealth,LLC, a registered invest advisor, i m sorry researches and monitors accessible investment vehicles for equities of windy companies situated in and/or actively involved in Israel. Registration together an invest advisor does not imply any kind of level of ability or training. Previous performance not indicative of most likely future returns. TJP investments space not guaranteed and subject to sector risk. Closely read, and rely specifically on providing documents and also trade confirmations noted directly come you by Tradier Brokerage.